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Volume 10, Issue 35 - September 2 2006

Alaskan Bankruptcy Case Against Narconon

On September 1, 2006 "neilc" posted:

US Bankruptcy Court
District of Alaska

2006 Adversary Cases

Adversary Number

Maincase Number

Case Name
Barstow v. NARCONON

Date Filed
05/09/2006 [pdf file]

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Tom Cruise Lowering the Tone

On August 27, 2006 the New Zealand wrote an opinion story:,2106,3779066a1861,00.html

Tom Cruise lowering the tone

Tom Cruise has always been a refreshingly undemanding presence on screen. Some actors are themselves the smouldering heart of the action: they hold something back, and make you come looking for it. Cruise, however, is pure energy: a shiny, reflective surface that bounces out light, illuminating the action around him.

All of this should have made Mission Impossible III - or, as its makers insist on describing it, M:i:III, a title almost as tiresome to write as it is to read - the typical Cruise race-against-time romp.

In theory, members of the audience should have been able to make top-up visits to the refreshment kiosk at any point during the film and return to find Cruise doing exactly the same as he was when they left: either climbing up a wall, dressed in flattering but non-kinky black leather; or embarking on one of his trademarked clenched-fist runs through a busy foreign shopping precinct.

But for me, M:i:III marked a turning point in my ability to set my brain to Cruise control. There was Tom, in the familiar round-neck T-shirt, with those glittering pixie eyes and that thick blue vein winding its way through the swollen crests of his pumped-up biceps, and all of a sudden I didn't buy any of it. He wasn't an agent of the IMF - the Impossible Mission Force, rather than the International Monetary Fund, in case you were wondering - charged with finding a wotsit from somewhere in China, or perhaps France, and blowing it up, or giving it to someone else, aided only by his girlfriend, or possibly some other woman with excellent breasts: he was a creepy, vertically-challenge d, sofa-jumping member of a cult that believes traumatic memories are implanted by alien dictatorships with names like the Helatrobus.

It's hard to believe now that it was only in 2004 that Cruise was ranked fifth in the annual Harris poll, in which Americans are asked to name their favourite movie stars. Later that year, Cruise dumped his publicist, the highly-skilled Pat Kingsley, and replaced her with his sister, Lee Anne DeVette, a fellow Scientologist. DeVette gave fans a glimpse of the real Tom, and he hasn't been in the Harris poll's top 10 since.

This week, it took cranky octogenarian Sumner Redstone, chairman of Viacom, to say what everyone else was thinking: Cruise had got too weird, too quickly. On the surface, it was all about greed. Paramount, a subsidiary of Viacom, was paying Cruise's production company almost NZ$16 million a year for first options on its projects, and Cruise had negotiated a cut of box-office receipts from each film and of DVD sales. He is estimated to have made NZ$118 million out of M:i:III - more than Paramount.

But underpinning the money issue was the problem of Cruise himself. Redstone believed Cruise's increasingly eccentric behaviour was cutting into ticket sales, and felt he could no longer expect investors to continue hurling cash at a man who appeared to be committing "creative suicide". Cruise, who is famously prickly - he is one of the most litigious actors in Hollywood, even threatening to sue a small independent US newspaper called The Buffalo Beast for including him in its list of the 50 Most Loathsome People of 2004 - had his agent dismiss Redstone's comments as "pompous" and "petulant".

It's hard to watch Cruise's freefall without remembering another Paramount star, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, who was crucified by the press after being falsely accused of crushing a woman to death while raping her in 1921. The New York Times suggested the woman was lucky to have died before having to consciously endure "a fat man's foulness", and the jibes continued even after the actor was acquitted. Arbuckle never understood how his weight - the reason for his propulsion to stardom and public adoration - could become the weapon that went on to destroy both his career and his personal life.

Once the shrewdest player in Hollywood, Cruise has made the classic mistake of assuming he was loved for himself. In fact, we never knew his real self: now that we've seen it, we've decided to pass. And perhaps even his public self - that cocky, smart-arse, eternal Peter Pan - is out of step with the spirit of this uneasy age.

