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Volume 10, Issue 25 - June 24 2006

Suspicious Training in Germany

On June 22, 2006 "Patty Pieniadz" posted:,1518,422970,00.html


Suspicious Tutoring

By Guido Kleinhubbert

Scientologists are taking advantage of Germany's education problems for their own ends: They are luring weak students by providing after-school tutoring.

The ad on a supermarket notice board in the city of Essen was aimed at all the parents in the neighborhood. Right nearby there was an "alternative school" where learning was still fun. "Sounds just right", thought one dad, who is now reluctant to give his name out of sheer fear. He took down the phone number of the school and that same evening arranged some after-school tutoring for his daughter.

At first it seemed as though the new teacher was a really good find. However, the motherly woman then started to ask his daughter personal questions about friends and family, and referred the girl, who had just turned 18, to a colleague for "life coaching" and then, despite the fact that the girl was now doing well in school, recommended that she come three times a week instead of just once. This all seemed suspicious to the girl's father. Was this really just about ironing out a few problems in reading and writing?

Spurred on by growing doubts, he called Sabine Riede at Essen's 'Sect Info' advice center. The center was well acquainted with the teacher and her colleagues: as high-ranking Scientologists.

German experts on sects are now warning that the organization, which spans the globe, is currently making a big effort to infiltrate the German education market. Even the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has noticed these activities: At the recent presentation of the Constitution Report for 2005, Scientology was mentioned as establishing itself very conspicuously in "youth work."

The German authorities have long been suspicious of Scientology. The Federal Labor Court ruled in 1995 that the Scientology branch in Hamburg was not a religious congregation, but clearly a commercial enterprise. Then in 1997 the Federal Administrative Court ruled that it was irrelevant whether Scientology was a religion, as its legal status must be judged by its level of commercial activity. This means that the group cannot avail itself of the tax-free status that applies to other religious and non-profit organizations. In 1998 a commission set up by the German parliament recommended that the organization be kept under observation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The German government website states that it considers the Scientology organization a commercial enterprise "with a history of taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and an extreme dislike of any criticism."

Over the past few months Riede, an educational expert, has learnt of 20 new after-school tutoring centers that are run by Scientologists, in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart and elsewhere. Most of the customers of these centers have no idea who they are entrusting their kids to. There is rarely a mention of the word 'Scientology' in the brochures, at most the name L. Ron Hubbard appears here and there: The founder of Scientology thought of children as nothing other than "adults in small bodies."

The letter that was sent to the teachers in the small town of Butzbach seemed harmless. They were "warmly" invited to the opening of a "learning house" -- an institution run by a Scientologist married couple. During coffee and cake the teachers could get an idea of how the "learning house" functioned. The couple handed out flyers in the school yard: the quickest to register would receive two free hours of tutoring.

Alarmed by similar advertising, Bavaria's Culture Ministry sent an urgent message to all school directors: In future parents and teachers should carefully examine who is hiding behind these kinds of education offers. Whoever lets their kids get into the clutches of Scientologists risks them acquiring a "machine-like attitude."

Scientology spokeswoman Sabine Weber reacts touchily to this kind of language: she says that for years "one lie after the other" has been spread about Scientology. She feels it's a good thing that members of the organization are doing something for Germany, a country whose education system was slammed by the PISA study into educational standards. This argument holds sway. Weber's fellow Scientologist, Dominique Bouyer, who advises the Butzback learning house, talks about a "good response": "The number of students that we are teaching is increasing."

The reality is that the tough competition in today's knowledge society has lead to a huge offer of educational services. Every third German child is swotting up with a tutor or at one of approximately 3,000 after-school centers. But who is assessing the quality of these centers? Werner Kinzinger, director of Stuttgart-based Action on Education Information, complains that because these centers do not come under the control of the school board, anyone can establish one. He has been demanding a kind of certificate for these centers for years - but up until now with little success.

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Action Needed to Stop Leona Valley Narconon

On June 20, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will hear an appeal of Narconon's zoning permit to set up a facility in Leona Valley over the objections of local residents. Leona Valley is a rural community located about 60 miles north of LA.

The hearing will take place during the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, July 25, 2006, in the Hall of Administrators, 500 West Temple, Los Angeles, room 381B, beginning at 9:30 am. Any interested party can testify at the meeting. (Typically such people are given only 3 minutes each.)

This appeal is being heard at the request of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, whose district includes Leona Valley.

Scientology is expected to pack the meeting with cult members, as they previously did at a town meeting in Leona Valley. Therefore, any Narconon critic in the Los Angeles area who can possibly make it to this meeting should try to attend and ask to speak.

