Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 33 - August 19 2006

Florida Senate Race and Scientology

On August 15, 2006 the St. Petersburg Times reported:

Senate candidates take battle to phones
By CURTIS KRUEGER, Times Staff Writer
Published August 15, 2006

Republican state Senate candidates Kim Berfield and Frank Farkas have begun a phone war, with both candidates being criticized in automated phone messages that have gone out to potential voters in the state Senate District 16 race.

Farkas' campaign this weekend sent out automated phone messages saying that Berfield is being backed by the insurance industry and Scientologists.

Meanwhile, a doctor-backed group, People for a Better Florida, sent out automated phone messages saying "Frankly, it's an outrage - a foreign trip with gambling lobbyists paid for by the casino industry." The message also said, "If you see Frank Farkas, ask him why he abused the people's trust."

Farkas refused to explain the Scientology comments on Monday, but said he would elaborate in a mailing that goes to voters Wednesday.

However, the issue came up at a candidate forum Monday night, and Berfield lashed out at such "desperate acts," which she said were "outrageous fabrications."

In response to a question at the forum sponsored by the Tampa Republican Women Federated club, Berfield said she had modeled fashions at an event at the Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa that Scientologists had some part in organizing. After the forum she said the event raised money for the Boys & Girls Clubs, and said that by raising the issue, "he's not hurting me, he's hurting the Boys & Girls Clubs." She said a member of her Rotary club asked her to participate.

Told of the phone messages by a reporter, Ben Shaw, a spokesman for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, said "I think it's totally outrageous and inappropriate."

The anti-Farkas phone messages mentioning a foreign trip were referring to a trip to Toronto that Farkas took this year with three fellow legislators, financed by a gambling company.

A Senate investigation eventually concluded the four legislators broke no laws in accepting the trip. Nonetheless, the People for a Better Florida group sent mailings to voters Monday saying "a Senate investigation caught him red handed ... frankly speaking, his moral compass is broken."

Berfield said she had not seen the mailing or heard the phone message, but Farkas said that's not good enough. "She can hide behind the umbrella," of outside groups like the doctors' organization, Farkas said. But he said he is being more up-front. "My phone message was my phone message."

Berfield said if a mailing was sent on her behalf by a third-party group that contained false information, "I would be willing to stand up and say something's wrong."


On August 19, 2006 the St. Petersburg Times reported:

Scientology: an election issue?

In 2 campaigns, voters hear hints of connections to the church.
Published August 19, 2006

Times Scientology coverage

In a campaign season dominated by worries over insurance and property taxes, an unlikely issue has surfaced in two Tampa Bay legislative races: the Church of Scientology.

In the Pinellas-Hillsborough District 16 state Senate race, Republican Frank Farkas is mailing a flier that says the "controversial Church of Scientology" considers his opponent, Kim Berfield, "a key ally."

In a state House race centered in Clearwater, Scientology's spiritual headquarters, Republican candidate Ed Hooper said someone suggested in phone calls to voters that he is supported by Scientologists. His Republican opponent, Nancy Riley, denies any involvement.

Farkas said he is not criticizing the church but revealing that a political committee with ties to Scientologists might spend big on Berfield's behalf.

The mailing lists several interest groups - Farkas calls them shadow groups - he says are supporting Berfield, including the insurance and medical industries. It also cites a group called Florida Citizens for Social Reform, whose advisory board he says is comprised of key Scientology leaders and is helping to fund Berfield's campaign.

The mailing states:

"Key leaders in the controversial Church of Scientology make up the advisory board of this group which also helps directly fund Ms. Berfield's campaign. Ms. Berfield has a history of visiting and participating in church events and fundraisers, often praising their efforts, so expect them to return her many favors. They are counting on her as a key ally in their current ambitious expansion plans across Tampa Bay."

Ed Armstrong, a Berfield supporter who also is an attorney for the church, said Farkas "obviously thinks it will put Kim in a negative light and I think he's desperate. ... I don't think it will be effective."

Berfield said Farkas' comments amount to "an outrageous fabrication, and I think it is a way for a desperate politician to try and gloss over his own problems."

The focus on Scientology comes as more and more political leaders are interacting with the Church of Scientology and its members.

Scientology has been a hot-button issue in Clearwater since late 1975 when the church arrived covertly and purchased a city landmark, the Fort Harrison Hotel. Two years later, church documents seized by the FBI revealed plans to "take control" of Clearwater and discredit its "enemies" - political leaders, local police, newspaper editors and reporters.

Strained relations between Scientology and the community began to thaw in recent years. A watershed moment occurred in 2002 at the church's 75th anniversary party at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. The guest list was a virtual who's who of local political, civic and business leaders. Since then, politicians have grown comfortable attending church events and taking Scientologists' political donations.

And in May Gov. Jeb Bush apologized for calling Scientology "some weird little group."

Farkas said in an interview that he wanted to raise the question of "why leaders in the church are working and supporting Ms. Berfield's campaign and why Ms. Berfield is supporting Scientology."