As a Scientologist, Cruise will be familiar with the "tone scale" used by members of his church to determine human worth. On the tone scale, -40 represents "total failure", and +40 represents "serenity of being". The lower down the scale a person is, the more unwise it is for others to have anything to do with him or her. Cruise is not yet Roscoe Arbuckle, but he must know he's sliding down the tone scale, and fast.


On August 31, 2006 The St. Petersburg Times reported:

Of the 262 survey respondents who admitted to having read or heard about either the Scientology religion, Flag or the wrongful-death case, 82.4 percent offered one or more unfavorable comments about Scientology.

Only 11.8 percent had anything favorable to say about Scientology.

Asked what one word comes to mind when you hear Scientology, only two of the 300 provided a favorable word. Of the others, 44 answered "cult."


On August 31, 2006 CBS News 4 in Denver reported:

Cher's Son Slams Cruise
Friday, September 1, 2006

Cher's son Elijah Blue Allman has slammed his mother's former lover Tom Cruise, insisting he should stop talking about his personal life because "people aren't buying into his whole act".

The Believe singer dated Cruise in the 1980s, before he made Top Gun and, according to her son, the pair even lived together.

Allman, who is Cher's son with musician Gregg Allman, claims Cruise has changed significantly over the years.

He tells American publication Us Weekly, "He was totally different. We lived with him for a couple of years.

"(Now) he shouldn't be trying to help his career by talking about his personal life. People aren't buying into his whole act."


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Cruise Behavior a Result of Scientology

On August 30, 2006 The Georgetown Independent" reported:

[long link]

Point: Tom eats placenta
Margaret Marrer
Issue date: 8/30/06 Section: Commentary

Children have many dreams. They dream of being president, walking on the moon, being a ballerina, killing twenty-seven men or even making it big in Hollywood. Although seemingly different, I feel there is one important connecting link in all of these childhood dreams.mental instability. Not one of these occupations is filled by normal people, but rather by those who are not quite right, one brick short of a wall. One dream, however, seems to require a much more consistent and extreme level of insanity than all the others: Hollywood stardom.

There are a plethora of examples of the mentally unstable residing in Hollywood, often on the A-list. Two men who head the pack of the Hollywood crazies are Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. Both men have a new mission, which is far from impossible: proving to the world how absolutely crazy they really are. Although both are far from sane, one man's breakdown clearly trumps the other's.... Tom Cruise fell from greater heights than Gibson and still managed to land much, much deeper in the loony-bin than his Jew-hating friend.

Evaluating the situation in a purely logical manner, as I always do, there are many reasons that Tom Cruise has had a bigger breakdown than Mel Gibson. But before we get to all that fun, it's important to note from what heights Tom has fallen. Quite recently, Tommy Boy appeared atop Forbes, as the number one most powerful person in Hollywood

Now for the fun. Tom has been slowly creeping off of the deep end for years. I think it all stems from Endless Love, where he played second fiddle to his now arch nemesis, Brooke Shields. I think we all know where it started: L. Ron Hubbard. Now, for those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting the Scientology Museum, Sir Hubbard, as I commonly call him, is the founder of Scientology and a major inspiration in Tom's life. I've tried, time and time again, to understand what Scientology is. But I can't. I don't think anyone can. All I know is there are aliens. And John Travolta. So, basically, ridiculously sweet. But in all seriousness, Scientologists really are all crazy. CRAZY. All of them. Including Tom.

Tom the Scientologist is crazy, we've already determined this. But then came his psychiatry, adderall and Brooke-bashing binge. I am a firm believer that everyone in this world is entitled to his own opinion, as long as it's the same as mine. Tom and I agree on this, and believe you me, no one who has met me would argue for my sanity. The amount of scientific evidence in support of psychiatry and the pharmaceuticals necessary to help those suffering from chemical imbalances is absolutely astronomical. Arguing that these studies are not true is verifiably insane. AND fighting with Matt Lauer-who does that? The man is so adorable. I actually think it's illegal in most African countries to upset him.