For more information about Narconon's invasion of Leona Valley:


Leona Valley residents are getting ready to go to battle to keep Narconon out of their community. In preparation for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors hearing on July 25, they have created a series of advertisements and flyers to educate their fellow citizens and mobilize support against this cult invasion.

I've webbed the flyers here:

Scroll to the bottom of that page to see thumbnails, and click on the links for the full-resolution versions. These are very professional looking advertising pieces. One features C. Everett Koop.

The creators extend their thanks to the ARSCC for providing such valuable resources such as,,, and Operation Clambake.

No wonder Scientology hates the Internet.


The battle over Leona Valley's attempt to keep Narconon out of their town is one that Scientology cannot afford to lose. Here's why:

At present there is not a single Narconon facility anywhere in Los Angeles County, a region twice the size of Rhode Island that is home to nearly 10 million people.

Los Angeles County also has one of the largest concentrations of Scientologists in the world; its only rival is Clearwater, Florida.

Scientology's corporate headquarters are there, at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard. And 2 miles away, ASHO and AOLA occupy L. Ron Hubbard Way, with Bridge Publications just around the corner.

This is Scientology country. If Narconon is rejected on Scientology's home ground, it will be a massive loss of face for the cult. And it will set a precedent that can be pointed to by other communities. So there's a lot at stake here, and a lot for the cult to lose.

Will they lose?

Supervisor Michael Antonovich will have to convince two of the other four county supervisors to reject Narconon in order to block approval of the Leona Valley facility. Untold pressure is being brough to bear on these folks, even as we speak. What can keep them on the straight and narrow? Media attention.

Write to the Supervisors: Gloria Molina, Yvonne Burke, Zev Yaroslavsky, Don Knabe, and Michael Antonovich, urging them to keep Narconon out of Los Angeles County.

Their contact information is available at:

Then write to the LA media, urging them to cover the story, and pointing them to for information.

We can win this thing.

Dave Touretzky: "This is your brain on Narconon."

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More Cult Harassment

On June 23, 2006 "Valerie" posted:

The way I figure it, the cult has a list of critics to harass--and they work their way down it depending upon what the critic has done lately and how much money is in the till.

My turn came earlier this week.

But really . . . the person assigned to this should be sent to the RPF. He called people who worked in our optical store, identified himself as a PI and claimed we were being 'sued for fraud by a business associate.' Since we sold our store nearly eight years ago (hence making any suit untimely even granting wrongdoing on our part) this entire shtick shrieks of the cult--and in particular of Hollander Consultants--that cashcow of WISE which still has our store records including personnel info in their files.
BTW, I see Matt Bratschi has been promoted, so Hollander must have a new OSA stooge--I mean, PR director.

Now, I imagine this little journey into fantasyland was designed to--uh--enturbulate. Heh. If your attempt to get me fired literally made me laugh--do you think this pathetic op had much effect?

Why can't you ever confront me directly? I guess it's true that bullies are always cowards at heart.

So, until my name hits the top of the list again---have a nice day.


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Accounts of Cult Suicide in Italy

On June 22 and 23, 2006 "Roger Gonnet" posted documented accounts of suicide, never heard before, of Scientology members from 1994 and 1996:

[In Italian:]

Tatiana Cambianica, 22 anni, milanese, aderente a Scientology: si è suicidata col veleno per cani. Net suo diario la ragazza ha così motivato il tragico gesto: 'Voglio spogliarmi del mio corpo e rinascere In una famiglia che accetti le teorie di Hubbard"


She committed suicide for Ron.
Tatiana Cambiancica, 22 years, from Milano, scientology member, committed suicide by swallowing a drug to kill dogs. In her agenda, the woman wrote the reason why: "I want to leave my body to be reborn into a family accepting Ron theories."


Elle s'est suicidée pour Ron.
Tatiana Cambiancica, 22 ans, adepte de la scientologie, s'est suicidée avec du produit pour achever les chiens. Dans son agenda, la jeune femme a noté la cause: "Je veux sortir de ce corps pour renaître dans une famille acceptant la théorie de Hubbard"

more from another newspaper (paragraphs may not be correctly seqenced - see the ABS later for the pdf and image pages.