He bases the question on these assertions:

Berfield appeared in a fashion show organized by Scientologists. Part of the money from the show went to Scientology's Winter Wonderland, a downtown Clearwater Christmas event.

Berfield said she was asked to participate as board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs, which also benefited from the event, and she'd do it again.

"It's a tragedy that someone who proclaims to be such a family-oriented man would intentionally harm a children's organization like the Boys & Girls Clubs ... in hopes of harming me."

That some Berfield supporters are closely affiliated with Florida Citizens for Social Reform, a nonprofit group formed by local Scientologists that promotes drug treatment and education programs based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The group's advisory board members include Nancy Watkins, who also is Berfield's campaign treasurer; Akshay Desai, who once paid for Berfield to attend a presidential fundraiser in Washington, D.C.; and Armstrong.

He believes the Social Reform group, which gave Berfield $250, plans to spend big on Berfield's behalf. Joanie Sigal, the group's chairwoman, denied that. "He's got this whole thing made up in his mind and we just kind of look at it and go what?"

That Berfield has made supportive statements about Scientology, including this in Scientology's Freedom magazine: "As long as we continue to work together with the focus and goal to make our community stronger and a better place where more people will want to come and visit, we can only grow from there."

Farkas also sent an automated phone message about Berfield's support from insurance interests and Scientologists, which prompted a strong reaction from Scientologists. "It's outrageous someone would say that," church spokesman Ben Shaw said. "He is obviously trying to play to people's prejudices."

In the Ed Hooper-Nancy Riley Republican primary in House District 50, Hooper says several voters got phone calls from a purported pollster asking if they knew Scientologists supported Hooper and that he might support Scientology legislation.

"It was a real hammer job," said voter Jim Stevens of Safety Harbor.

"I resent the fact that people think it's being done by me," Riley said. "I can win without doing that."

She stopped short of condemning the calls.

While some debate the relevance of religion in a political race, some say the tactic could prove effective.

Someone viewed as cozy with Scientologists is likely to be viewed skeptically by a voter who considers Scientology a cult, said Darryl Paulson, a University of South Florida government professor.

"It was designed to be a wedge issue, and I suspect it will probably work with a certain audience," said Scott Paine, an associate professor of communication and government at the University of Tampa.

Armstrong and former campaign consultant Mary Repper, both of whom do work for the Church of Scientology, are convinced Farkas has miscalculated.

While such a tactic might have gotten traction in years past, Armstrong believes the relationship between the community and Scientology has improved.

"Frankly, I think he overplayed his hand," Repper said.

Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard said some voters are swayed by perceptions that a candidate is friendly to Scientologists. On the other hand, there are a lot of Scientologists, and they vote.

Which camp is bigger?

"I'm sure everyone would like to know that," Hibbard said.

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11 Years Ago - Scientology Raids Arnaldo Lerma's House

[ Another Scientology WHOPPER - Who actually 'raided' arnie lerma's home 11 years ago today??]

On August 12, 2006 Arnaldo Lerma posted:

Version with images HERE

Scientology on their own websites states that I was raided by US federal Marshals

The way it is stated, is as if to imply I was some sort of bad guy..

I mean.. raided by US Federal Marshals!!! Sounds like WACO... and I'm David Koresch...

And Im not sure what YOU would look like on camera at 9:30 saturday morning if youw ernt expecting guests... but I sure was NOT expecting house guests..scientology's elite SS storm troopers from RTC..with a court order.

Well... today, August 12th, is the anniversary of that Saturday Morning "raid", that started RTC vs Lerma and ten years after ended up with South Park getting an EMMY nomination for playing the story of XENU...which was in the materials I was being sued for posting. LINK

Their claim is like their calling the US vs Mary Sue Hubbard criminal case - which consisted of conspiracy, breaking in to US Asst Attorney General offices..and jail time served... LINK as

"we were caught stealing copy paper"

despite thier claims that I was 'raided by the Feds" the Fed sat on the couch while the raid and search was conducted by Scientologists.

Another stood in the dining room... arms crossed, touching nothing, the Feds dod not raid or search my home, this is what "stealing copy paper.." was to US vs MSH

I was raided by Religious technology Corporation's employees and lawyers, I had Scientologist Attorney Earle C Cooley sitting on my couch wearing his $600 suit, (but he scampered out the door when he heard me ask my lawyer freind to bring their video cams, and realizing that things wern't going as well as they intended (bowling me over)

BELOW: that's me , calling for help! while the US marshal was on my couch and the clams were ransacking my house..

OSA Scientologist Susan Taylor, bringing boxes to cart away my stuff

President of RTC Scientologist Warren McShane,

(thats me on left, disheveled, I wasnt expecting company at 9AM on Saturday morning...they wouldnt wait while I took a shower, shaved amnd put on a suit - the the office from back to fron is Warren McShane President of RTC, Scientology camera guy, Non Scientology computer geek, and Scientologist computer geek Jim Settle they also LIED that he was an independent outside expert) ,

Below: Heres another screen capture of Warren McShane 60 seconds before he entered my bedroom to search there...

