Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 27 - July 8 2006

Holy Xenu! South Park up for Emmy

On June 6, 2006 the Drudge Report reported:


[ link to ]

Tom Cruise's Least Fave 'South Park' Episode Up For Emmy

LOS ANGELES (July 6, 2006) -- One of the Emmy nominees for best animated program is the episode of "South Park" that's said to have angered Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes.

The episode called "Trapped in the Closet" implies that Cruise is gay and makes fun of Scientology.

Cruise's fellow Scientologist Isaac Hayes reportedly quit because he was upset with the episode. And when it came time to rerun it, Cruise allegedly called Comedy Central and demanded that it be pulled. It was, even though Cruise's people denied he asked for it.

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Land Grabbing in Pasadena

On July 6, 2006 "hwy 12 at bicksler road " posted a link to the Pasadena Star News:

For some of the Braley Building's current tenants, though, the prospect of moving was itself worrisome.

"If I have to find another location, it will be extremely expensive," said Il Fornaretta owner Cesare di Lorenzo. "This building's tenants, they are like family. I am extremely satisfied with my location and I love all my customers."

About half of the building's 22 tenants had month-to- month leases which will not be renewed. The church has bought the leases of all other tenants with the exception of di Lorenzo's, who was not satisfied by their offers.

He has 19 years left in his lease. "

Scientology moving into downtown [Pasadena]
Neighbors' reaction on group's relocation mixed
Article Launched: 07/06/2006 12:00:00 AM PDT

Scientologists will soon have a sizable presence in Old Pasadena.

Last week, local members of the Church of Scientology purchased the historic Braley Building, at 35 S. Raymond Ave., and immediately donated it to their church.

"We have been looking for a building for quite some time now," said Eden Stein, president of the church's Pasadena branch. "People love beautiful things; this will be a beautiful space for our parishioners to go to."

Plans for the building include a bookstore and information center on the ground floor, 250-person chapel and meeting room in the basement, and classrooms in the building's top three floors.

The church's Pasadena branch is presently located in a much smaller space at 1277 E. Colorado Blvd.

For neighboring business owners, the relocation of this controversial religious group into the popular shopping and dining area has prompted a mix of emotions.

"I've heard some of the people here have said `Oh my goodness, there are going to be people passing out pamphlets in the street," said Fritzie Culick, owner of the nearby Old Town Music Company.

"Is this going to be a major impact? What kind of impact?," she asked. "I think everybody's just waiting to see, with their fingers crossed."

Local property owner Jim Plotkin urged tolerance, and suggested - as did representatives of the church - that the parishioners could boost surrounding businesses.

"They've still got to eat a pizza, have a sandwich or an ice cream cone, they've still got to wear clothes," he said.

For some of the Braley Building's current tenants, though, the prospect of moving was itself worrisome.

"If I have to find another location, it will be extremely expensive," said Il Fornaretta owner Cesare di Lorenzo. "This building's tenants, they are like family. I am extremely satisfied with my location and I love all my customers."

About half of the building's 22 tenants had month-to- month leases which will not be renewed. The church has bought the leases of all other tenants with the exception of di Lorenzo's, who was not satisfied by their offers.

He has 19 years left in his lease.

Once the tenants are gone - which will likely happen by the end of summer - the church has planned a restoration of the building's exterior and renovation of its interior.

The Braley Building was built in 1906 by local figure Edgar Braley as an auto showroom and repair shop. Valued at $4.9million by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor last year, it is in the National Register of Historic Places. "

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Easter Egg on Scientology Website Reveals Truth

From THIS WEBPAGE [long link]

Easter Egg on Scientology Website reveals truth

[ ]

Goto The Church of Scientology's Website and read the first paragraph on the page.

Since that's probably going to disappear or change (or I'll get just sued) as soon as this starts going around, I'll copy it here:

"The word Scientology literally means "the study of truth." It comes from the Latin word "scio" meaning "knowing in the fullest sense of the word" and the Greek word "logos" meaning "study of."

Somehow that just doesn't sound right to me. I don't speak Latin or Greek, but I looked around a bit and found the Notre Dame translation of the Latin word 'scio', which reads as scio scire scivi or scii scitum [to know , understand]; with infin. [to know how to do];with adv., 'scire Graece', [to understand Greek]. Hence partic. sciens -entis, [knowing, aware; understanding, versed in, acquainted with (with genit.)]; adv. scienter; for scitus -a -um, see scisco.

Well, their translation's a little creative, but I'll let it slide under 'creative use'. Another Latin source besides a Catholic Ivy League University might have a more accurate translation. After all, "acquainted with" and "knowing in the fullest sense of the word" are so similar. I get them mixed up all the time. Unfortunately, 'The Fightin' Irish' might be good with Latin, but Greek doesn't seem like such a strong point, so let's check out the Wikipedia Entry for the Greek word 'Logos'

The Greek word ????? or logos is a word with various meanings. It is often translated into English as "Word" but can also mean thought, speech, reason, principle, standard, or logic, among other things. It has varied use in the fields of philosophy, analytical psychology, rhetoric and religion.

Once again, it's a little creative, but my source isn't rock solid, so it can slide. Now explanation of the etymology is all fine and dandy, but why the two languages? Shouldn't it all be in latin? I mean I don't write things like "You know what I could really go for? Some?????? with a side of beans." So I decided to go back to Notre Dame for a little follow up look at other possible translations and decided to start off with Notre Dame's translation of the Latin word 'Logos'.

logos (-us) -i m. [a word; a joke , jest, bon mot].