[In Italian]

Corriere della Sera
La ragazza abitava sul Lago Maggiore, ha usato il farmaco con cui vengono soppressi gli animali malati

Tatiana, 22 anni, è stata trovata in una stanza d'albergo Si è uccisa a 22 anni, iniettandosi in un brac-cio il veleno che i veterinari usano per sopprime re i cani e i gatti ammalati. Una morte terribile per Tatiana Cambianica, studentessa al primo anno del politecnico del turismo di viale Murillo e al primo anno di lingue in Statale. Il cadavere lo hanno trovato mercoledì gli agenti della volante, su un letto dell'hotel Rovello, in via Rovello 18 in pieno centro, dove la ragazza aveva prenotato una camera per farla finita. Tatiana abitava con i genitori, un fratello e una sorella in una villetta della frazione Dagnente ad Arona, sul lago Maggiore. Non sono state lasciate lettere. Al momento non c'è nulla che possa dare una ragione al suicidio. Gli investigatori non stanno trascurando niente e nelle prossime ore sentiranno anche il medico di famiglia per sapere se la studentessa avesse problemi di salute. La polizia intanto ha interpellato il veterinario chequattro mesi fa aveva fir-mato la ricetta con cui
Tatiana ha comprato il flacone di Tanax, il vele-no che l'ha uccisa. Forse la decisione di chiudere con tutto e con tutti risale proprio ad allora. Il padre Silvano Cambianica, commerciante in pensione, la madre Gina, la sorella Lara, 24 anni, che frequenta Filosofìa alla Statale, il fratello Federico, 17, studente dì ragioneria, e il fidanzato Enrico, 24, iscritto a Economia e commercio alla Bocconi: tutti descrivono la loro Tatiana come una giovane donna senza problemi. Eppure il 19 novembre la ragazza ensangue, c'era il corpo supino sen-za vita di un uomo. Sotto una co-scia c'era un block notes con una frase che lasciava intuire la natu-ra del gesto e il grado di confusio-ne in cui versava la vittima: De-vo morire, mi avete tolto troppo. In via Filippino Lippi sono giunti gli agenti della volante mentre gli altri abitanti del pa-lazzo hanno riconosciuto nel morto il giovane che negli anni scorsi aveva frequentato l'appar-tamento di una ragazza di 28 ani che vìve con i genitori.

L'Ingresso dell'hotel. Nel riquadro, Tatiana Cambianica sicurarsi che il Tanax sia davvero vendibile al pubblico e, avuta la conferma, firma la ricetta. Forse Tatiana aveva confidato a qualcuno le sue in-tenzioni e ha ottenuto i consigli su come farla fi-nita senza dolore. Ma nessuno nella famiglia di-ce di aver avuto sospetti. Per loro la ragazza è sem- pre quella che tutti cono-scono: un po' riservata, ma con tanta voglia di vi-vere. Nel '92 Tatiana la-vora 10 mesi come baby-sitter a Boston, negli Stati Uniti, per perfezio-nare il suo inglese. Dopo aver letto un libro, viene a sapere dell'esistenza di una chiesa alternativa americana. E al ritorno, si presenta a una delle sue comunità italiane, a Novara. Vuole saperne di più, forse è alla ricerca di una serenità interiore. Ma i contatti vengono in-terrotti dopo poche setti-mane, anche per la pres-sione dei genitori.

Passano i mesi. Martedì mattina presto Tatiana, come tutti i giorni, scende in auto la collina dove abita. Parcheggia alla stazione di Arona e prende il treno per Mila-no. Va a lezione al poli-tecnico per il turismo. E all'una di pomeriggio, con le compagne di cor-so, prende la metropoli-tana. Ma alla stazione di Cadorna Tatiana scende e abbandona le altre ra-gazze. A questo punto c'è un buco di alcune ore: fi-no alle sei di sera, quan-do la studentessa sale la scala ripida dell'hotel Rovello, a due passi dal castello Sforzesco, e pre-nota la camera per una notte. Era vestita spor-tiva, aveva uno zainetto -- racconta il portiere, Giuseppe Rinaldi, 27 an-ni —. Mi ha anche chiesto uno sconto sulla tariffa. Le ho dato la numero 10, quella senza bagno». Lì dentro Tatiana trascorre la sera e la notte, mentre i suoi genitori a casa so-no disperati. In albergo si rifa vedere alle 9 di mer-coledì. Vado in farma-cia, dice in portineria. Forse va a comprare il Tanax, usando quella vecchia ricetta, o forse la scatola di Stilnox, le compresse di sedativo che prende in abbondan-za prima di iniettarsi il veleno. Dieci minuti do-po è di nuovo nella sua stanza. Alle 11 avrebbe dovuto andarsene -- spiega il portiere --. Così poco prima di mezzogior-no, visto che non aveva ancora liberato la came-ra, le ho telefonato. Poi ho bussato, ma la porta era chiusa dall'interno. Quindi ho chiamato la polizia e i pompieri che sono entrati da una fine-stra. La ragazza era già morta, sul letto, con la si-ringa, U flacone, le pasti-glie, lì veterinario non si ricordava più di quella ri-cetta e adesso è sconvol-to: Mi aveva raccontato che il suo cane stava ma-le -- dice, chiedendo l'a-nonimato —. Ora è come se avessi firmato la sua morte.
Fabrizio Gatti Beatrice Mosca