Below:Warren McShane leaving my nedroom

Below: Here is Warren McShane (among others) searching my Computer room

Below: A Scientologist photographer, using big old style FLASG BULBS for overwhelming EFX

Here are three scientologists searching my basement, including alan cartwright, and helena kobrin

Below: Anyone know this guy?

Below: Warren McShane entering my bathroom
And that infamous picture of Helena Kobrin thats all over the net came from when she was in my basement

Washington Post Story frm August 19th about the raid HERE
And this is me now,"if it doesn't kill you it leaves you stronger" (used on the front page of the Tampa Tribune July 9th 2006 )

And Thank you to everyone who has helped expose the true Nazi character of L Ron Hubbard's Scientology and provided support over the years. Without all of your help I wouldn't be here today. What if EVERYTHING hubbard told you was ALL LIES?

So Scientology, Who raided, searched, and ransacked Ex-member Arnie Lerma's home today 11 years ago?

Care to answer? or will you keep on LYING to your members?


"Carl Sagan" wrote:

Someday the heroes will be remembered. You will be one of them. Fuck the Black PR. send the evil beams back. Or better yet, realize Voodoo/Spiritualism is wack. Write some books, do some video, grab donations, do the Great Work, as normal.

"Survive and Prosper" is the best revenge Arnie. Thank you, SO MUCH!

Arnie, you still beat LRH:


"Maggie" wrote:

Arnie, you know Warren McShane has vanished...wonder how many others of those who were responsible for this act of terrorism against you eleven years ago are still able to be found?

I will never forget that day, shocked and horrified, thinking how could this happen in my country! Thinking naively, this will sort out in a few weeks and this organization will learn that it cannot make up laws as it goes along; you can't confiscate someone's computer and go through their house over posting something under fair use!

Weeks turned into years; more than a decade. And my naivete turned into something else.

happy anniversary sounds wierd, Arnie, but I think you understand.

-maggie, human being

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Xenu is Still a Big Button

On August 18, 2006 "Andreas Heldal Lund" posted:

In my most recent letter from the cult lawyer (I think they like me) the word "xenu" is deliberately crossed out in the "" URL of the print screen image from their browser.

Here's how it looks:

I bet the lawyers are laughing out loud at their client. ;)

I can't stop thinking it is rather hilarious they haven't stopped doing this. Hello, earth calling cult, we KNOW!

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund


On August 20, Yahoo News UK & Ireland reported:

"Simpsons" beat "South Park" in early Emmy race
Sunday August 20, 07:36 AM

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -

"The Simpsons" claimed U.S. television's highest honour for a prime-time cartoon on Saturday as Emmy voters shied away from giving the prize to "South Park" for an episode lampooning Scientology and Tom Cruise.


But this year's animation award drew more attention than usual due to the furore surrounding a "South Park" parody of the Church of Scientology and Cruise, one of its most famous adherents, that was nominated opposite "The Simpsons."

A rerun of the "Trapped in the Closet" episode, originally telecast in November, was abruptly cancelled by the Comedy Central network in March after soul singer Isaac Hayes, also a Scientologist, quit his job on the show as the voice of the character Chef in protest.

"South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have said they believe the "Closet" repeat was pulled because Cruise threatened to boycott promotion of his own film "Mission: Impossible III," for Paramount Pictures, also a unit of network parent Viacom Inc.. Representatives for Cruise and Paramount denied having anything to do with killing the rerun.

Acknowledging the "South Park" flap in his acceptance speech on the stage, "Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean said, "This is what happens when you don't mock Scientology."

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Australia, Profit-Making Without Permission?

On August 16, 2006 "Alert" posted:

Public records available through FIO from Sydney City Council show that the church of scientology international have NEVER lodged a Development application, building expansion, building renovation application EVER. So if you've contributed any money to the Ideal Org Building Expansion Project for Sydney, youve been either putting towards melbournes new aquisition or most likely your dough his lining DM's fluffy pink slippers.

As of 2/8/06 a pre-DA (Development Application) meeting was held with Sydney City Council which is N O T H I N G in relation to an actual application. As per the discussion I had with Council, a pre-DA meeting is just a 'discussion' and certainly not a pre-cursor to the actual DA. So if a pre-DA was held on the 2nd of this month, how can CSI be claiming to be expanding a building the have NOT lodged an application for? How can they be asking for money to buy the building they already own?

DM has been whining about Ideal Orgs for how long? Certainly not the last two weeks. More like years.

As far as I know under our laws here, what Scientology has been doing (its what theyve ALWAYS been doing) is 'obtain financial gain by deception'. We all now know scientology has been decieving as for how long? But has it been REALLY quantifiable.

Wheels are in motion dirtbags of hubbards design. Maybe an investigation is on the way in regard to 'donations'? Maybe some scrutiny is coming from the use of e-meters out in the streets of Sydney as 'stress tests'.

Yes yes, find their RUIN and sell them a book that is utter RUIN to the person.