So Tom is not doing so hot to begin with. He's hanging onto sanity by a thread. A tiny one. And then that thread is chopped right in half. By a machete. A machete known as TomKat. "Jumping the couch"-go to, and look it up. To make it short and sweet, it means to go over the edge, go absolutely crazy, pull a Tom. Believe me, Tom, I'm glad you found the love of your life. Katie's a great girl, I've loved her just as long as Dawson. But do you need to jump on Oprah's lovely eggshell coach to prove it? I don't think so. Why kick a dog when it's dead? And we go from bad to worse.

The baby. So no one has even seen the child, and to be honest, I'm not sure it really exists. Was this the most absurd publicity stunt ever? Perhaps. Is he just that creepy? Even more likely. But there's one more thing. Placenta eating. Tom now says that he was kidding. Well, here it is from the Queen of Sarcasm.really? Not really an appropriate joke. Or even funny. Just weird and creepy. And most of all, ABSOLUTELY F---ING NUTS.

It seems everyone is catching on. Tom has just been "let go" from Paramount. They citied his erratic behavior. Nice way of saying, "Sorry Tom, you are insane." Mel, best of luck, cut out the drunk driving, befriend a Jew...before you end up like Tom.

Marrer is editor in chief and an international political economy senior

2006 Georgetown Independent

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Cruise Needs Investors for Cult Money and Power

On August 29, 2006 The Starpulse News Blog reported:

Hollywood Insiders Criticize Tom Cruise's Latest Business Plan -
Starpulse News Blog

[long link]

Hollywood Insiders Criticize Tom Cruise's Latest Business Plan

Hollywood insiders are branding Tom Cruise desperate for signing up with a finance group whose members own amusement parks and football teams. The star announced yesterday that he had negotiated a deal with Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder and Six Flags amusement park chief executive Mark Shapiro.

Cruise was publicly dropped from Paramount Pictures last week after the studio decided not to renew his contract after 14 years. According to the Los Angeles Times, Cruise and his representatives had been shopping for another studio in Hollywood all summer without success. v [...]

According to one agency executive, "It all feels very knee-jerk. This feels very Plan C, maybe even Plan D. When you lose your studio and you get into business with amusement parks, that's a problem."

This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network


On August 29, 2006 The LAist reported:

[long link]

Cruise/Daniel Snyder connection REVEALED

While the rest of Hollywood scratches its head at the recent news that Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's production company has found financial backing from the owner of the Six Flags theme parks, we believe we've found a connection between ol' Maverick and his new sugar daddy Daniel Snyder: Scientology's Super Power program.

According to an article in the St. Petersburg Times (found via metafilter), dedicated Scientologists can enhance their perceptions of rhythm, moisture, and something called Tasten Colorn Depth via their Super Power program:

Super Power uses machines, apparatus and specially designed rooms to exercise and enhance a person's so-called perceptics. Those machines include an antigravity simulator and a gyroscope-like apparatus that spins a person around while blindfolded to improve perception of compass direction, said the former Scientologists.

Whee! Sounds like a great day at Magic Mountain to us.

Photo of Xenu's hooptie by nate2000 via Flickr
Posted by Elizabeth Herndon


On August 30, 2006 MSNBC reported:

Scientology was set to show Cruise the money

Updated: 2:46 a.m. ET Aug. 31, 2006

The Church of Scientology reportedly was set to back Tom Cruise's films, but the actor cut a deal with Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

Did Scientology almost show Tom Cruise the money?

After the "Top Gun" star was dropped by Paramount, he was shopping around for financiers, and a source reports that top execs at the Church of Scientology said that the group would fund his films if no other backers stepped forward. The talks ended when a group led by Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder reached a two-year financing deal with Cruise.

A spokeswoman for Cruise's production company, Cruise-Wagner, labels the story "completely untrue" and a rep for the Church of Scientology didn't respond to The Scoop's requests for comment.

"They've got deep pockets," says the source. "Tom has been good to the church, and they want to be there for him, but ultimately, this would have been a business deal."


