Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 32 - August 12 2006

Super Power Bldg Delays Clearwater Progress

On August 6, 2006 "Banchukita" posted:

[Tampa Bay Business Journal mentions Super Power Building]

I saw a Bay News 9 feature a few moments ago that discusses stories in the Tampa Bay Business Journal. This time, there was a bit about the Super Power building.

Now they're saying it will be 2008 before it's finished, and as Scn, inc. is the largest property holder downtown Clearwater, this has impacted other proposed developments that intended to capitalize on the promised increased activity from Scientologists coming to Mecca for services.

Scientology was described on air as 'secretive' and it was also mentioned that the 'headquarters' would be moved when the building was complete, freeing up properties currently under other use for other proposed developments.

Not sure if TBBJ has the story online.

-maggie, human being


"Simkatu" wrote:

They have it available online partially. The full article is only available to paid subscribers:

Scientology postponement creates trickle-down effect Tampa Bay Business Journal - August 4, 2006
by Jane Meinhardt
Staff Writer

CLEARWATER -- The Church of Scientology now expects to complete its giant worldwide spiritual headquarters downtown in March 2008, and that will delay a planned $175 million signature development.

Commercial Realtor and developer Lee Arnold has been waiting in the wings since 2001 to begin his mixed-use project downtown.


"Sea Otter" wrote:

"The Super Power program will be ready to go the moment the new building is completed, he said. Scientology officials promise that will be 2007."

Sea Otter
Xenu Beach, FL

"Calling Scientology a religion is a lot like calling Dunkin'
Donuts a restaurant."


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

A few months ago, a bunch of construction trailers appeared, along with equipment and workers. That lasted for about 3 weeks, and then almost overnight all the trailers and workers disappeared, I suppose they found out they wouldn't get paid and left like the first group did.

Last month, another construction company showed up, worked for about 2 weeks on the new parking garage, and now they are all gone and weeds growing on that site as well. Also, you may or may not have heard this yet, the City of Clearwater has found them in violation of the building permit conditions on the main edifice complex. They have been given a certain time period to either have it completed or start getting a daily fine for non-completion.

Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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Clearwater Renovation PR Misdirection

On August 6, 2006 the St. Petersburg Times reported about expansion of buildings in Clearwater Florida:

Plans for Expansion

Scientology's leaders move forward on plans to renovate 107 apartments for incoming staff.
By ROBERT FARLEY, Times Staff Writer
Published August 6, 2006

CLEARWATER -- The Church of Scientology is moving forward with top-to-bottom renovations of the Sherwood Gardens apartments on the west side of Keene Road to provide housing for hundreds of staffers the church plans to add to its Clearwater work force.

The church bought the 107-unit complex in 1999 for $4-million, anticipating the need for future staff housing. It continued to rent many of the apartments until the last couple of years, when tenants were notified leases would not be renewed. The final tenant moved out this year.

Now, the apartments are being readied for the additional staffers the church will bring in when its massive building downtown is completed, said spokesman Ben Shaw.

Construction on the Flag Building, also called the Super Power Building, has stalled for years, but Shaw announced in April that it will be finished and open by the end of 2007.


At Sherwood Gardens, the church put new roofs on all seven buildings this year, but much work remains. The buildings need asbestos removed and electrical work. The church also plans major renovation to the interior, exterior and pool.


"Quaoar" wrote:

This is misdirection; there is no way that the kult is going to have the staff (s.o.) to fill this. I think they are really going to fix it up for sale.


"Roger Gonnet" posted:

it says that the cult has 444 units for 1400 staffs. So, they mst be something like three per room avergae. Since couples are at two per room, that the Sherwood is not oocupied because it's renovate, most rooms have probably ca 5 persons but couples rooms.

"About 1,400 Sea Org members live in these church-owned facilities:

- Hacienda Gardens, west of Keene Road, north of Drew Street. 187 units.

- The Mariner motel on Cleveland Street, downtown. 47 units.

- The former Quality Inn on U.S. 19 south of Belleair Road. 103 units.