Shout out to Daisy Lee, Sydeys most recent DUPE..OOPS! I meant 'clear'

Hows that Development Application that has yet to occur going church of scientology international? Wont it be hilarious of someone starts asking questions about obtaing 'donations' that you canNOT get permission for even IF you decide to lodge a DA? Clover Moore can be a REAL bitch, especially when theres a REAL Church next door to the Org in question.

It amazed me when I started to see without scientologoggles on. Whats even MORE amazing, is that under the proviso of 'obtain financial gain by deception' may well also be an issue, regardless Co$ has 'religion status' here. Possibly even under the Trade Practices Act there is reason for investigation. Maybe even Fair Trading might find 'interest'. Or how about the Australian Tax Office?

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Members Leaving and Speaking

Stories of leaving members are being documented:

Scientology - Through the Door

Sunday, 6th August, 2006 03:11:22pm

Name or Alias: Dr. Donna Shannon
Training and/or processing level: OT VII
Org or location: FLAG
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: 10 years
Recommended Website - Operation Clambake Message Board

  1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
    See my previous interview- alias 'CC' in January of this year.
  2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
    See earlier
  3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
  4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
    Many things, far too numerous to go into here. My husband's family disconnected from his dad, who has not been able to communicate with his own children and grandchildren for years. Now my husband's family has disconnected from us. NOT ONE of them asked us what happened, or how are we doing, NOTHING. They did order my husband not to write anything on the internet.



Scientology - Through the Door
Saturday, 12th August, 2006 04:09:35am

Name or Alias: dumbfounded
Training and/or processing level: N/A
Org or location: N/A
Time involved in the Church of Scientology: too long
Recommended Website - http://

  1. How did you first become acquainted with the Church of Scientology?
    given a leaflet
  2. What initially appealed to you about scientology?
    The people I dealt with were very friendly and kind. The theory re mental image pictures and a past track fascinated me.
  3. Were there problems in your life that you thought scientology would address?
  4. Did you see, experience, or hear about things that didn't seem right while you were in the Church of Scientology? What were they, and what convinced you to set aside your feelings?
    Staff members living on the poverty line with no genuine concern from management about this; some people being discouraged from following their career choices or creative endeavours or building up a credit rating; exceedingly nasty nattering; making fun of Christians behind their backs; rampant natter about people being low-toned or downstat or psychotic or insane or degraded or sp etc; declaring people suppressive unfairly( of course, it is unfair in itself anyway); blocking doors at events and pouncing on people to reg them for the next 'most amazing release ever'; a dictatorial atmosphere, being treated very rudely by certain Sea Org members; regs having bank loan forms in their desk drawers and knowing the bank phone number well; staff calling the public all the time( harassment); preferential treatment based on wealth; not being allowed to think for oneself really as 'it's all been thought out already there in Ron's policies' and to think differently is verging on 'squirrel'; seeing so many Scientologists so focused on ways to get rich in order to pay for their bridges-so much so that wealth and happiness seem to be tightly related( totally in opposition or disrelated with real spirituality); deaths that were kept quiet for pr reasons and ill staff kept working until the end; the Church's fostering of hatred towards those individuals with certain opposing beliefs and not only that but the encouraging of action against those individuals-can you say 'hate-mongering'?; people are ridiculed by the Church as a defensive action the moment they apparently don't get the results tech-wise that 'everyone else' is getting; the Church being the source of more 'entheta' than I ever experienced anywhere else; the Church's desire for revenge on anyone who spouts an opposite view; its OBSESSION with money; Ron himself lying about his background and the Church still blatantly lying-I hate the idea of mass amounts of people being knowingly and deliberately lied to; seeing a person who was declared SP severely introverted as a result and perhaps indelibly; staff being yelled at and invalidated; the RPFers going round and being regarded as the Untouchables; a person referred to as a criminal for not being able to metab on the emeter( based on a policy-yes I'd like to see that one!); an outer org trainee who hadn't seen their child for ten years as they were too busy studying; some staff being forced to work longer hours than allowed by their visa; seeing OSA lying at a picket when hey, those were the good guys, right? etc etc


"Tory Christman" posted:

[Scientology: 3 More OUT]

Bingo! Got home last night to hear:

"Hi Tory: We're OUT!!!"

Just thought I'd let ya all know, no matter how much spamming the OSA floormats are doing, the message is getting out, loud and clear:

The Way OUT IS
The NEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearest

Hey, LRH took it, why not YOU?

CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH ONE OF YOU who has taken back your lives!!!


Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the moonligh
t In Scientology for 30 years, out happily for 6 years!

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LA Testing Centre Has Asbestos

On August 16, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted about the testing center on Hollywood Blvd, off of Highland in Los Angeles:

Tonight I drove by the Scientology Testing Center on my way home, and there they were, out with 3 tables doing their phony "Stress Test".

I found it amazing that they've now hidden the container that the asbestos tube goes into.

Didn't want the parents to know, OSA?

You all are creeps!


I posted about it a few weeks ago: A critic who is an engineer told me "There is an asbestos tube coming out of the Testing Center ((3rd story or so)) Into a sealed bin". I posted I'm not an expert on this, but that's what he told me.

Also, I saw them moving out about 1-2 month ago, out of the Testing Center, which I made a post about.