On September 1, 2006 The Fort Wayne, Indiana reported:

Dan Coats gets kudos from Tom Cruise
Fort Wayne

Dan Coats has held many illustrious distinctions during his career in politics:

Congressman (the seat currently held by Mark Souder)
Senator (the seat currently held by Evan Bayh)
Ambassador to Germany

Perhaps we should add "friend of Tom Cruise" to the list.

That's what a 2003 letter from Cruise to then Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, recently released under the Freedom of Information Act, suggests. In it, Cruise tries to convince Armitage to sit down with him for a meeting while he's in Washington.

Here's how Cam Simpson of the Chicago Tribune described the letter:

Cruise made the pitch for a personal meeting to express his concern about the treatment of Scientologists in Europe after an aide to Armitage apparently tried to pass the actor off to John Hanford, the State Department's ambassador at large for international religious freedom, according to a letter Cruise wrote to Armitage. The letter is dated about two weeks before the scheduled meeting.

Cruise resisted the brush off, telling Armitage that while a meeting with Hanford would be "helpful," in fact, "I am most interested in speaking with you."

He was trying to enlist Armitage and Powell in Scientology's battle for legitimacy in Europe under the banner of religious freedom, an issue that Congress requires the State Department to give close scrutiny each year in nations across the globe.

According to his letter, Cruise's biggest concern seemed to be with Germany, which does not view Scientology as a legitimate faith. A background paper maintained on the German embassy's Website notes that the government "considers the Scientology organization a commercial enterprise with a history of taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and an extreme dislike of any criticism. The [German] government is also concerned that the organization's totalitarian structure and methods may pose a risk to Germany's democratic society."

Scientologists, of course, adamantly reject these claims. Cruise said in his letter to Armitage that he believes German officials exhibit "intolerance" to "members of my religion and other minority religions" inside Germany.

Cruise also mentioned that he visited with several US Ambassadors the last time he was in Europe, including Coats, then Ambassador to Germany, and discussed with them "the problems of religious tolerance."

Cruise then noted that:
Ambassador Coats and his staff have continued to be very helpful [...]

One wonders if Mr. Cruise stood or sat on the couch in the Ambassador's office during their meeting.

You can download a PDF of Cruise's full letter to Armitage here:

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South Park Honored at Emmy Awards

On August 27, 2006 "Michael Pattinson" wrote about the Prime Time Emmy Awards:

Conan O'Brien included a spoof of the Scientology/Tom Cruise Trapped in the Closet episode in the Emmies opening comedy piece!

He got into the same closet with Tom Cruise!

LOL !!

Thanks Conan!


The audience responded enthusiastically at the spoof of the spoof of Scientology and its former golden boy.

It was tantamount (not paramount, ouch) to a laughing stock of both.


"Fred Durks wrote:

Conan Obrien Emmys 2006 - Opening with Scientology trapped in the closet episode

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Why Scientology Hates the Internet

On September 1, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

Scientology hates the Internet because it's full of "copyright terrorists" -- Helena Kobrin's ridiculous phrase.

Scientology hates the Internet because Wikipedia has developed into a giant glowing mass of entheta, with content that is highly ranked in search engines and mirrored at several other sites.

Scientology hates the Internet because Xenu lives there.

Scientology hates the Internet because critic sites like receive equal prominence with the cult's own web sites, thanks to Google.

Scientology hates the Internet because ex-members it thought had been "shuddered into silence" are finding their voices again. They've seen a lot of the cult's dirty laundry, and they're no longer afraid to talk about it.

Scientology hates the Internet because my E-Meter page is more highly ranked in Google than their E-meter page.

Scientology hates the Internet because it will never forget Lisa McPherson.

Scientology hates the Internet because, among an entire generation of young people, anyone with enough brains to use a web browser quickly learns the truth about L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology hates the Internet because every book, magazine article, or television program critical of Scientology has been resurrected and made available worldwide, for free.

Scientology hates the Internet because kids on YouTube and YTMND make fun of them without fear of retribution.

Scientology hates the Internet because it's destroying their membership stats.