Oh that's why they went with Greek!

Now I know that someone's gonna say "well what if it was all in Greek? And you're right. So I went to the Wikipedia Entry for Scio, which turned out to be the Italian name for the Greek Island of Chios in the Aegean Islands. Waitasecond! Isn't Rome, home base of Catholicism and probably the last place anyone has a chat in Latin in that lovely boot shaped country? Who wants to bet L. Ron was a choir boy.

"Goly Father Shanahan, I don't know if I'm ready to take all of the Lord's love inside of me." "Don'cha worry none lad. The Lord has lube."

Well I guess that just means we're all going to have to join The Church of Xenu and drink and party for our dark master.

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Scientology Accusations of Nazism

On July 1, 2006 "Agaton" posted an old post of Jeff Jacobsen:

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: CoS accuses many of Naziism
Date: 18 Nov 1996 09:50:03 -0700

I think in the late 70's Scientologists picketed the Clearwater (Florida) Times wearing Nazi uniforms, apparently saying the paper supports Naziism. In 1985 the church sent out a press release accusing the American Family Foundation of being Nazi-like. In 1991 the church claimed that Time magazine - which had just done a cover story on "the cult of greed" - had supported Hitler and the Nazis. In 1995-6 the church claims that the current German government has once again come under a Nazi mentality.

I'm sure there are other groups and people the church has accused of being Nazis. The church appears to think that this is an international hot-button.


"Phill Scott" posted:

When I was at the cults Sacramento Calif Org in 1975 I was taken into the US Guardians offices and shown their book shelf where Adolf Hitlers, Mein Kaumph was pointed out to me and then handed to me, with the comment that Hubbard recommended it for strategy... but not the philosophy...however we see the Nazi philosophy written plainly in his book, Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health. clearly advocating genocide of various groups classified by Hubbard as inferior.

Hubbard and the Third Reich came from the same lineage... a 60 minutes special a few years ago detailed the third reichs occult roots, spinning from Madam Blavasky.. it spun also to Aliester Crowley, then to L Ron Hubbard, who incorporated that crap into the core of dianetics and scientology...which paralled also the OTO, founded by Crowley, self proclaimed satanist.

[long link]

The magicians war.


"Zeeorger" posted:

The CoS (specifically DM) also accused the current German Goverment of still being nazi due to its opposition to the CoS. (the germans don't like the use of RPFs while the CoS thinks it must mantain it religious rights to RPF its staff) Lets not forget the Spanish goverment being accused by DM at various events of still using inquisitions against the CoS. All because the spanish justice system wanted the President of the CoS to explain how he allowed dirty tricks to be prepetrated on their soil.

The height of irony - the parallels between the scientology totalitarian mentality and the nazi mentalities. Not to mention their total lack of morals, ethics or justice when it comes to running inquisitions of their own on their own staff and send them to those gulags called the RPF.

The fight against scientology is a fight against reverting to the dark ages of old - a totalitatian world vision Of, By and For lying paranoid megalomaniacs.


"Roger Gonnet" posted:

They even got lots of defenders of their insane theories to accuse entire countries of neo-nazism etc. They did it against Germany, France, Austria, etc.

They even got some US officials parrotting their insults toward entire countries.


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

[I think in the late 70's Scientologists picketed the Clearwater (Florida) Times wearing Nazi uniforms, apparently saying the paper supports Naziism.]

I got a call from a anti cult outfit in Israel, ( telephon call from Israel) and I mentioned the Lerma is a nazi stuiff and the person said:

"They ( scientology) say that about anyone who is exposing them, that's how we knew we could trust you"

Arnie Lerma

This wasn't the last time the Scientologists wore the Nazi uniform, in 1997 they used it at a choreographed "protest" in Australia of Chancellor Helmut Khol of Germany's visit. See the creepy images from their Millenium New Years Event also. Scientology still, routinely, uses Nazi and anti-semetic allegations against it's enemies.

Scientology's hypocrisy is eclipsed only by their unmitigated gall. The author of the 1971 book, The Scandal of Scientology, Paulette Cooper, decided to do an expose' about Scientology, because she recognized in Scientology the same spectre of evil that killed her own parents in Aushwitz concentration camp. Ms. Cooper was set up by Scientology for a fake bomb threat in an elaborate series of operations, one of which was called OPERATION FREAK OUT, she was sued a total of 19 times by Scientology in their relentless pursuit of silence. I am proud, now, to consider her to be my freind.

- Arnie Lerma - Ex-Financial Manager for what is now called 'Scientology Bridge Publications (tm)'


"Ida Camburn" posted:

The cult also used the uniforms to picket a conference of Cult Awareness Network in l980. At the meeting was an infiltrator Amy Esquith Majors sent there by Mike McGlaurghry. I remember her pretending to hide from them for fear one might recognize her. By that time all of us knew who she was and why she was there. Interesting time.

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Codebot.Org, Scientology is not a Science

On July 1, 2006 "Dilbert Perkins" posted a link: is back up. Scientology tried to take it down because of this article:


Scientology is not Science

posted by sysrpl on Saturday June 17, 2006 8:32 PM

I researched Scientology for my college journalism graduate studies project and here's what I found. Scientology hurts people a lot. It hasn't stood the test of time, which makes it more of a cult than anything else.