(La Repubblica, june 1996)
Mother and daughter committed suicide linked someway to scientology. Again a double undisclosed suicide in Italy.


Una oscura esperienza nella setta in Olanda

Nella sua breve vita, di esperienze traumatiche Silvia ne aveva avute tante. Almeno così raccontava la madre ai vicini nei momenti in cui cercava da loro, unici amici, una briciola di conforto. Era la sua spina nel fianco, quell'amatissima figlia dilaniata dalla depressione, dall'anoressia, dalla bulimia e da chissà cos* altro. Traumatizzata dalla burrascosa separazione dei genitori avvenuta quando era appena quindicenne, Silvia Cossutta a quanto pare aveva avuto, verso i vent'anni, anche un'esperienza da terrore. Un viaggio in Olanda, il legame con uno studente che sembrava perbene e l'ingresso in una setta o qualcosa di simile. Dianetics, ricordano i vicini ripescando nella memoria dei racconti di Maria Teresa Pelicetti. Dianetics e anche qualcosa di peggio. Silvia, in circostanze nebulose, era stata accoltellata alla schiena. Se l'era andata a riprendere il papà, ginecologo triestino oggi in pensione con cui la ragazza sembra aver intrattenuto rapporti saltuari e non soddisfacenti. Forse neanche il pare sapeva tutta la verità sulle condizioni della giovane donna. I disturbi nervosi, Silvia aveva cominciato a manifestarli subito dopo la separazione. C'era stato un primo ricovero in una clinica svizzera. Non aveva mai lavorato, era quasi sempre sola. Pochi legami sentimentali e un'unica amica: una ragazza che vende bigiotteria. E quelle crisi, quei lunghi periodi a morir di fame e a morir di cibo. I miglioramenti e le ricadute. L'ultima, un mese fa, in occasione di un incontro col padre. Era venuto a trovarla a Bologna -- racconta una vicina di casa -- e Silvia era rimasta molto scossa. Lui si era presentato con la sua seconda moglie. Cosa che forse alla giovane non era mai andata giù. Ho dovuto recitare, non ho potuto dirgli quello che volevo, era stato lo sfogo della ragazza. E alle esortazioni a parlargli apertamente, c'era.stata una telefonata in cui Silviaaveva dato sfogo al suo star male. Il padre aveva promesso, sempre secondo quanto viene riportato, di darle i soldi per una vacanza. Ma era vero l racconto di Silvia? E se sì, quei soldi erano arrivati? La ragazza era andata a vivere con la madre qualche anno fa. Prima abitava a Trieste con una 'dada'. Forse Maria Teresa Pelicetti pensava che il suo affetto sarebbe bastato a far guarire la ragazza. E invece la convivenza ha fatto precipitare anche lei. [pa. ber.J Nella foto, una delle salme mentre viene portata alla Medicina Legale ]


Vedova del prof. Coco e ossessionata dai debiti

Negli ultimi mesi non sembrava nemmeno più lei, povera Maria Teresa. Era deperita tanto ma cercava di curarsi. L'avevo anche accompagnata a un controllo dal suo cardiologo. Ma i problemi erano altri». Sospira, un'altra delle amiche vicine di casa di Maria Teresa Pelicetti. Sospira e si torce le mani mentre racconta a brandelli, fra le lacrime, la storia triste di una donna di cui aveva raccolto le confidenze. «Era dì buona famiglia, Maria Teresa — continua la vicina — o almeno così mi raccontava. Era originaria di Udine, aveva studiato in collegio, era infermiera». E proprio sul lavoro aveva in-contrato il primo marito, il ginecologo Armando Cossutta, omonimo del noto politico. Ma il matrimonio era finito a rotoli anche se era Maria Teresa stessa a confermare di non aver mai dimenticato quel grande amore. Poi, col divorzio, erano cominciati i problemi di Silvia.