Scientology hates the Internet because their front groups like Applied Scholastics and Narconon are exposed and thoroughly debunked there.

Scientology hates the Internet because they can't control it.

-- Dave Touretzky: fearless NOTs scholar extraordinaire.

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Scientology Recruiting Through NASCAR

On August 20, the Michigan Citizen Patriot reported:

[long link]

Center grad involved with Dianetics team

Jason Potter has an idea that he might be in the middle of a racing and media firestorm in 2007.

Potter, a 1995 Michigan Center High School graduate who lives in Houston, is president of Dynamic Motorsports Consulting and vice president of Freedom Motorsports. Potter is working to bring the book "Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology to NASCAR.

It could be an interesting sell for a series more into promoting pork, soap and beer.

"My clients want to get Dianetics into racing," Potter said. "They wanted to introduce it to the most loyal fan base in the country. The way to do that obviously is through NASCAR, and they knew that I had the tools and the resources to help them get that done."

The Dianetics car will debut next February at Daytona. The plan calls for the car to be driven by newcomer Kenton Gray and race in at least eight Busch Series races and nearly a full ARCA schedule in 2007.


"There's nothing that the media is going to attach themselves to more than this program," Potter said. "Out of the gate, we're automatically tied to some of the most powerful people in Hollywood -- John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson.

"To some people that's good, because it draws a lot of attention. To other people, they think of the time Tom Cruise got on the couch on 'Oprah' and started jumping around. Some people thought he was crazy.

"Everybody has their own opinions. It can get sticky."

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Ten Hidden Truths About Scientology

On August 29, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

"10 Hidden Truths of Scientology":

The 10 Hidden Truths of Scientology
The 10 Things Tom Cruise Doesn't Believe are True About Scientology

  1. Scientologists have accidents, get sick and die at about the same rate as non-Scientologists.
  2. Scientologists who rely on the church to cure their cancer or any other disease (which many have) will or have died of that disease.
  3. No Scientologist IQ has ever been raised any significant amount by applying Scientology or Dianetics. IQ scores are raised slightly only by taking the same IQ test over and over and over and over again. That's the true Scientology method for raising IQ.
  4. Nearly all OT 8's (highest spiritual state) are doing the same work and making around the same amount of money as their non-Scientology peers.
  5. 100% of all OT 8's have no OT powers, that is, able to leave their body, move objects, recall past lifetime skills, etc. All 10 Hidden Truths also apply to OT 8's.
  6. No Scientologist can give you any verifiable details about any past life, even their immediate past life. Details like their full name, parent's names, children's names, places they lived, etc.
  7. No Scientologist can prove they are stably exterior (out of the body) with full perception. Such as reading a credit card number 3 inches behind their head.
  8. No Scientologist will ever be allowed to do their own Mission Into Time (verify their own past life's), as Hubbard appeared to do. Hubbard knew it couldn't be done.
  9. No Scientologist can prove they are a spiritual being.
  10. No Scientologist is or ever will be totally free as a spiritual being.

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How Many Scientology Had Past Lives as Nazi's?

On August 29, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

I never did, however I do recall many of the scientology execs around the time of the crush sell regging in the 70's would actually brag that they were Nazi's in their last lifetimes.

Is anyone willing to go on the record admitting this?
It was not a pleasant factor, too, that my course supervisor, Jean-Pierre Vogel, was often telling me he discovered he was a Nazi in his immediate past life!
He was convinced he had been a Nazi tank commander in his past life and had run over people with a tank and enjoyed it.
Scientologists dress up like nazis
I'm sorry to say I was a part of this Scientology Gestapo organization and probably felt much like the Nazi Youth did in pre-war Germany, full of hope, our heads filled with great promises, and willing to do anything for the "Fuehrer."
Essentially, the Nazi concepts are now Scientology realities. The names and uniforms have

Cleawater Chiropractor and Scientology OT7 Jimmy Gatza told Creed Pearson, on the Bellair Country Club golf course that he Jimmy Gatza was a Nazi in his last lifetime.

His wife, Julie Gatza also believed that she was a nazi in her prior lifetime...