Last night I drove by, and now you can still see the bin, but not the sealed bin---they have that all blocked off.

Now, IF it wasn't asbestos, why block the bin? Plus....the tube looks very odd.

Now you've heard of it. Go check it out.

Tory/Magoo Dancing in the moonlight


"Dilbert Perkins" wrote:

Tonight I drove past, and they've moved some of the bins that block the view of where the asbestos tube ends. It goes into a container that is sealed off with a blue tarp.


"Michael Pattinson" wrote:


I was wondering about is whether you are saying the tube itself is made of asbestos (very very unusual material to use), or whether the tube funnels asbestos down to the bin?


"Ed" wrote:

It is fluffy and particles become airborne and very harmful to the lungs unless the stuff is wet, which keeps it from going airborne. I don't know how their process works but using a tube allows them to keep it from escaping into the air outside the tube. If it is dry they would have a vacuum pulling it through the tube. I would guess it is better practice to wet the stuff as much as possible. I have no experience with this, and maybe someone can shed more light on it.


"Roger Gonnet" posted:

don't miss either the method used by scientology execs to get rid of old blu asbestos in some areas of their amiral boat "Freewinds" (correctly rebaptized FreeAsbestos).

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Charles Manson was a Scientologist

Lermanet's Charles Manson Blog updated August 10th

August 11th, 2006

The opening paragraph of the 'forward' written by PAUL KRASSNER, Editor of the REALIST, of book III of Peter Lavenda's "Sinister Forces" series, A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft" "The Manson Secret".

"history of civilization is the history of warfare between secret societies." -Ishmael Reed

"In 1971, I began to write an article, "The Rise of Sirhan Sirhan in the Scientology Hierarchy" for my satirical magazine, The Realist. Then, in the course of my research, a strange thing happened. I learned of the actual involvement of Charles Manson with Scientology. In fact, there had been an E-Meter at the Spahn Ranch where his "family" stayed. Suddenly, I no longer had any reason to use Sirhan Sirhan as my protagonist. Reality will transcend allegory every time. So, although I had announced that I was going to publish that article, I started investigating the Manson case instead. Nevertheless, Scientology sued me for $750,000 for just those nine words- whoops, there goes the whole petty cash account-but I chose to fight them on lst Amendment grounds, and they eventually dropped the suit. "

"one of his teachers said that, with Scientology, Charlie's ability to psych people out quickly was intensified so he could zero in on their weaknesses and fears immediately. Thus one more method was now stored in his manipulation tool chest"

Ill type a few more words....

"When manson was released in 1967, he went to the Scientology Center in San Francisco. Family member "Little Paul" Watkins, who accompanied him there told me, "Charlie said to them, "I'm Clear"-what do I do now?"

"In Los Angeles, he went to the Scientology Celebrity Center. Now this was more like it. Here he could mingle with the elite. i managed to obtain a copy of the original log entry: "7/31/68, new name, Charlie Manson, Devt., No Address In for Processing = Ethics = Type III." The receptionist-who by Type III, meant "psychotic"-sent him to the Ethics Office, but he never showed up."

"At the Spahn Ranch, Manson eclectically combined his version of Scientology auditing with post-hypnotic technques he had learned in prison, with geographical isolation and subliminal motivation....."

to condense a whole page I wrote:

Having grown up in reform schools, and penitentiaries, he was trained by professional criminal minds, I bet his insight made it instantly apparant to Charles Manson, that Scientology was a useful tool to control minds. He valued it so much he acquired a scientology he could practice scientology tech.

What cannot be debated is that there was something in Scientology that a serial killer criminal mind found very appealing, useful.. it was a useful TOOL that empowered him, and made him capable of not just being a lone monster like Jeffery Dahlmer, but one who was able to create a group that would follow his every instruction and go out and do exactly what they had told them to do.

And they did.


Excerpt from Sinister Forces by Peter Lavenda Book III The Manson Secret

Page 196 - Return of the Process

"Your process is a [expletive] up!"
-Badd Pitt to Bruce Willis in The Twelve Monkeys

"There are other Sams out there--God help the world."
-David Berkowitz

A key element in Terry's thesis is that the Process Church of the Final Judgement is alive and well, and involved in nefarious activity stretching from drug-running to child prostitution to murder. This was also asserted in Ed Sanders' study of the Manson Family, The Family. Sanders was succesfully sued (in the United States) and references to both the Process and the OTO -- on The Ultimate Evil, so prevalent in the first edition of his book - were expunged by the time the book was republished. (This was not so in the United Kingdom, where the courts decided in favor of the publisher and author.)

However, Terry recounts in The Ultimate Evil his discussions with Sanders concerning these cults. Terry makes no bones about mentioning both the Process and is the OTO in The Ultimate Evil, and has evidently resisted any legal at attempts to get him to change his story.