Being renovated

- Sherwood Gardens, north of Hacienda Gardens on Keene Road. 107 units"


"Kim Palmer" wrote:

Wow - the Estates Project Force - are they handling blue asbestos? Without proper equipment - i.e. respirators and full body suits? This is just cruel - those little masks will do nothing to protect from blue asbestos fibres. Asbestos removal is not like removing ordinary insulation - it requires a very specific set of rules and regulations for the safe removal and disposal. Apparently scientology does not care about the inherent danger blue asbestos poses to its people. Maybe DM is not asthmatic but is suffering from blue asbestos exposure. This is disgusting.

3. What are the health hazards of exposure to asbestos?

Exposure to asbestos may increase the risk of several serious diseases

Asbestosis is a chronic lung ailment that can produce shortness of breath and permanent lung damage and increase the risk of dangerous lung infections; Lung cancer; Mesothelomia is a rare cancer of the thin membranes that line the chest and abdomen; and

Other cancers, such as those of the larynx and of the gastrointestinal tract.

6. How does smoking affect risk?

Many studies have shown that the combination of smoking and asbestos exposure is particularly hazardous. Cigarette smokers, on the average, are 10 times as likely to develop lung cancer as are nonsmokers. For nonsmokers who work with asbestos, the risk is about five times greater than for those in the general population. By contrast, smokers who also are heavily exposed to asbestos are as much as 90 times more likely to develop lung cancer than are non-exposed individuals who do not smoke.

Asbestos removal must only be carried out by licensed contractor

"Ray" posted:

The Church of Scientology don't care about the safety of his members, they are totally irresponsible. It is beyond me to understand how the authorities that are made aware of these criminal activities don't act (see below, criminal because they do it with full knowledge of the serious harm to the members' health). The CoS managment may actually find it convenient to have a bunch of potential future critics (current members) develop lung cancer and die prematurely... They won't come asking for refund or recount stories of crimes and abuses this way...

Affidavit of Lawrence Woodcraft (24 January 2001, 2nd):

11. No one on the ship knew anything about asbestos, nor did they care. I thought to myself, the Church has been tricked into buying a cruise ship for $11 million that is a total liability, that is so full of lethal asbestos, the only option is to sink it in deep water. If asbestos remains permanently wet it is not dangerous, it is dangerous when dried out and flaking, releasing fibers in the air that are then breathed in. To me this seemed a daunting, enormous problem. How could the church possibly bring their public parishioners to this ship and expose them to such a hazardous substance. I thought that the legal liability alone would terrify them (As a new Sea Org. member I didn't know at this time the scientologists cannot sue the Church). Around this time Bitty Miscavige visited the ship. She was the Church executive with overall responsibility for the ship project. I went to her and took copies of the ships blueprints and showed her the full extent of asbestos on the ship. At first she was calm, but as I further explained the dangers, she begun to realize that it was a problem. We had a meeting to discuss the problem of asbestos. Steve Kisacky stated that L. Ron Hubbard doesn't state in policy that asbestos is dangerous; he only states that fiberglass is dangerous and therefore we are only removing the fiberglass. In fact, the dock next to the Freewinds was piled high with fiberglass that had been removed by Sea Org members. It was explained to me that the ship was being remodeled only according to the written policies and "advices" of L. Ron Hubbard. Since Hubbard had been in the US Navy and had then founded the Sea Org and had run a fleet of ships, he knew everything about ships. If asbestos was dangerous, he would have written this somewhere. Also Hubbard knew everything about cancer. He had written that cancer was caused by the mind and specifically second dynamic aberration (problems with relationships). I was told that people only get sick if they go into "agreement" with being sick. As the ship was going to be filled with "operating thetans" doing the highest level in Scientology (OT 8) nothing was going to make them sick. I was being a "wog" (non-scientologist) worrying about a little thing like asbestos.


Affidavit of Michael Leonard Tilse (19 April 2003):

It has been reported that the "Freewinds" ship, on which I spent 10 days doing Church activities, is contaminated with asbestos and thus I could have been exposed. It is conceivable that I may have a cause of action against the Church should I develop illness as a consequence.