The teenage bullies who reign supreme over a sinister cult.

"The judge, Mr Justice Latey, said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen".

This was echoed this week by one disenchanted teenage Scientologist who told The Mail on Sunday that Hubbard's young acolytes "behave like the Nazi youth". This is his story."

Reference: Sinking the Master Mariner
[long link]

"It was like "Lord of The Flies," said Mayo. "The kids - fanatics, all of them - had taken over."

From the Odd's-n-Ends Department of

Another man who self described himself as "The man behind Hitler" was a mystic named Meister Echkart,.. who introduced an idea called Istigkeit...

In Aldous Huxley's 1954 (c) of the "Doors of Perception"

from page 17...I quote:

"Istigkeit...wasn't that the word Meister Eckhart liked to use? "Is-ness."


"Ida Camburn" wrote:

I remember on the last conference held in LA by Cult Awareness (l980) the $ceino cult sent several of their so members to picket wearing nazi uniforms. Our spy Amy Esquith Majors was there and pretended to hide so they would not see her. In that all there knew that she was sent to spy, the members had a good laugh. During the argument with Germany they also picketed the German Embassy. I talked with some of the women there who also found it quite idiotic.

Thanks Arnie for this research. We find out more each day about thisdestructive and dangerous this $cientology organization .


"Ed" posted:

I knew two guys in the late '60s who joined the SO as college freshmen, and both said they were Germans in the last war, I don't know how how much Nazi/SS. One said he was Rommel. Wendell Reynolds was friends with these guys. The other two didn't last, as far as i know.


"Scamology" wrote:

Gary Epstein, when he was the CO at AOLA, bragged he was a Nazi in his last life time. That may have been where it became permissible for other staff below him to do it.

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Cult's Inducement to Suicide

[None dare call it conspiracy - In defense of Barbara Schwarz]

On September 1, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted a number of examples on how Scientology has in the past, induced members to suicide, because of recent posts on the newsgroup inferring that "critics want Barbara Schwarz to commit suicide"

None dare call it conspiracy

Yet Scientology has been convicted of CONSPIRACY

From the Pattern Recognition Department at Exposing the CON with assistance of Lermanet's volunteer staff..

Scientology has a number of documented, historical, patterns of conduct that should be pointed out at this time.

1) Scientology engages in efforts to induce those whom they wish to "dispose of quietly and without sorrow" to suicide.

FACT: Scientology was CRIMINALLY INDICTED in Spain for "INDUCEMENT TO SUICIDE" see translation of the Spanish Criminal Indictment HERE and note number of Suicides amongst scientology deaths listed here

"simulation of a felony, illegal arrest, crimes against the Tax Administration, crimes against freedom and safety in the workplace, intrusion, crimes against public health, injuries, damages, abuse, slander and inducement to suicide,"

2)Scientology accuses others of their own crimes

Scientology as an organization has been held by Judicial opinion to be " emulation of their founder", a paranoid Schizophrenic. It is documented that such personalities as Hubbard and other odious characters in history, have a pattern of conduct of accusing others of those things they are in fact engaging in. This is the sociopath's method of re-enforcing their infallible image of themselves. Cite: See the once :secret" Psychological Evaluation of Adolph Hitler" by the OSS, dated 1943, on the Cornell University web site HERE:

3)Scientology is using PRESET technique.

One of many Information warfare techniques. This one is lifted from the stage magician's repertoire to tell people what they are going to see, in order to frame the data that will be made available next.

In the Lisa McPherson case there was a massive campaign to promote /the idea that Bob Sold out, which set the stage for how Mr Minton's doing a recant of previous perjured testimony, in order to escape a Criminal conviction by Scientology under the Florida State Criminal Perjury statute.

Having set the stage that Mr Lerma was "in possession of stolen property" Scientology then planned to drug Mr Lerma, so that when he showed up for the also scheduled Video deposition the following Wednesday - Which was arranged as part of that Ex parte filing, in a Motion for Accelerated Video Deposition" The resulting video would provide the proof that would end the case.