What initially bothered Terry about the Process was the appearance in one of their issues (the "Death" issue) of an article written by Charles Manson. Critics of the Terry thesis have scoffed at this, saying that such persons as Marianne Faithfull and Salvador Dali also appeared in the Process magazine, my reaction is simply this, however:

what was Charles Manson doing in such in such august company? Further, Marianne Faithfull (as we have seen) had a long association with occultists of the Crowley dispensation through her relationship with Kenneth Anger. Dali himself was very involved in occultism, was well-known in several occult milieus, and his paintings-true to his reputation as a surrealist-reveal many occult and alchemical themes. There is a certain cultural or spiritual consistency to those who graced the pages of the Process magazine, and to dismiss Manson's appearance there as of little import is to be quite naive.. Further, as we have already learned, Manson told prosecutors Bugliosi that he and Robert Moore (the founder of the Process) were "the same." In addition, members of the Process on a mysterious mission visited Manson in prison after his arrest for the Tate/La Blanca killings, after which he no longer referred to The Process in any way. It is doubtful that Manson would have been worried about a lawsuit for slander, so we have to assume that something more was at stake.

In addition, we also have the visits by Manson Family member Bruce Davis to England on at least two occasions; as discussed in Book I, the British police agencies identified Davis as visiting the Scientologists and/or the Process on each visit. In fact, we also have the murders of former Scientologists in England at this time, members connected with the Manson Family and, as we will see, yet another Scientologist was killed, this time in connection with the Son of Sam case. That there was a connection -- however tenuous one believes it to be -- between Manson and the Process is known and documented, even in the Process' own publication. The neo-gnostic theology of the Process would have appealed to Manson, extolling as it does both Jesus and Satan-Manson thought he was both, anyway.

The next step is to find any relation at all between David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam murders, and the Process. If this can be done, then we have left the realm of pure speculation and have entered the world of logical possibility.

Let us begin with the dogs.

-end of excerpt-
Peter Lavenda's Sinister Forces Book III The Manson Secret

also see
Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard

On August 12, 2006 "Carl Sagan" posed:

This is the best location of OTO (OT) higher teachings I have ever come across. It even includes the "secret IX degree" (I think he is pissed!):


"Peter Widmer" wrote:

And for Parsons amd Hubbard especially:

The Babalon Working
Michael Staley (Typhonian O.T.O.)

...Probably the incident best known amongst occultists about Parsons is the Babalon Working, which took place in 1946. He was assisted in this by L.R H - the future founder of Sc--- and Marjorie Cameron, who later married Parsons. In the course of this Working Parsons received a text of seventyseven short verses which purported to be a communication from the goddess Babalon. One of the early verses also claims it to be the fourth chapter of The Book of the Law. This claim was a matter for contention amongst Parsons' peers, to say the least. They saw no need for a fourth chapter, let alone one which was channelled through someone as capricious as Jack Parsons. However, Parsons remained steadfast in his championing of the claim, and there is no doubt that he viewed the Babalon Working as the most important event in his life - much as Crowley regarded the Cairo Working as being the climax of his life...


"Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

In my efforts to deconstruct Scientology, I read a bunch of parsons and crowley's stuff, and the occultic beliefs of the nazi's and yes there are great similarities but from all I can tell, in the 1940's for Hubbard and crowley, all this rubbish was nothing else than a way some lads figured out how to get laid back in the late 40's

Though there is considerable evidence to suggest Hubbard created in Scientology a machine based entirely upon Crowley's and others ( as used by the Nazi SS, occultic methods.
however some new patterns have come to mind.. he double triangles and 8-8008 etc.. the levels that start at ZERO..

For example,

When a sorcerer is going to invoke whatever - spirits, demons whatnot, he will often use smoking incense.. so there is a whispy form that the spirit can manipulate.. or perhaps a little blood in a pool of can move around and communicate...or an animal, or a person.. the creepier the better as the setting helps invoke the occult experience...

The magician will draw a large triangle on the floor, or two And in the points of this triangle he places the 'vessels' for the spirits to use as a medium for manifesting in th

is world.

Inside the triangle is drawn a circle, the magician stands in the circle, and as long as the circle remains unbroken, the spirits cannot harm the magician.

When a person enters scientology he has entered Hubbard the magicians triangle.

Stories I'm hearing of the levels of personality disorder amongst OT7's.. confirms this as a plausibility. And their own (tm) Letterhead confirms the rest,

Hubbard used scientologists and tried to make them his ' vessels...'

However, and this is a most important invocation, oops, I meant distinction:

The circle has been broken
and now the demons/spirits AND the vessels themselves will tear scientology to shreds.

It is done.
So shall it be.


"Gerry Armstrong" wrote:


In Dianetics we have a magic triangle-only we don't call it a magic triangle. It is just called ARC.

[End Quote]
L. Ron Hubbard, lecture 08-17-1951


On August 16, 2006 The Associated Content featured an article:

Scientology vs. Satanism: Which is the Bigger Blight?
Both "Religions" Are Crazy, but Which One is MORE Crazy is the Question By Matt Chalupsky


Every belief system has its parts that make us (or at least the ones who don't follow blindly) scratch our heads, but Scientology and Satanism are "religions" that are beyond crazy, and what's crazier still is that they have followers


This has caused many to wonder about the authenticity of the Church's claim to be helping people rather than simply being a money-making organization. On top of this, many have claimed to have been horribly mistreated by Scientologists. Kidnapping, torture and brainwashing are all accusations that have been made against the Church.