Lunghi anni dì cure, preoccupazioni, una casa venduta per pagare la clinica in Svizzera. Maria Teresa raccontava che l'ex marito le passava 500mi-la lire al mese per la figlia che, considerata invalida, ne percepiva altre 300. Ora le due donne vivevano anche con la pensione della Pelicetti che si era poi risposata con Francesco Coco, noto docente universitario: anche lui era vedovo di una cugina di Maria Teresa. E con Coco la donna si era trasferita a Bologna, nell 'appartamento in affìtto di via Allende. Silvia li aveva raggiunti qualche anno dopo.

Sembrava l'inizio di una vita tranquilla, per quella nuova famiglia ricostituita con tanta fatica. E invece Coco, nell'estate del '92, era stato stroncato da un male incurabile. Ecco com'era spuntata, sempre secondo i lunghi sfoghi di Maria Teresa, la questione dei debiti e di una situazione economica che proprio non andava. Una quarantina di milioni: sarebbe questa la cifra lasciata 'in rosso ' dal professore (pare per aiutare l'avviamento professionale dei figli), che Maria Teresa doveva ancora pagare. Via via era iniziato il cedimento nervoso, di pari passo con gli alti e bassi di Silvia. Quei debiti, di cui una quota veniva pagata ogni mese tramite la pensione che Coco le aveva lasciato, e poi una disperata ricerca di qualche lavoretto come infermiera. Ultimamente, a guanto pare, la Pelicetti di lavoro non ne trovava pia. E aveva cominciato a chiedere piccole somme ai vicini. I soldi le venivano prestati, e lei era sempre puntuale nella restituzione.

Lpa. ber.J

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Scientology's Head, David Miscavige Beats People Up

On June 18, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted:

I met with an X-Sea Org member tonight who recently left Scientology.

He told me that DM beat him up, many times. I've heard this before, but since I know DM is a shrimp, and seems like a wimpy guy, I had to ask him:
How can DM beat people up? He's so tiny!

He explained it to me, in great detail:

One: He always has his entourage of hit men with him.
Two: -One cannot- fight back: Part of the mind control.
Three: Others who were in the Sea Org reminded me that when you've been in for years, as this person had been, you don't know (or remember, it's been drilled out of your world) about our Constitution, and actual "rights" that you have.
Four: He said, had he known of his rights, he would have called the police and had DM arrested for abuse.

I'm writing this for anyone "In" who IS suffering this same abuse: YOU have the right ....the LEGAL not be abused. Don't allow it! Get to a phone, away from them, and call the police, if people are harming you. Or? Call me, and I'll come out there and help you. Plan on the week-ends, as during the week I work.

What a pathetic looser and wimpy bully DM is. I knew he was, but this was true experience that honestly was difficult to hear. No one should have to suffer like that--certainly not under the protection of "religion".

The good news is this X-Sea Org member is doing great, now!

Freedom rules, outside of Scientology!

Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the moonlight
In Scientology for 30 years, out happily for 5 years!


"Keith Henson" wrote:

True, but there are many other examples.

Hitler, Pol Pot, Jim Jones, Applewhite, Moon . . .

It is due to a set human psychological traits left over from the stone age.

It does not work all the time, but DM is trying to is turn on the bonding mechanism like happens in battered wife cases. He probably has no knowledge of how this works any more than the typical wife beater does. See

If it has been less then two years, I think he can file criminal charges against DM.

Of course, given the "influence" scientology has over Riverside's DA, this might not have any effect.

Keith Henson


"Chuck Beatty" wrote:

Go Tory!

I am so happy this story is leaking out more and more!

David Miscavige's life reflects the disgraceful ironies and complexities of so much of humankind's worst.

How can a person think that slapping, punching, slugging people is the right thing to do?

He is so blind he is caught up in the vicious whirlpool vortex of being a cult leader employing destructive options, unchecked by society.

Best thing he could do is quit, go to jail, and from prison write an autobiography: "David Miscavige: The Lessons of a New Religious Movement Leader Gone Bad."

And then just write about the hell he descended into.

That might be a worthwhile ending to David Miscavige's abusive life.

Tory, I suspect the more you share what people told you about David Miscavige's hardcore worst, the more bullshit will be coming your way from the Church of Scientology's legal/intelligence/PR arm Office of Special Affairs (love this name, how unwittingly darkly remniscient and unreligious this church unit's title is of secretive govt agencies), their hired lawyers hired private eyes and the OSA volunteers will be trying to distract and impact your life in various unwanted ways.

Go Tory!