In 1977 while working as staff for the Church on renovations of the Church "Complex" which had been the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, I was exposed to large amounts of asbestos containing dust from the sanding of asbestos content drywall "mud" that was being used in those renovations. I was also involved with removing piping and pipe insulation from the hospital laundry room as part of the renovations and was likely exposed to asbestos from the pipe insulation dust there and in the boiler room and from other renovation debris.

I was exposed to large quantities of dust at the Hollywood Guarantee Building when I participated in the demolition of the interior structures during it's renovation while doing a Church required "amends" project. Since this was an old building, it is likely this dust was contaminated with everything from lead paint to asbestos.


"Len" wrote:

Sounds like someone should 'drop-a-dime' on the EPA and OSHA about this.

Because of the risk to those in the area, but not directly involved in the removal, both take asbestos removal being done properly VERY seriously.

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Las Vegas Sheriff Candidate Tied to Scientology

On August 8, 2006 News 3 Las Vegas reported:

Is it a campaign conspiracy, or is Jerry Airola as untrustworthy as his opponents in the sheriff race claim?The millionaire chopper pilot has hit some severe turbulence in recent days, including criticism from newspaper investigations and now a website called "Swift Chopper Pilots For Truth." It calls Airola "a liar, a thief, and a Scientologist."

Fourteen people are running for sheriff, but one man seems to be getting most of the attention. With giant signs, TV commercials and banners pulled by aircraft, Airola has paid for a huge amount of campaign publicity, but lately, his critics are ganging up and now the negative publicity may be taking a toll.

With just one week of campaigning left until election day, it has become a real shootout for sheriff, and no one is taking more hits than Airola. Airola says he's now the target of people who are running scared.

"You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out what's happening," he said.

The local Police Union has endorsed Doug Gillespie for Sheriff and has planned a news conference to highlight what they call misrepresentations made by Airola, including his many assertions about having an extensive police background.

Review-Journal Columnist John L. Smith says Airola has brought the attacks on himself and his opponents are orchestrating an all-out blitz in the final days of the campaign.

"His opponents are absolutley orchestrating it - that's politics," said Smith.

Airola's campaign commercials show him in one of the helicopters he owns, but 25 of his flight school students have filed lawsuits against him. As for the Scientology issue, Airola admits to being involved with one of Scientology's front groups that teaches business strategies, but says he has never been a member of the church.

Because there are so many candidates running for sheriff, it has been hard for pollsters to figure out who really has the advantage right now.

The top two finishers in the primary will move on to the general election in November. In the coming weeks we'll likely be seeing a lot more flyers and television ads for all the candidates.


"Warrior" posted:

He definitely was working at a Scientologist-owned company, Northland Environmental. This company was run by Rick Henley, a Scientologist. Rick did his OEC Volume III Internship under me at ASHO Day. And in the early 80s I worked there in their Finance Division.


"Feisty" posted:

And Henley got a permit for 'medical' sauna therapy in Bernalillo County in 2001.

[long link]

[long link]

$cn New Mexico "Medical" Sauna Therapy Denied 2001

[long link]

Correction: New Mexico "Medical Sauna" Approved (2001)

Sheriffs must be beneficial to $cientology for numerous reasons. Cya, Narconon, etc

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Member Leaves, Citing Lies

On August 8, 2006 "Cloudyday" posted:

[Rinder you lied on the TV!]

I just watched the MSNBC interview on the Rolling Stone article by Janet Reitman.

[video discussing article]

When asked about disconnection Mike Rinder said that people's stories about it were all made up. That it didn't happen. He said that there was nothing to be scared about or to fear in scientology. That this was being said because people did not understand.

I've just come out of scientology after 20 long and hard years in it. I UNDERSTAND! I can TELL you that Rinder is lying. I personally know people who have had disconnection used on them. This is the irrefutable truth. Disconnection is used all the time!

I live with the dread that I'm going to be disconnected from people that I have known for years. When they find out I don't wish to carry on in scientology they will disconnect from me (hence I'm not telling my story yet until I have a few of these details sorted out in my life).