As its core tenet, Scientology teaches that all the bad things in the world come from negative life experiences. For example, if you were bitten by a dog as a child, without realizing it you might develop an irrational fear of dogs (preventing negative life experiences is why they insist their babies be born in complete silence). Using special auditing techniques and e-meter technology, both of which Scientology claims L Ron Hubbard created, they believe they are able to remove these bad thoughts from your body.

This premise of Scientology, when explained as being part of science, seems reasonable enough to get people started in the cult.


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Summer of the Picket

On July 3, 2006 "Master Shake" posted a link to Operation Clambake Forum, showing numerous pickets taking place:

I implore any serious critic and/or activist to click on the following link for a picket report from two OCMB critics that occurred recently.

The information is in the link.


Reposted from OCMB, by I'mglib

Yes, folks, Roan and I continued this fabulous summer of picketing by Clambakers, by paying a visit to the Narconon facility in Newport Beach. We couldn't have had a more successful day.

So, here it is Sunday, 4th of July weekend, the sun is shining, super crowded, but somehow we magically found each other after parking, get our signs out, and cautiously make our way to the beach front property. To set scene, picture homes on a wide boardwalk which is divided into lanes for walking, biking, and skating, and then sand and ocean. There are literally thousands of people walking the full length of the 5 mile boardwalk.

Roan has big asz yellow sign on a stick that can be seen from far and wide. I had 2 signs which I carried. Once we got to the boardwalk, people sitting in their patios could read our signs, and as they watched us proceed to 1810 Oceanfront, they figured out pretty quick what was going on, and started cheering. Then, when we got to our destination, even some of the Narconon residents started laughing and cheering. Picture a 3 story beach house with a balcony on each floor, and residents sitting on the balcony. It looked more like a party house than a recovery center.

So, up and down the boardwalk we roam, with curious residents, waving, smiling, and giving encouragement. Some shook our hands. Some gave us water.

Pretty soon some handlers came out to tell us we can't picket, and Roan says, "Unh unh, this is public property, we can be here."

A short while later, we get a welcome visitor, "Dr. O" who has fought the Narconon facility there for years. She was convinced that the city council must have some dealings with someone in the facility, because inspite of the neighbors complaining, the facility was allowed to increase from 27 to 49 residents, and all with only 3 parking places! Needless to say she was very happy to see us, and said she'd go get some flyers, and would be right back to help us. So now there were 3 of us walking up and down, getting some quizzical looks, a few questions, and lots of encouragement. A couple of people said, "Hey, they're just trying to recover," to which we said, "Great, we encourage people to stay clean and sober."

After about 1.5 hours we wrapped it up and quietly slipped away, feeling pretty good. We were seen by 100s of people riding their bikes, skating, and walking. We passed out a few flyers. We even had residents come out ask us for flyers. A good day. Pictures coming soon.


From Roan, posted on OCMB:

Yes, two very Suppressive Persons brought a real load of entheta to the staff at the Newport Beach (Balboa) Narconon today! Very Happy

Hundreds of beachgoers and boardwalk cruisers got a mini lesson in: what is Scientology, what is Narconon and!

Being my first picket it was nice to have the wily vet, I'mglib (Wink) there with me. I was a little unsure of things, but it could not have gone better. The neighbors were surprised and VERY GLAD to see us. None of them could hide the look of true gratitude on their faces, that we were there braving the crowds to very visibly protest what they must tolerate on a daily basis.

So there we were, the hundreds of boardwalkers reacting to us, the staff and patients watching it all and the staff looking PISSED! It's hard enough to work with addicts under the best of circumstances... to be trying to do it with Scientology Tech must be hell, then.. to have to handle a bunch of squirrelly addicts at the beach with two glib protesters mucking about...! Well the staff had a real Hill 10 on their hands, no doubt. The addicts were REAL INTERESTED in the website address they saw! hehehe

Various "levels" of staff came out to photograph us, culminating in one 40-50ish woman with long, gray-flecked blond hair who seemed to be the head honcho. She had a knowing look on her face, but did not confront us. Over time all the patients who had been hanging out on one of the three patios overlooking the beach had been shooed inside. Some of the addicts (earnestly) asked for our handouts; I'mglib happily obliged them, but the staff confiscated all flyers and after awhile no addicts were hanging out on the patios anymore. They were allowed outside, but only to go directly elsewhere (like in the water).

The two patios you see in the pictures, were full of addicts and staff when we got there and for the first half hour or so.

I definitely think it would be a good thing to back and picket this very same location again; but to all you So Cal critics: we really have to picket the main OC Org. before they move.

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Cult Used Federal Land

On July 1, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted a link to a letter from the United States Department of the Interior to the Scientology, dated May 8, 1987:

Oops! CST accidentally uses federal land


"Android Cat" posted:

Is that one of the CST vault locations?

There was some problem with them swapping land with the government in 1992 such that they might not own the land with the vault any more.


"Quaoar" wrote:

Recently, somewhere, someone posted a notice from the US Bureau of Land Management to the Church (sic) of $cientology dated 1986, that the kult had violated BLM land management regulations by grading a road through the Trementina property without prior authorization. Further, the BLM stated that the Church (sic) landowner would have to provide a permanent easement for said road to the BLM and some other Federal entity.

This being the case, according to this letter, the road traversing the Vault location is open land accessible to anyone and the gate is superfluous, and in fact, possible illegal.

Does someone have this letter reference to verify? I will be willing to visit with the BLM to clarify what I've state above.