Where to start? First off, say it with me, SCIENCE FICTION. I don't know about you, but if a science fiction writer tried to tell me about how psychology is evil and with their help I can have super powers as long as I distance myself from family and friends who don't share my beliefs I'd kick him and run away. This...whatever it is is so insane, bizarre, and stupid that if I was given the choice between this or joining the Heaven's Gate people, I'd go with the latter. They say that psychology/psychiatry is evil and responsible for things like World War I and the September 11th attacks, but let's look their special process called auditing. You hold onto these metal rods that send electricity through your body (sounds fun, right?) while somebody asks you questions to help you work through past traumatic events. That sounds eerily familiar to psychology, which they say is abusive and dangerous. I don't even want to get into their belief in aliens, the Intergalactic Federation, and the evil Lord Xenu.


Even more fun are the celebrities that have fallen into the pit of pure insanity. There's Tom Cruise who acted like a monkey on cocaine on Oprah, Isaac Hayes who played Chef on South Park until they made fun of Scientology (it was okay to make fun of every religion except for his own, and the episode had to be banned following threats to Viacomm that Tom Cruise wouldn't promote Mission Impossible III), and Jenna Elfman who recently yelled the question "Do you rape babies?!?" at director John Roeker in downtown L.A. for wearing a "Scientology is Gay" t-shirt. While very entertaining, somehow they don't seem to be very good at casting their religion in a positive light.

Do I HAVE TO? Okay. This is a no brainer. While both are crazy the answer is clear and a little scary. Scientology is slowing down the progress of mankind. The fact that people are actually dumb or desperate enough to actually follow these wackos scares me more than the fulfilling of apocalyptic prophecies. The main point I want people to take away though is to actually think about what you believe in. Both of these make nice claims but neither deliver (Satanism says you can do what you want, which you can't; Scientology says they'll give you magic powers, but they don't). All religions have their own areas that are a little out there, but at least they don't make wild claims that they can't fulfill. It is my hope that this stage of religious insanity is just another phase in history (think of the Crusades, thow shalt not kill unless they're not Christian), and that soon some giant supernatural hand will come down and smack all these people back to reality.


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How to Deceive With Book Statistics

On August 13, 2006 "Zeeorger" posted:

A scientologists looking at this graph might get an endorphin rush ...

But we know from observation that the size of scientology has not changed much from 1980s (4 million Dianetics books sold) to the present (20 million sold). The number of Orgs is at about 140 and "holding". The "effect" of selling more Dianetics books has droped - Its like shooting blanks man !

In other words, here is a 5x expansion in Book-One book sales volume, yet there has been NO change over the last 25 years ...


[Hey ! OSA minions, are you duplicating this ? ]


"Michael Pattinson" wrote:

Booksales, as we know, were faked by sending in drones to buy books back and falsify the stats. The Bestseller was a bustseller! The empty orgs cannnot be faked, however, as cardboard cut-outs in the HGC and Academy have no money.


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Scientology and Hypnosis

On August 16, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

[Hypnosis in Scientology - There really is no such thing as Scientology]

Pick up the cans please this is the session

This is how every "auditing" session starts

after a while scientologists become conditioned to enter a light trance state just upon the hearing of those words.

Full deep hypnosis, is somnambulant, the guy has eyes closed, and is deep in reverie watching something in his subconscious, real or imaged...

Deep meditative trances are like this

Lighter hypnotic trances produce the expressionless scientology dead-pan, weird eyes gaze..

Light meditative trances are called 'daydreaming' , if you have ever been daydreaming only to have someone wake you up and bring your attention abruptly back to 'now' then you have been in at least a light trance.

Hubbard, instead of giving one direct commands oftimes would ask repetitive questions that lead the answerer to mock up, the intended hypnotic suggestions.

The pomp, the setting, the ritual of the routing form, the arrangement of the two the chairs, the implied mysterious function of the E-meter, and all the fiddling with setting it up... all these things create an expectation of feeling better about something.

For those new to critical discussion of scientology, I would suggest you get aquatinted with the Hubbard-the-hypnotist series of 5 articles, the latest one,


is perhaps the best introduction also, for scientologists and recovering scientologists.
The First one LINK
is likely better for those with no previous experience with scientology's "auditing"

Once you have read those, or are already familiar with the material goto the 12 minute Audio lecture, it is in Windows media format, only 1.54 Megabytes, so you should be able to listen even on a dial up.