Rinder said that people can be involved in scientology without donating any money.

A lie! The scientology I was involved with was based around money. People get pounded & pounded to hand over money and more money. You cannot be truly involved in scientology without handing over money. Liar!

He said that people get into scientology because they find something which helps them deal with life's upsets.

Oh my God! Scientology creates more upsets than it ever resolves. It is a just a series of upsets and more upsets which require more money to be handed over to "resolve".

Rinder LIED!

N.B. I write this asserting my human rights under Articles 18 & 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


"Maggie" posted:

Welcome, Cloudyday.

Sounds like you've got a firm hand on the light switch; I think you'll do fine.

I appreciate that you have some things to sort out before you want to tell your story. I was never a member; the stories, comments and viewpoints posted by ex-Scns are very valuable to help me and others understand. The depth of conditioning is stunning.

I hope you're comforted by knowing you're not alone. Even ten or fifteen years ago, it would have been much more difficult to find and relate to others who've been through it. As it is now, you have most of the world in your corner. Heal well.


"Cloudyday" posted:

Thank you so much banchukita. Your kind words are very valuable to me.

Being in scientology is very isolating. You see the whole world differently from everyone else. You are like some programed automaton but never know this. Then for whatever reason the lights come on in the twilight theatre and the light is blinding at first.

I really hope that in the months to come I can offer some information which will increase the understanding of people like yourself and people who have been affected by this cult. This really matters to me. I so want to speak out right now and feel very frustrated that I can't because I potentially stand to lose someone I dearly love.

I have no loyalty to the cult but I do have loyalty to family.

I so agree with you on how hard it would have been to do this 10/15 years ago. I hold so much admiration for those "pioneers" that spoke up before the internet days. That must have been hell.

You're also right about "most the world in your corner". When I started reading the internet info, I was completely bowled over by the volume and excellent collections available. I had a few serious earth-shattering revelations. It was a deeply life-changing experience to look at documents that countered everything I had believed all those years. Though I had access to the internet for the last few years I was still mentally-controlled by the cult & I was too full of fear to look. It never occurred to me that there might be something useful on the net. I know that must sound totally stupid (I'm shaking my head so feel free to do the same) but it just never entered my head to look on the net because I thought the net was full of people seething with transgressions against scientology. I had been so indoctrinated that people that put stuff on the net about scientology were all either evil, mad or both.

My leaving the cult has been a gradual thing. It has taken about 2 years to get to the point where I am ready to fully cut the cord mentally. I am by nature, a very curious person which I suppose is my saving grace. Curiosity got me involved in the cult and ironically it got me out. And I seem to have this instinctive "nose" for smelling proverbial rats. Several years ago I starting smelling rats (frankly the place reeked!!) and though I was seriously dumbed-down by the cult, I couldn't ignore the funny smell. Too many things just did not make sense.

So here I am - out of scientology and writing on a message board. No one that knows me would ever have thought this would happen. But there you go! The devoted & dedicated scientologists are leaving due to the stench!


"Chuck Beatty" wrote:

Cloudyday and Maggie,

I second all the thank yous that thousands of ex Scientology participants I am sure would like to extend to the people on ARS and Clambake and to the writers and media who have spoken up in books and media about Scientology's and Hubbard's relevant downsides.

The internet is really an historical communication developement , and how it defuses the Scientology movement will be interesting to watch and participate in this live long range battle of images and ideas (Scientology's Office of Special Affairs smearing tactics based on L. Ron Hubbard's writings that Office of Special Affairs is obligated still to enforce, versus the minds and the sharing of the world's wiser sets of ideas shared by the people posting live here on ARS and on other forums, people who are willing to stick their necks out a little and embroil themselves a bit in the battle of ideas countering the Scientology movement's (Hubbard's) downside ideas)..

Maggie you are one of the best most thoughtful helpful posters on ARS! Thankyou Maggie!

This whole thread to me is the incredible upside to ARS!

Thanks to all who contribute to this community of free thought.