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Scientology-Related Media

On July 1, 2006 "Marcab" posted to a critical Scientology blog in Spanish:

CIENCIOLOGIA - El Nuevo Blog de Marcab



Los Humanos Tenemos Derechos Muy a pesar de las Sectas Destructivas Por los Derechos de la Humanidad vaya este esfuerzo.

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"Simkatu" posted:

Jon Stewart's Daily Show segment, This Week in God, briefly makes fun of Scientology and the Dianetics Racing Team.

Check out the video:

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"Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

Received today:


I have checked out Operation Clambake before and was extremely impressed by the objective stance of the site on what, for many, is an emotive subject. I was listening to a radio program today (BBC5LIVE) that had scientology members defending their practice of advising people not to take their medicines and denying victims of terrorist atrocities access to grief and trauma counciling. Disgusted with what I was hearing I turned to for a reality check which it ably provided.



"Barbara Graham" wrote:

Fabulous show! They're smearing a guy on national radio, some ex named Ian. CCHR rep asks about his 'kidnapping and deprogramming' charges in Canada, which Ian says is an absolute lie.

Hard questions to these two CCHR reps, with an eevil psych present in the studio...

Female CCHR rep gets shut down in mid-DA spew by a break in the show. Apparently that was the end of the Scientology segment (followed by a bunch of stuff about Beck quitting, but no mention of his Scn association.)

So, the final analysis from me, if you care, it was a well-balanced show. They sent in a woman to record culties covertly, catching them gleefully snickering about keeping "the psychs" away from victims in London following the bombing. VMs were described, correctly, as flocking to disaster to recruit, deliver "touch assists" to trauma victims, handing out fliers to bewieldered victims, etc. They had a psychiatrist, an ex-Scientologist in studio, and a couple of CCHR reps by phone.

That was rather amusing, as the CCHR peeps claimed they hadn't heard the first part of the show, so they had no idea what they were in for. The female CCHR rep insisted on reading an entire letter praising the VMs, written by some fireman or fire chief in New York. It was made very clear that there are untrained people in yellow shirts rushing to tragedies, disrupting services, and shilling for the cult. I would have liked to have heard mention of VMs being given the boot; in Chicago, Beslan and Jerusalem.

The two CCHR reps had been present while the woman was covertly recording a meeting, and they were called on the carpet for sniggering about disrupting legitimate help by qualified people.

I'd say overall, the VMs were portrayed in the true light of what they are, nothing more than shills for the "church" of Scientology, trying to profit from disaster.


"Kim Palmer" wrote:

Excellent! This type of info needs to get out to all - the VM's are useless and should be banned from all disaster sites as they suck up resources, get in the way, and could potentially cause great problems for the properly trained professionals on site. The money grubbing cult and its various front groups need to be exposed for the lying, hate-filled, greedy entities they are. Keep up the good work and lets make sure more stations/newspapers/magazines do serious exposes on these societal parasites.


"Hartley Patterson" wrote:

In a pub garden by the Thames on a sunny day:
Julian Worricker (presenter)
Ellady Harper (sp?) (undercover journalist)
Dr Max Pemberton (evil psych)
Ian Howarth (Cult Information Centre)

On tape:
Bruce Hines (American ex-CoS)
Paul Fletcher (Director CCHR London)
Various experts

By phone from a BBC studio (?):
Janet Laveau (CoS UK spokesperson)
Brian Daniels (Deputy Executive Director CCHR London)

Ellady began with a brief description of Scientology, including the incorrect suggestion that it wasn't a Church (she meant it wasn't a charity) in the UK. Ellady and another journalist went undercover to three meetings of CCHR in London. They watched videos and it was clear to them that Scientologists believed that mental illness didn't exist but was invented by psychiatrists. She played a taped extract that had general agreement at a meeting that VMs went out after the London bombings and tried to keep people away from psychs. Paul Fletcher was present at the meetings.

9/11 was covered next, with the NMHA warning about Scientology. Bruce Hines, one of the VMs there, pointed out that attacking psychiatry has always been part of CoS doctrine.

Max Pemberton expressed the usual psych objections.

Ian Howarth was cautious (they'll sue me if I call them a cult) but said that he'd had many complaints about Scientology. He quoted research suggesting that it took a long time to recover from Scientology.

There was discussion about whether people are 'free' to leave cults. Ian mentioned the police raid in Canada and scientologists disrupting public meetings at which he was speaking, trying to smear him etc.

[break for news bulletin]

A recording of Paul Fletcher was played talking about the Indian Ocean tsunami - or rather the evil psych plan to import their drugs into India. Dr Kaster Jong (sp?) of Medicin sans Frontieres said that while in Sri Lanka he was disturbed by VMs distributing leaflets and books that only confused disaster victims. Dr Philip Hobson (another evil psych) expressed concern about touch assists, since touching a patient is forbidden in psychiatric counselling. "I don't understand the reason for any organised group of people without training trailing around disaster sites". Max and Ellady agreed that scientologists had told them 'very firmly' that mental illness did not exist, and that psychiatry and drugs were far more likely to kill you. Scientology wanted to get rid of psychiatry altogether. A taped extract from a CCHR video was played with a solemn voice telling us how many Americans psychiatry has killed.


Due to a BBC glitch Janet and Brian couldn't hear any of the preceding. Once connected Janet ignored the first question and launched into a "let me just brief you" speech, successfully negotiated a "what are their qualifications?" question, and then ran into "do VMs recruit?"