Chuck Beatty


"Friendship" wrote:

This is very, very shocking!

To all those currently in the Sea Org or those who have left, please be aware that this type of behaviour is very, very illegal.


Any kind of harassment, be it sexual or otherwise, particularly anything that can lead to a hostile work environment or retaliation is against the law!!


"Chuck Beatty" posted about other, ongoing abuse:

[On watching one's cult bosses engage in petty physical abuse]

In spring of 1990, I watched as the then CO INCOMM, and the Dir Computerization RTC, walk into an office space at INCOMM, within full view of about 15 staff members,and the CO INCOMM then began scolding, ranting, slapping, and lightly punching a woman, the lady was the head of the computer indexing department of INCOMM. The Dir of Computerization RTC stood by, and did nothing to stop CO INCOMM's disgraceful loss of control at that moment.

(INCOMM at that time was about an 80 man Sea Org unit whose offices take up the west wing ground floor of the LA big blue complex building.)

This department head lady's goof was sending up some report up the command channels that got a retaliatory condemnatory communication sent back to the CO INCOMM.

I knew the CO INCOMM, I knew him for over 10 years at that point, and we were better than acquaintances, we shared a mutual respect for each other.

This was my first instance of seeing physical "justified" abuse by a lawful exec on one of their juniors, and with the RTC administrative overseer of INCOMM standing there almost as if to ensure CO INCOMM carried out his scolding slapping rant of condemnation of this woman Dept head for her report that skipped command channels, namely CO INCOMM would not have allowed that report to leave INCOMM had he been on the routing of her report.

I almost rose up and almost felt compelled to shout the CO INCOMM by his first name, and compel him to stop. He was acting like I'd never witnessed him, and I thought my words of rebuke as his long term Sea Org friend might have compelled him to stop.

I thought of shouting at him, but I did not.

My thoughts instead slunk down to simply hoping he would tire of his petty abuse, and stop.

He finally did.

CO INCOMM and the Dir of Computerization RTC both did fail on their positions within months after this incident. Both were replaced with new leadership.

But I mention this now since David Miscavige has reportedly been dishing out petty physical abuse in the recent years of the 2000's, so it is important to share the general details of what has occurred and what is still occuring, and publicize it and get it stopped!

If Scn doesn't want to be labeled an abusive cult, it has to stop acting like one at the top ranks.


"Scamology" wrote:

For a new person, CO stands for Commanding Officer, basically the CEO or President of the INCOMM group in this case. INCOMM is the group that creates all the computer software for Scientology and management. It stands for International Network of Computer Organized Management.

This INCOMM and the CO are comprised only of Sea Org staff. That means they signed a one billion year contract and promised not to have children (for the good of the church). The Sea Org is a fraternal organization that controls all of Scienology. They are currently run by a criminal, David Miscavige.

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Picket Reports

On June 18, 2006 "Hartley Patterson" posted a link to Operation Clambake forums containing a Picket Report from Minnesota:

Reposted from the Operation Clambake Message Board
More new picketers, they don't read ARS so please go there to thank them and comment. Pictures are linked there also. OCMB is presently under attack from the Truthseeker fan club, who have pulled in this and the previously reported Kansas City pickets.

by Funkmr:

From 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. today, ladyhawke and I protested the Minneapolis org off of Nicollete Avenue. Pictures of my sign will arrive soon, but one side read "Inquiring Minds Want To Know Who is Xenu?" and the other side read "Hey Buddy, Want to Buy a Bridge? $360,000 and

Over the two hours, we had hundreds of onlookers, handed out dozens of fliers, had about ten conversations and about ten handling attempts. I smiled and posed for every picture, including the one where the lady threatened me with trademark infringement. My response "Fair Use Ma'am, Fair Use"

We had another lady dare us to give her our driver's license if we were brave enough. My response was "Discretion is the better part of valor."

Another man named "Don" claimed that he had been in for 38 years and I was handing out false data. I really get the sense that he was a good-hearted, yet misguided man. The end of our conversation ended with "Don't worry, you won't impede my progress on the bridge." My reply "I hope not, you sure as heck paid for it." That seemed to aggravate him at the end of what had previously been a pleasant conversation. Don, if you are reading this, I really hope you come to your senses and see what scientology really is.