Mike Rinder has apparantly been beaten to the ground numerous times by David Miscavige, I've read and personally heard of these beatings from ex top ranking people who saw it. Mike while he is acting as spokesperson won't be able to admit these beatings.

The top ranked execs of the church are in excruciating predicaments, forced to live unbelievable levels of denial.

Another senior exec, Marty Rathbun, has been out of the movement for 3 years, and he likely blew from the ridiculous pressures and predicaments there.

Every 5 or 10 years another major top ranked ex exec comes out and speaks out.

We are due for some top ranked execs doing that now.

Were Mike to come out and speak up about the pressures and predicaments he's living and has lived, it would have an immense positive effect. Or Marty Rathbun, or Pat Broeker.

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Scientology in Wichita, Kansas

On August 5, 2006 "Simkatu" posted:

During a recent business trip to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Wichita, KS, I was able to make a few trips down to the Scientology mission there that was started up with the help of Kirstie Alley (who is from WIchita). The mission is located at 3705 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS Phone number: (316) 682-8080

Click here for the location and aerial view from Google Groups:

I flew to Wichita in the new ARSCC airplane, paid for with generous contributions by Eli Lilly, SEGNMPSS, and a very wealthy contributor that wishes to remain nameless. I spent a week in a lovely suite at the downtown Hyatt in WIchita, stuffing my belly with crab legs and caviar. (TWAJS)

vehicle counts

On Sunday, July 30, 2006, at 6pm. The mission was completely abandoned. Not a single car in sight in the parking lots. A few lights were on in the building, but no movement was observed.

On Monday, July 31, 2006, at 7pm. The mission was nearly empty: 3 cars in the lot.

On Tues, Aug 1, 2006 at 5:45 pm. The mission was nearly empty: 4 cars in the lot.

On Wed, Aug 2, 2006 at 6:30pm. The mission was nearly empty: 2 cars in the lot

So, assuming that one of the vehicles at least belonged to the mission holder, we have an average nightly attendence at the mission as 1.5 people. And of course its possible that all the cars belonged to staff, meaning they might have zero public at their mission.


You can see pictures of the Wichita mission by visiting my Flickr page at:

I photographed the front and back of the building and the empty and nearly empty parking lots. L. Ron Hubbard developed many of the ideas of Dianetics while in Wichita, and the CoS has made note of this with roadside plaques and other advertisements which I also photographed.


I'm guessing that this mission only stays in business because it receives generous donations from its main benefactor, Kirstie Alley, a former Wichita, KS resident.

What day and time would be the busiest for a Scientology mission, typically? Is it possible that they have clients during the day?


"Zeeorger" wrote:

Great pictures !

The missions are usually busiest between 6:30 and 7:30 on weekdays (eveing courses start at 7pm). On the weekends they are busiest between 6-7pm (end of afternoon classes). Friday nights (10pm) is the best time of the week, that's graduation night.


"David Touretzky" wrote:

Is this site also the location of "Lily's Learning Center", the Scientology tutoring facility Kirstie named after her daughter?

It would be interesting to know how the Wichita mission attracts raw meat. I doubt the "Now Hiring" sign is very effective.

Do they run ads in the local alternative newspaper for free Dianetics seminars? Are they in the shopping malls flogging stress tests? Maybe they don't get any raw meat, since the parking lot is virtually empty. But then, what do they do all day?

No wonder Kirstie Alley hates the Internet.


"Simkatu" wrote:

Close. It's "Lillie's Learning Place".

Ah....yes. I reported on this building next door to the Scientology mission. The mission is located at 3705 E. Douglas, but their parking lot extends from the back of the house and takes up the corner lot of 37th and Oakland. Next door to lot at 3416 Oakland St is "Lillie's Learning Place". For some reason when I saw it, I didn't immediately connect it with Scientology or Kirstie Alley. I just thought that a day care center opened up next door to the mission, but I did notice a walk-way from the house to parking lot of the mission, so when I got back home I looked up the owner of the building on Oakland and discovered that it too was owned by the CoS. It is a rather old and decrepit two story house that appraised for $111,000. I didn't take any pictures of the place, because I didn't start thinking it was related to Scientology until much later.