Janet: "No , that's a completely false report"
Julian: "We heard people on tape acknowledging that that happened"

Oops. Janet umed a lot. Ellady pointed out that it was Bruce Hines that said that there was recruiting after 9/11. Actually he didn't on air, she presumably didn't play that bit of his interview. Janet had never heard of him. Janet read a fulsome commendation from the NYPD post 9/11. Ellady was ready for this one, and countered with Deputy Fire Commissioner Frank Gribben (sp?) expressing concern about firemen being told not to take their medications by scientology. Janet had no knowledge of this. Ellady "on tape there Paul Fletcher said that they were keeping psychiatrists away from trauma victims"

Janet: "That I've never heard of before"
Julian" "Why are they better at this than [professionals]?"
Brian: ...."the best thing to do is to look at the nature of the treatments, whether that be lobotomies, electric shock treatment..."

Ouch. I could feel 'reasonable' Janet cringing. She'd brought a fanatic along with her. Max was brought in, and got sidetracked into a 'no they don't, yes they do' exchange with Brian.

Ellady: "So you're saying that the reason why you're keeping psychiatrists away from trauma victims at 7/7 and 9/11 is because they're going to be lobotomised and given dangerous drugs?"
Janet: "That's a little bit eccentric. [...] wherever that report came from it is a false report, it is not what VMs.."
Ellady: "Every single person at that meeting agreed that they were there to keep psychiatrists away. It was not just one rogue member of the Church of Scientology, it was the entire meeting. They said they needed to rescue trauma victims from the clutches of psychiatrists".

At this point Janet had the cognition that CCHR had been infiltrated.

Janet: "Were you the one that was there at the meeting? OK then from conversations I had with production staff in preparation for this meeting one thing I can say is that either your understanding was completely incorrect or the communication that was given completely confused individuals as to what the CCHR..."
Julian: "I have not heard the tape prior to now but I heard people genuinely saying that they were keeping 'keeping the psychs away'. It was as clear as that, as night follows day."

On to the next question.

Julian: "Do you both believe that mental illness does not exist?"
Brian went into the 'chemical imbalance of the brain not being proven' speech. Julian: "What do you say causes it?"

Brian ignored him and kept going. Julian tried again, and gave Janet the 'scientists say' prompt.

Janet: " of the confusions is to say that there is a scientific basis behind the diagnosis [plugs CCHR website with video of psychiatrists saying they haven't a clue] Julian asked if scientologists had cured anyone. "If you have a way of guiding people though [difficulties] but you can't tell us what that is... they're just joining you on an act of blind faith!"

Max pointed out a fact that the CoS ignores, that all psychiatrists are qualified medical doctors and have the skills to distinguish between physical and mental illness. Brian diverted him into medical jargon, trying to lose the audience.

Ellady: "How would you suggest treating psychosis?"

No answer.

Back on track, Janet says there are over 60,000 VMs. Ian Howarth comes in and gives his anti-CoS short speech, mentioning Canada and Judge Latey. Janet promptly DAs him:

Janet: "We have to stop meeting in front of microphones!"
Ian: "I've invited you to meet with me personally"
Janet: "That's actually because you don't publish your address Ian"

[???] "I'm sure you were going to get around to telling the audience about your own convictions which resulted from the kidnapping and deprogramming that you were involved in in Canada"

Ian: "That's an absolute lie. You are smearing me on national radio"
Janet: Are you going to deny that you have a conviction, that you left Canada?"
Ian: "Of course. This is another bit of your propaganda to smear me"

[program segment runs out of time]

There may be listener responses on the show at 10.00 AM GMT next Sunday.

Altogether a good show, the reporter had her facts ready and the presenter was adept at pulling the conversation back on topic, both essential when dealing with our friends. Janet Laveau will be understandably furious at being wrongfooted by the communications glitch, having apparently had no warning that an undercover operation had been pulled.

Thanks to those in the ARS community who helped out.

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The "Un-Funny" Truth about Scientology
The History of the Dangerous Cult of Dianetics


"Mark Bunker" posted:

I stumbled upon this forgotten video a couple nights ago and decided to throw it onto Google Video. It's a video I don't think I ever had officially put on the site. I especiallty love catching the guy lying and being able to show that through Mike Krotz's video:

Also, I converted much of the Clearwater 13 Trial to Google Video:

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On July 4, 2006 "Zeeorger" posted:

Holy Cow on ethics and Justice,


"Simkatu" wrote:

One of my favorites in the cow humor category, by my hero Larson:

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Historical Articles from the Clearwater Sun

"Roger Gonnet" posted a number of older articles from the Clearwater Sun in Florida about Scientology:

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1982

16 witnesses unlock sect's closed society

Sun staff writer

The 16 witnesses who testified in Clearwater's public hearings on Church of Scientology activities provided the first-hand information city officials will use if they decide to design ordinances to regulate the sect.

Boston attorney Michael Flynn, who gathered the witnesses, said he questioned them extensively about their Scientology experiences and people they knew in the sect. He confirmed that information through other witnesses and contacts inside the church, he said.

If they had not been in the sect, Flynn said, "I'd have to be pretty much of a dunce to allow my witnesses to get up there and say the things they did."

He said church contracts and waivers signed by several witnesses were put into evidence. He can obtain other documents, he said, if necessary.