Other handlings were more subtle and few of them lasted for more than a minute or two. Over 70% of our protest time was unimpeded. We also got a few hoorahs, a few taunts and a few people seeing us as nutcases, but it comes with the territory. In any case, it was very fulfilling and I intend to repeat this in the future.

added by ladyhawke:

There was one thing that was SICK and TWISTED that happened that I was just flabbergasted at. While passing by the door, I saw a couple of little boys there with coursebooks in hand. I felt sad, then moved on. After five minutes or so I was talking to a passerby and I heard "Ma'am? Ma'am? That's not true." I look to my right and there are the two boys with no adult with them. They sent the children out to do their dirty work. I couldn't believe it. Well naturally I wasn't going to say anything critical to them. I just said "Well I'm exercising my free speech. Say, look at that toy you have there? That's neat." And got them a bit distracted.

I was so upset that they sent those kids out to us. I got so mad at that.

The $cns there were pretty funny though. This guy came up to us pretending to be a passerby (he came from behind us) and started asking questions. It was SO OBVIOUS he was a $cn. So sad, but you can tell in their eyes and the body language. When "Don" was handling us, his eyes just looked so sad and dead. I wanted to cry. So this guy asked us questions (they all ask the same thing...have you known someone in the church? is this first hand experience?...then he finally said. "Well I'll just go in and see for myself" and kind of laughed. I took the tone to mean "Bet you didn't know I was with them!" I knew as soon as I looked at him LOL. Sad.

I smiled proudly for the cameras that came out. She asked me to turn my sign around so that the "Slanderous" statement was showing ($cientology Kills). Laughing

It was an overall great experience. I talked to so many people. I'm always so shy and introverted and being back in my home and in my own little world I can't believe I did it.

Oh...another question they asked a few times was "What organization are you with?" "Are you getting paid for being here?" I said, "I'm just here as a concerned citizen."

Another man with his son (I assumed it was his son) came up..pretending to be a passerby too. But his questions were the same, so I think he was $cn. As they walked along afterwards I saw his arm around his son with his head bent toward him as if speaking to him. Probably saying we were liars and were criminals. Made my heart sad.

A funny moment was some woman was passing by. Rough looking older woman and she saw our signs and said in a real disgusted voice "Scientology, oh that crap!" and walked on. There were so many people that agreed with us.

Quite a few people thanked us for being out there and said they admired us for what we were doing. It was such a good feeling. Some people clapped as they passed across the street...people gave us thumbs was great.

But more importantly we got the message out. A lot of people did think it was just alien stuff and that's it, but we got to tell them about the darker side and passed out a lot of fliers.




"Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

Wha...? Are random pickets springing up all over? This is the stuff of dreams! VWD, and thank you!!!

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"Jens Tingleff" posted:


The pictures and reports from last weekend's [London] picket are now available on the regular website.

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An Anniversary of Cult Disconnection

On June 20, 2006 "Ida J. Camburn" posted:

Time rolls around and the "Disconnection" 27th Anniversary is today the 20th of June. My son met me and a friend early in June of l977 where we talked and he treated us to lunch. A few days later his first "affidavit was issued. He made several changes on it as he wanted the cult to know he had tried (tho a feeble attempt) to communicate with me. The cult also listed his name as Bob rather than Ronald - my first thought was My God here they are having him terminate his relationship with his mother and they don't even know his name! His name was corrected in the second attempt and the affidavit was enclosed in a blue pamphlet titled "The Untruths of Ida Camburn" and mailed to Cult Awareness office.

As I look back over the twenty seven years I see great gains made to expose this evil criminal group which my son has chosen to embrace. Even after making trips to CW to get his cancer treated (unsuccessfully of course) he still hangs on. This went on for two years prior to friends taking him to emergency where legitimate doctors operated --I believe eight transfusions were involved. After a trip a couple of years later to Clearwater and a sail on the FreeWinds he came home and entered the hospital on deplaning where he was placed on dialysis. I am truly grateful for medical doctors who at the time saved his life. Apparently that OT8 status didn't do much for making his body healthy.

I doubt if we will ever cross paths again. He has me as a Suppressive person and there are no changes to see that will change. I will continue to do what I can to expose this group and their gains in our government.

My friendship goes to all the other disconnected parents who I know have broken hearts such as mine. I know of those who are recently "disconnected" and it is truly painful however, they as I have, will survive. Keep busy and be surrounded with true friends and other sps.

Ida Camburn

"Babies are bits of star-dust
Blownby the hand of GOD
Blessed is the woman who
Has felt the pains of childbirth
For she has touched a star.


"Quaoar" wrote:

A parent should never have to bury a son or daughter. You have been forced by the evil of $cientology to face the kult dogma of disconnection that is one step worse than having to bury your son.