But you are indeed correct, the sign on the door did say Lillie's Learning Center and they had a number of rug rats there that they were taking care of. I wonder if they put them through Sec-Checks?


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Inside the Cult of NeoPets

On August 6, 2006 "Android Cat" posted:

(Previously posted to ARS back in December by Tigger, but it's a good read and a couple comments have been added since.)

December 8, 2005
Inside the Cult of NeoPets

A Kotaku reader and former NeoPets artist writes to tell us what it was like working for NeoPets. He said that while none of the Scientology psychosis leaked over onto the site, there was plenty of it behind the screen.

From the lengthy letter:

"Adam and Donna are nice people, in and of themselves. The negative aspects of NeoPets, all came from the side of Scientology-Oriented business structure/psyche. From the very get-go, any employee who applies for a job, will be faced with a couple of personality screening tests. I shit you not, I had a more comfortable time with my SAT's in high school! A lot of people make fun of Scientologists in an ignorant sort of way; they don't really know what goes on behind the curtains, but I assure you, it's not pretty. In hindsight, it's a little ironic that many of the execs are part of the cult, and many fledglings didn;t seem to get promoted to that level without first converting (this was the case while I was there). A mere observation, more than anything else. Unfortunately, many businesses that visit/partner up with these guys will look at the architecture of this successful business, and will be inclined to adopt it for themselves. It is for this reason alone that I want to see NeoPets fail."

The NeoPets mole (is that one of their characters?) goes on to say that most artists last about six months and that when he was there typical pay was about $12 an hour.

Despite all the internal brain-washing, bad karma and general higgly feeling he got from working there, our reader was happy he got the experience and said it helped him land a much better job when he left.

READ MORE: gossip, neo pets, scientology

Wow, had no idea about this, and neither did the gaming media. ...You can bet they will now, and you'll see mocking in the NeoPets game reviews. :)

by Ravidrath on 12/08/05 11:31 AM

You know, I've heard of it to some degree (mostly a troll on the Neopets-related forum I administrate trying to spread his gospel that Neopets is the devil because of its scientology ties.) However this is far more disturbing than what they went into.

by Rune on 12/08/05 12:30 PM

For anyone who doesn't know Scientology is a cult. They beleive that a sci-fi story about an alien lord named Xenu, volcanos, hydrogen bombs and "thetans" is the true history of the world. No joke. For more enlightenment do some googling, or watch the frighteningly accurate recent South Park episode. Also, if you ever go to NYC and you see people in the subway giving out free "stress tests", those are scientologists. They are a dangerous cult that wants to take away all your money and make you beleive in aliens and other batshit. Stay far away from them. This is totally serious, not joking at all.

by Apreche on 12/08/05 12:51 PM

This is getting better and better!

by Torokun on 12/08/05 01:58 PM

Someone needs to photoshop Tom Cruise as a Neopet :)

by Kokichi on 12/08/05 07:48 PM

I don't know, I like them. Hours of entertainment. I really enjoy reading about them. It's especially fun to go and do some fact checking, just to find out they really believe that crap.

by Be0wulf on 12/09/05 05:17 PM

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Cult Advertises Comissions for Selling

On August 6, 2006 "Android Cat" posted:

I was thinking about celebrity members and how they are discouraged from joining the Sea Org; the ones with the right "attitude" are given honorary Sea status (and rank, I presume).


"A celebrity SO member is a Field Staff Member and as an FSM may have a Lounge set aside for them in Celebrity Centre especially for the use of disseminating to people; they may not be given offices or Office space; these Celebrities operate on the commissions they make as an FSM they are naturally not on any SO allowance nor do they live in Sea Org premises."

So, is this FSM status just for celebrity SOs to get their 15% commission or do all Sea Org members get it as part of their billion year servitude? (If so, a cite of the policy order would be very nice.)


Figures and examples direct from the horse's .. mouth.