Witnesses who testified of personal involvement in crimes were granted immunity by prosecutors, or were out of jurisdictional boundaries, Flynn said.

Of the 16 who testified, Flynn said he represents Lavenda Van Schaick and Paulette Cooper directly in separate lawsuits against the Church of Scientology. He said he is involved also indirectly in lawsuits filed by Ernest and Adelle Hartwell and Janie Peterson.


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Volume 70, Number 281 : FRIDAY, February 10, 1984

Widow donated workers' comp benefits to sect

From Sun reports

The widow of an Air Florida pilot whose jet plunged into the Potomac got $300,000 in workers' compensation bene-fits for her husband's death-and the next day donated nearly half the money to the Church of Scientology.

Joanne Wheaton also invested much of the remaining payment in a firm operated by a Scientologist.

Larry Wheaton's plane crashed Jan. 13, 1982, onto a crowded bridge in Washington, D.C., and then into the Potomac River. Only five of the 79 people aboard survived.

Wheaton and his wife were ardent Scientologists and had made sizable contributions to the sect before the crash.

Wheaton, 34, who was earning $72,000 a year as an Air Florida pilot, left no will. His wife inherited their house in southwest Miami and a $142,000 life insurance policy.

The life insurance money was Joanne Wheaton's to spend as she saw fit. But not so with the workers' compensation benefits, a probate judge says.

"I was flabbergasted," Dade Probate Judge Francis Christie said of learning that the workers' compensation money had been spent.


Message ID: 44a6a447$0$2746$


9 MARCH 1984

Scientologist says sect detained him

Scientologist Daniel Codrino says when he tried to hail a cab outside the sect's Clearwater headquarters, two scientologists tried to push him back into the building until a police officer arrived.

Sun staff writer

For the second time since January, a Scientologist trying to leave the sect's international headquarters at the former Fort Harrison Hotel was physically detained until police intervened, according to police.

Daniel Codrino, who traveled from New York to Clearwater to take $7,000 in Scientology courses, was told he would have to pay an additional $1,165 for another course, according to a Clearwater police report Codrino refused to pay and when he tried to leave, two sect members tried to push ,him back into the hotel, the report ''states.

Although Codrino declined to press charges of false imprisonment Monday night, he did complain of his treatment and detail for police the reasons he wanted to leave.


Message ID: 44a6a7e1$0$27300$


Scientologist's tape to get review

Sun staff writer

The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office will review a tape recording of a complaint filed by a New York Scientologist to determine whether criminal charges are warranted in connection with an incident at the sect's Clearwater retreat.

Daniel Cotrino, 30, of Brooklyn, N.Y., told police March 5 that the sect failed to deliver to him a series of courses for which he had paid $7,000, according to a police report.

The report also states that when Cotrino tried to leave the sect's 210 S. Fort Harrison Ave. headquarters, he was physically detained until a policeman intervened.


Message ID: 44a6aa99$0$14291$


Sect member lectured
after sidewalk incident

Thursday, May 3,19fiA

Sun staff writer

A bicycling security guard with the Church of Scientology may have overstepped his bounds Wednesday morning when he confronted a pedestrian in downtown Clearwater who "looked suspicious," according to police.

The guard, Curtis Lee Nelson, later told police he confronted the man "to see what he was all about."

What it turned out to be about, according to police, was essentially a sidewalk shakedown on the part of a Scientologist, who got a short lecture from the investigating officer about civil rights and the proper roles of authority.


Message ID: 44a6ba54$0$2750$


Ex-members file complaints against sect

Sun staff writer

A California attorney for former Church of Scientology members seeking refunds from the sect said Tuesday that six people are filing complaints with the U.S. postmaster general in connection with courses taken in Clearwater.

"The U.S. mail system is a privilege to use," said David Jordan, a lawyer in Glendale, Calif. "It's like driving-if you mess up, you can lose your license." Jordan, a former Scientologist, said his clients still are being sent promotional literature from the sect, despite severing their ties with the organization.

Jordan mailed 13 complaints Friday to postal officials in Los Angeles and Tampa. Three were from clients who had taken courses at the former Fort Harrison Hotel, the sect's Clearwater retreat headquarters.

An additional seven complaints were prepared and sent Monday, Jordan said. Three of those are on behalf of people who took courses in Gearwater. According to Jordan, his clients are upset that promotional literature is being sent while refund claims remain in limbo.


Message ID: 44a78fcb$0$16223$


Saturday, June 16,1984

Clearwater Sun
Court told sect raid should have been restricted

From Sun reports

TORONTO-A 158-page search warrant Ontario Provencial Police used to raid the headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Toronto last year should have been restricted to prevent a massive search and seizure of church records and artifacts, a lawyer for the Clearwater-based church says.

Marlys Edwardh, a lawyer representing the Church of Scientology of Toronto, told Ontario Supreme Court Justice John Osier that a higher standard must be applied by police when they search a church, even if the church is the target of an investigation.

More than 100 policemen raided the Church of Scientology on March 4, 1983. They remained on the premises for 24 hours and confiscated more man 200,000 documents, including about 750 records the sect claims are of a "confessional" nature.


Message ID: 44a8ccbe$0$9273$


FRIDAY, July 6, 1984

County plans sect tax certificate sale

[Clearwater] Sun staff writer

Pinellas County plans to offer for sale next week $257,267.71 in tax sales certificates on 10 parcels of Scientology-owned property to cover unpaid real estate and tangible personal property taxes, Tax- Collector O. Sanford Jasper said Thursday.