What I do is read 5 pages out of a book titled, "My Voice Will go With You" The teaching tales of Milton H. Erickson, Edited with commentary by Sidney Rosen,. After listening I'd like to know what ex-scientologists think about it... it appears to me that the entirety of what Hubbard called "grade IV" release, in fact, could be and is attained routinely, by therapists using Eriksson's techniques.. in 12 minutes... and $120, This lecture is about the "ability to do new things"


Arnie Lerma doing Milton Erickson 1.54 Meg WMA listen HERE

And I would really like to discuss what those who are willing to invest 12 minutes learning about Milton Erickson's techniques think about this stuff



I am writing in response to Perry Chapdelaine's letter in the Townsend Letter for Doctors of October 1990, headed 'Dianetics explains voices in surgery.' As the author of the book A Piece o Blue Sky, a history of Hubbard and his Scientology organizations, I must protest many of Chapdelaine's assertions. The notion that some part of the mind continues to record even during "unconsciousness* is not original to Hubbard and can be found in the second volume of Freud's Studies in Hysteria.


I note with interest that Chapdelaine quotes John W. Campbell, Jr., on the subject of scientific method. Campbell was, of course, Hubbard's first publicist, selling Dianetics to the readers of his Astounding Science-Fiction. Campbell had been relieved of his sinusitis by Hubbard - who used a hypnotic technique, abandoned and replaced without further research shortly before Hubbard published Dianetics.


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Scientology-Related Media

"Jens Tingleff" posted:

Hi There!

I did a walk-by in London yesterday. No XENU spray-painted on the pavement,
I'm happy to reassure our civic-minded readers.

The pictures are pretty dull. I know what you all want to see: the up-tone, up-stat efforts which are growing this religion faster than any other! So as to Clear [tm] [R] this sector of the universe!!

Well, there was no body-routing going on. At all. I walked up and down (and in and out of shops - the new FOPP is great!) for 1/2 hour and never saw a clam out routing raw meat. No clams visible on Tottenham Court Road itself (the only viable body-routing location). One clam seen leaving the org, but that was it!

It has to said that this was a typically English summer day (i.e. rained feebly in showery bursts once in a while), but it did not rain when I was there.

Carry on the good work, London Foundation!

Best Regards


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"AK Meyers" posted:

Comedy Channel strikes again!!!

see the first half of the Royal Religious Rumble here:

In the second half of the battle, aired last night, Tom Cruise shows up waving an oversized copy of Dianetics around and brings Hubtoad down from the mother ship.

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On August 13, 2006 My from SanAntonio Texas and other sources reported:

[Creators of 'The Muppets' to do a parody skit of Scientology (Jim Henson's Son)]

The Edinburgh Fringe Arts festival runs until August 28
San Antonio Express-News
Posted: 08/13/2006 12:00 PM CDT

It's not easy being the letter B - for blue

If her face were not already rose-colored, Miss Piggy might blush.

The creators of the Muppets and "Sesame Street" are staging a puppet show for "adults only" at the Edinburgh Fringe Arts Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In the afternoon, the producers offer a traditional show for kids, but as the sun fades, so do their inhibitions.

"It is lovely to do a show where you can go wherever your brain takes you," Brian Henson told Reuters recently.

But would his father - the late Jim Henson, who created the beloved characters - have approved?

"I think he would have loved it because of how outrageous I get," he told the wire service. "My dad really believed in community and sweetness, but the other side of him was incredibly naughty.

"He always said the only reason we did this was those moments where it is like laughing in church. It becomes so infectious you cannot stop laughing."

The skits include a parody of the Church of Scientology. "


Religious satire prominent

Australian comic Wil Anderson lays into the Catholic Church, including a send up of the late Pope John Paul II. Breaking the Pope is about the infamous Magdalene laundries, religious-run workhouses for women in Ireland that existed until the mid-90s. "Mary and The Stripper" contrasts the tales of Mary Magdalene and a 21st-century stripper hooked on heroin.

Danish-Egyptian comedian Omar Marzouk performs a standup routine on the Prophet Mohammed cartoon controversy.


"Artists are testing the boundaries of how far they can go ... But religion should be able to be commented on and its absurdities pointed out.", he said.

In Bible Babel Live! the Bible is read, in English, Greek and Chinese, from start to finish in 80 hours over 10 days.

Speaking of the religious motif, the festival director Paul Gudgin said, "Clearly it's a very personal subject that artists and writers currently feel a particular need to explore,".

"It's either about what is happening with radical Islam or reflects interest and concern over the influence Evangelical Christians seem to be having in the United States," he told Reuters. Pointing to a "Da Vinci Syndrome", he said, "All of a sudden, these topics are of huge interest. What has surprised me is the breadth of shows on offer.".

The religious theme received further impetus from the Racial and Religious Hatred Act introduced in the UK, which sought to give all faiths equal protection, was condemned by comedians such as Rowan Atkinson who feared it would turn satire into a criminal offence. "

Wikipedia; Edinburgh Fringe:

For some years, the official name of the festival was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; it now (2006) seems to have reverted to the original Edinburgh Festival Fringe. "
Edinburgh Fringe festival begins
August 9, 2006

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"Fred Durks" posted:

South Park shows Co$ cure for Attention Deficit Disorder without the use of harmful drugs

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"Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

[thanks for the link and funny video!]

Whoever has this site, it gives me lots of hits to the lisa site. Thanks! And I LOVE the video clip of the parody of Scientology, Psychotonomy!!

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