First the FSM Commission:

Here is an example: You send your preclear into a nearby org, and she buys an Academy Training package for $8,000. You receive a 15% commission on those services, which is payable when she arrives at the Org to do them, ($1,200.00).

If you were to send 20 preclears a year into the org for similar packages, you would have $24,000 in income just from selecting your public to train.

Then the auditing income:

You can make a very good living with as few as 3 paying preclears a week - though you will soon have many more. Just look at the chart below.

You audit two preclears for the IAS rate of $3,200* for a 12 1/2 hour intensive. You pay 10% to IHELP, which gives you 90%. That's $5,760 income for 1 week.

You audit three preclears for the IAS rate of $3,200* for a 12 1/2 hour intensive. You pay 10% to IHELP, which gives you 90%. That's $8,640 income for 1 week.

So, assuming a 45 week working year (with seven weeks vacation), CoS says that you can easily make (45x$8,640)+($24,000) or $412,800/year. (Probably tax free for all those _One Week_ reverends.)

I guess you really can buy your way up the Bridge by selling other people's souls. Of course, all MLM pyramid scams _sound_ good at the start.


"Ida Camburn" wrote:

I read at one time that Greta at Fox News hires all staff members who are FSMs
Perhaps someone else knows more about this. She is an avid $cientologist as is her lawyer husband Jon Coale


"Tory Christman" wrote:

No, Hubbard wrote that for Celebrities, and it wasn't really for the $$$, but more designed for the PR. Of course, their "Programs" are immediately created--the bigger they get---and they're expected to Bring people into the fold, or "Handle" what Hubbard called, "Opinion Leaders".....helping get them to like Scientology, see how it's "Good", etc.

I was at Flag when whomever handled little Tommy Cruise, and it went from "Don't mention TC is a Scientologist. He doesn't want to go public, and we have to respect that" a Full Blown Event where TC announced HE was now trained, and IF he can, anyone can. (Yeah, right, pitch over the $$$, pal :)

No, all Sea org are not FSM's. FSM stands for Field Staff Member...someone not on staff, who shall help get people in and up the Bridge. Sea Org are Sea Org. Hubbard came up with the "honorary Sea Org" to help rope in the Celebrities more, making them more committed, and SO happy to have that Honor gasp!

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Vote for OC Anniversary CD Cover

On August 7, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted a link to Operation Clambake highlighting the Anniversary CD Covers, for opinions or votes:

[post opinion or votes on alt.religion.scientology or OCMB]

Here are the top 9 nominations:

Any votes?


Andreas added:

[Waiting for the Operation Clambake anniversary]

This guy is ready:

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Scientology-Related Media

"Ray" posted a link to leaflets that Germany is circulating:

Thumbs up to Germany, where Scientology is correctly characterized as a threat to democracy:

Message ID:


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted a link to the webbed news story of Plant City, Florida appearing in the Tampa Tribune on July 9, 2006:

This is inside two page center spread of the Sunday Tampa tribune followup to the Front Page Story
Church's Mission To Expand Puts Residents On Edge

The Tampa Tribune




On August 9, 2006 "girvin" (Shawn Lonsdale) posted a link to his film produced in Clearwater, Florida:

["CULT WATCH" Cleared to air!]

The lawyer says all ok to air.....last spot this week is tonight at 12:30. All you locals tune in if you Bright House or 21 Time Warner.


[ ]

Thanks for the support and watch these posts for more episodes...a whole series is in the works! featured on google video. Header is "cult watch"...also our site

has a better download connection now....


"Simkatu" wrote:

Great! We can finally watch the whole thing!

The full video link is:

Thanks for the time and hard work you put into this!

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On August 9, 2006 "Carl Sagan" posted:

Here is a website exploring the link between Crowley's "Amalantrah Working" and Jack Parson's and L. Ron Hubbard's "Babylon Working" . Lam was Crowley's "Guru." Interesting stuff, and pretty far out.

Here is the link for you guys, enjoy!

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"Girvin" posted:

A rare opportunity...lights left on tonight provide a view into the madness that is THE SUPER POWER PROJECT!

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