The certificates, which concern 10 parcels of sect property-including the 'former Fort Harrison Hotel-will be offered for sale July 10, barring a court-ordered injunction to stop the sale of some of the certificates, Jasper said. Jasper noted that the sect has been granted a hearing before Circuit Court, Judge B.J. Driver "to try and stop me from holding the sale-"

The tax collector said the Clearwater-based sect owes real estate taxes of $228,845.33 and tangible property taxes of $28,422.38, bills which became due last Sunday. Still, the combined sum of the unpaid taxes is only about half of the $569,662.27 Jasper said the sect owes Pinellas County.


Message ID: 44a8d521$0$19574$


FRIDAY, August 24,1984

Sect repaying disgruntled members

Sun Clearwater staff writer

The Church of Scientology has begun reimbursement of money to a number of current and former members who claimed refunds were owed them for services not delivered when they took courses in Clearwater, a California attorney said Thursday.

California attorney David Jordan, himself a former Scientologist, said about $160,000 has been repaid 14 of his clients in recent months, and another 19 persons with claims totaling about $240,000 should be paid within 30 days.

Jordan also represents another 237 current and former Scientologists who are demanding repayment of money given to the sect, which they expect to have returned.

But a 73-year old Englishwoman traveled to Clearwater'tfom New York this week in an attempt to getreunbursed $11,000 she claims is owed her for services not provided.

Violet Heckman, a Scientologist from East Grinstead, England, who is not represented by Jordan, came to the Clearwater Sun Tuesday to seek help, claiming she has spent four years trying to get her money back from the sect.

Mrs. Heckman said she had paid-in advance $15,000 for accelerated courses known as the "OT Courses," but she subsequently became disenchanted with the courses and never finished them.

She also said that, when she sought reimbursement, a sect official in Tampa wrote her stating: "I hope you realize the consequences of your actions." Mrs. Heckman, who began taking Scientology courses in the early 1970s, also had letters from Scientologists in Clearwater and bank statements detailing the transfer of several thousand dollars from her English bank account to a European bank account, which is "payable to Religious Research Foundation Account."


Message ID: 44a92e4c$0$19563$


phantom firm of land gobbling

Sun staff writer

An unnamed, $2 billion corporation has been making a bid to control Clearwater real estate by buying more than 300 parcels of property since 1973, according to Heber C. Jentzsch, international president of the Church of Scientology.

And when the church began buying downtown property in 1975, he said, that phantom corporation began a campaign to discredit the church and to keep property values low until it could complete its own acquisition program.

"We must have cut across the plans of that major corporation," he said.

But Jentzsch would not name the company, other than to say it is an out-of-state company with holdings in about four states. He said, however, he is convinced the company is involved in a deliberate effort to drive down property values in downtown Clearwater. Jentzsch's remarks came during a press conference Wednesday in the ballroom of the former Fort Harrison Hotel, used as an international training center by the sect since it took over the building in 1975.


Message ID: 44a96611$0$9592$


Saturday, August 25,1984

Scientology guard released on $5,000 bond

Clearwater Sun staff writer

A Church of Scientology security guard, charged with false imprisonment late Thursday after police said be tackled and handcuffed a 21-year-old Clearwater man, was released on $5,000 bond Friday.

Roy Rosa Rodriguez, 30, who listed bis address as the sect's headquarters at 210 S. Fort Harrison Ave., was arrested after he tried unsuccesfully to spray a suspected vandal with "Paralyzer" mace and subsequently tackled him and handcuffed the man's hands behind his back, police said. A Church of Scientology official refused Friday to comment on the incident.

According to police reports: A small piece of cement was thrown through a 6- by 5-foot window of a sect building at 500 Cleveland Street at about 9 p.m. Thursday. Four security guards, including Rodriguez, were in the building standing from 15 to 40 feet from the window. The window, covered with a reflective film, prevents persons inside the building from seeing out at night.


Message ID: 44a9704e$0$9605$


SUNDAY, November 11, 1984
Horror story told in sect suit

Clearwater Sun staff writer

CLEARWATER-Possibly the highest-ranking, most influential Scientologist to defect from the Clearwater-based, international sect has sued Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for more than $225 million.

Citing physical abuse, the intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and the violation of his civil rights, Howard D. "Homer" Schomer, the 49-year-old former treasury secretary of the sect's Author Services Inc. branch, is demanding a jury trial and damages of $226,528,200. Schomer's claims, if proved true, offer a dark view of the inner workings of an arm of the most visible yet secretive of the world's "new religions."

Named in the suit, filed in U.S. District Court of Los Angeles, are Hubbard, Author Services Inc., and two executives of ASI, David Miscavige and Pat Broeker.

"What is so important about the suit is that this is the very first time that ASI, Miscavige and Broeker have been sued," noted Boston attorney Michael Flynn, who represents a number of other former sect members in suits against the Church of Scientology. "Also important is that this time the suit is not against the church, but rather a for-profit organization."

Hubbard, however, has been the subject of several multimillion-dollar lawsuits.


Message ID: 44aa270d$0$21315$


Clearwater Sun 5 A

Friday, June 6,1986

Two-year-old boy nearly drowned

Sun staff writer

CLEARWATER - A 2-year-old boy nearly drowned Thursday afternoon at a motel used by members of the Church of Scientology, Clearwater police said.