Everyone should be made aware of the true evil intentions of the kult of $cientology that is effected by their "religious" practice of disconnection that is designed to destroy the innocent. $cientology is dripping with evil. That you still hope and pray that your son comes to his senses is a tribute to your motherhood and your humanity.

I am truly sorry that you have been made a pawn of $cientology's practices. Keep your faith. You might yet be reunited with your son. The rational world keeps you in their prayers.


"Maggie" wrote:


I do know what it's like to lose a child. Mine can never come home, so there is at least some closure for me. I can't imagine the strength it must take to face each day and think, maybe today I will hear from him.

Your strength, rooted in a mother's love, inspires me to keep talking about Scientology to people. Your love spills out and touches others along the way.

Tory was in for 30 years, and she got out!

Here's to hope, and keeping the mother's love in your heart strong. Your son will need that love to help him heal.

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Lecture for Religious Technology Corporation

On June 23, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

Silentology - Lecture for Religious Technology Corporation
Subject description: this tape is for scientologists and recovering scientologists

Lecture Number 1 from the FOUNDER of SILENTOLOGY

First Lecture for the boys at the RTC

MP3 4 Meg

WMA 8 Meg

Thank you for your support and encouragement

Creed Pearson

comments will be webbed on the page about this tape

Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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Scientology-Related Media

On June 19, 2006 "Mark Bunker" posted:

Just got a message from a guy who has taken the videos from my site and re-edited them into a new form. Just started watching it and it seems fun.

Its a four part series called "The Friend of Mankind."

The links to the remaining three parts can be found on the same page.

The internet rules!

Okay, I liked it so much I linked to it on my main page:

A job well done by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal.


"Warrior" posted:

[A really hip and talented penguin!]


On June 22, 2006 "Moontaco" posted:

[Fark Photoshop contest: "If Scientologists ruled the world]

There are a few good ones. Most of all I like the idea that a contest like this exists and is getting attention.

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Historic Letter from Hubbard's Wife to Paulette Cooper

On June 24, 2006 "Muldoon" posted:

[An amazing historic letter: L. Ron Hubbard's 2nd wife, Sara Northrup, writes to author Paulette Cooper.]

L. Ron Hubbard's daughter, Alexis, attempts to contact her father. This was her father's response to his red headed daughter's curiosity about him:

This letter had been stolen form Paulette Coopers' apartment in New York, and ended up in the collection of documents resulting from the issuing of FBI search warrants on the Washington DC and Los Angeles (then senior) Scientology Organizations in the U.S. in 1977.

The search warrants were issued as a result of the Federal investigation into the massive spying, infiltration, and attack Operation, directed, by Scientology, and aimed at the personnel (including their families), offices, and private records of the Federal government. This was called 'Operation Snow White'.

'Operation Snow White' was being conducted by Scientology's private Intelligence gathering and covert attack agency, the Guardians Office, now renamed the Office of Special Affairs.

If it hadn't been for the issuing of the 'Snow White' search warrants, the covert attack and "Fair Game" Operations against private citizen Paulette Cooper, and many others, including the then Mayor of Clearwater, Florida, would likely never have been revealed.

'Snow White' was never discontinued.

It is unknown how many past and present Scientology covert attack activities remain undiscovered.

One thing is certain, Scientology has not changed.

About Paulette Cooper:


"Keith Henson" wrote:

[The search warrants were issued as a result of the Federal investigation into the massive spying, infiltration, and attack]

I have only a single source for this, but I tend to credit the source.

My source was high up in the US government. He told me that the real reason behind the raids came from intercepts of diplomatic traffic and that because of the desire to keep governments from knowing their diplomatic traffic was being read, the real reason was not made public.

I tend to credit his story because in the 1970s many less advanced countries were still using Enigma machines, unaware that the Brits had broken the cypher during WW II.

According to my source the US was regularly reading diplomatic traffic to such places as Argentina. Argentina (and other countries) had financial reasons in the tens of millions of dollars to obtain information on such matters as the size of the US wheat harvest before it became public.

He told me that scientologists had infiltrated various offices such as agriculture and were regularly selling the information they stole. Payment deals with scientology were in the intercepted diplomatic traffic.

Of course there were plenty of other reasons to account for the raids, but his theory was that the raids would not have happened without the intercepts--which showed what amounted to organized treason on the part of the cult.

This is above and beyond Nib's story about scientology being involved in the theft of the Sidewinder design (heat seeking missile) by the USSR.

If anyone has information either supporting or opposing this view, please post or email me.

Keith Henson
[e-mail address]

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