Beau-Jacob Karnovsky, 2, was in critical condition in the intensive care unit at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg late Thursday night, a nursing supervisor said. He had been sustained on life- support systems after being rushed to Morton F. Plant Hospital, Cooper said.

The boy was in a pool at the Sand Castle Motel, 200 N. Osceola Ave., at about 5 p.m. when another child saw him, Lt. Charles Cooper said.


Message ID: 44aa95bf$0$21312$


Saturday, August 2,1986

Petition requests sect pay for move

Clearwater Sun staff writer

CLEARWATER - Many "hostile and paranoid" Hacienda Gardens residents have signed a petition requesting that the Church of Scientology pay their moving expenses.

Sect members also told some residents Friday that the sect's next purchase would be St. Andrews Cove condominiums next to Hacienda Gardens.

"They told us they (the sect) wanted to buy them both at the same time, but that they knew they were going to have trouble with Hacienda Gardens." said a 15-year-old resident who spoke with sect members Friday.

Scientology attorney Paul Johnson said Friday night that the requests made through the petition are "patently absurd," and "that the sect does not plan to purchase St. Andrews Cove.

"I'm confident that if the church had not stepped in when it did ... with the complex in receivership, they (residents) would have no place to live," Johnson said.


Message ID: 44aa9bff$0$27284$


Thursday, May 30, 1985

Clearwater Sun
Scientologists argue for mistrial

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - More than 1,000 Scientologists lined the halls of a county courthouse and marched outside Wednesday while a lawyer argued for a mistrial in the case of a $39 million fraud judgment for a former member of the group.

Jurors who returned the judgment against the Church of Scientology were deliberately misled by the plaintiff's attorney, said Earle C. Cooley, a lawyer for the group, in arguments before Multnomah County Circuit Judge Donald H. Londer.

Cooley also contended that one juror's brother was a former Scientologist, despite her statements to the contrary, and that other jurors failed to report telephone calls from people claiming to be Scientologists.

During arguments, Scientologists gathered inside and out side the courthouse, singing "We Shall Overcome" as they marched outside.

The judgment was returned May 17 in a complaint filed by Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, 27, of Portland. She alleged the organization fraudulently claimed Scientology could improve her eyesight, intelligence and creativity.

The mistrial motion was allowed because Londer had not yet signed the judgment. Londer was not expected to rule immediately on the request.

Cooley alleged that Ms. Titchbourne's attorney, Garry McMurry, displayed "flagrant disregard" for the limitations of the case, arguing points that specifically had been excluded. McMurry attempted "to broaden the case into a large-scale attack on religion," Cooley contended.

Testimony about the assets of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and tactics the group allegedly uses against its critics overstepped the bounds of the case, which was supposed to be limited to Ms. Titchbourne's contact with Scientologists, Cooley maintained.

Testimony that the organization was a business and not a religion ran counter to Londer's ruling that Scientology is a church, Cooley added.

Message ID: 44abeea7$0$27300$


Scientology properties

Clearwater Sun
Thursday, July 31,1986

1. Fort Harrison Hotel (888 units), 210 S. Fort Harrison Ave., bought in 1975, 1985 assessed value: $7,761,100.

2. Old Bank of Clearwater building, 500 Cleveland St.. bought in 1975, 1985 assessed value: $324,000.

3. 15 N. Fort Harrison Ave., property located behind the bank, bought in 1975, 1985 assessed value: $232,400.

4. 25 N. Fort Harrison Ave., property located behind bank, bought in 1975, 1985 assessed value: $103.600.

5. Former Saudcastle Motel (101 units). 200 N. Osceola Ave., bought in 1979. 1985 assessed value: $2,340,900.

6. Former Heart of Clearwater Motel (54 units), 1024 Cleveland St., bought in 1979, 1985 assessed value: $915,800.


Message ID: 44abfb31$0$21307$


Monday, August 18,1986

Clearwater Sun

Scientologists settle 4 lawsuits out of court

TAMPA - The Church of Scientology has reached out-of-court settlements in four multimillion-dollar lawsuits but U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich has sealed the records in all cases.

The settlements were reached in cases involving former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares and his wife Maggie; Tanja C. Burden of Las Vegas; former Scientologists Nancy and John McLean of Ontario, Canada; and former Scientologist Margery Wakefield, whose address was unavailable. Tampa attorney Walt Logan, who represented the plaintiffs in all four cases, said the files were sealed "over our objections."

The Cazareses sued the church for $1.5 million, alleging that the Scientologists invaded their privacy and maliciously prosecuted them with a frivolous lawsuit.


Message ID: 44ac0c36$0$21315$


September 26 1986


Files on sect lawyer ruled public

From Sun reports

TALLAHASSEE - Documents charging a lawyer for the Church of Scientology with infiltrating Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney James Russell's office and the Florida Bar should remain public, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The court rejected two motions by the church to seal files in a disbarment case against attorney Merrell G. Vannier of Santa Monica, Calif.

Justices heard arguments earlier this1 Week in the disbarment case but had not ruled as of Thursday.

On the recommendation of a Bar hearing officer, Circuit Judge Morton Hanlon of Hillsborough County, the Florida Bar wants the justices to ban Vannier from practicing law in Florida.

Hanlom filed briefs with the court Baying that in the midto late 1970s, Vannier systematically infiltrated Russell's office, the Bar, former Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares' election campaign and the law firm which Cazares had hired to file a defamation suit against the church.


Message ID: 44ac0f40$0$21304$

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