4) Scientology uses "selective display of information" While leaving out KEY information, so you will be flooded with data that supports the magician's PRESET...

In RTC vs Lerma, Federal Judge Brinkema was given six inches of exparte filings saying all sorts of things about this writer, in order to TRICK Judge Brinkema into granting a Federal Search Warrant.

When what was being done was brought to her attention, she upbraided scientology in open court for their effort to perpetrate a fraud upon the court.. "..nowhere in six inches of exparte filing did RTC see fit to mention that what Mr Lerma had was an innocent copy of an unsealed public court record from the Central District of California" ( This same material was the basis for the South Park Scientology segment about XENU.

Discussion : Perhaps Ms Shwarz is not quite as crazy as she acts, perhaps she has been covertly drugged.. or shortly will be...

In Ex-Scientologist Roxanne friend's declaration she states she was drugged.. Lisa McPherson was drugged with chloral hydrate.. L Ron Hubbard was drugged with the anti psychotic medication Vistaril.

Perhaps Ms Shwarz has made certain, recent, insights into how she. herself, was being used by Scientology, and now the 'evidence' must be made to disappear.

This is nothing more than Scientology's well known OPERATION SNOW WHITE applied to persons..

In this case, Scientology would have motive to practice L Ron Hubbard's recommended handling for those who are "low toned" - "dispose of them quietly and without sorrow".

If scientology is working to dispose of Ms Schwarz... it will be so that they can either/or destroy evidence and Simulate a felony to hang as an albatross upon the critics of Scientology as proof the critics are evil people.

When I first saw Ms Shwarz posting style and persona... I decided to avoid those threads, because most of the material I posted above, flashed through my mind.

I knew this might end this way, With anonymous posters, (run by Bill Yaude and Ida Gavinno), in the Scientology Internet handling unit trying to claim that the critics were forcing Ms Shwarz to suicide.

To Ms Shwarz..I recommend that you

1) Take immediate steps to preserve all evidence of the contacts you have had with Scientology and

2) watch your back, it won't be critics after you, it will be scientologists trying to make you think they are critics...and you know they (scientology) are actors.. and you know how devious they can be... v 3) Suicide prevention Hotline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a 24-hour, toll-free suicide prevention service available to anyone in suicidal crisis. If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255). You will be routed to the closest possible crisis center in your area. With over 120 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services. Call for yourself, or someone you care about. Your call is free and confidential. Find out more


"zeeorger" wrote:

There is no question that the GO is still alive and kicking under a new alias, the Office of Special Affairs.

The 'Snow White' program is still running. LRH is still being touted as 'The Greatest' on the video monitors inside the crumbling walls of the cult.

If the pattern stays true to form, we can expect another FBI raid resulting in yet another dozen or so scientology exec's doing jail time ...

What I can see happening this time though is many more former members comming out not just against the exec's of the CoS but also against Scientology itself. Unlike what happend in Portland 20 years ago, this time the steps of the courthouse will be lined with ex-members glaring at the very exec's who orchestrated these intimidation tactics at the Portland Crusade.

To that end, it may be worth pointing out that the pattern of criminal conspiracy included the silencing of those opposed to the abuses of the cult of scientology. A systematic attempt to cover up criminal wrongdoing.

The case can be made that suppressed information under sealed "gag orders" be made available. Failing such, a renewed direct apeal to the integrity and honor of those so "gaged" could be made.

With todays level of information technology locating individuals is relatively trivial.

As for Barbara Schwarz, I hope she wakes up to the fact that she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like they say, you sleep with dogs, you get flea bitten. and she has been abetting the CoS for years.

She appears to be relatively inteligent despite her odd behaviour. But her "nuttyness" does not grant her any immunity from responsibility for her continued use of defamation with intent to silence those exposing the crimes of the CoS. Her tactics are indistingishable from those of the CoS, it is crass bullying intimidation.

She is well advised to not play the game anymore.

From the looks of it, it appears that both she and the OSA low-lifes have finnally realised they are in a no win situation.

We'll see what this pregnant silence on a.r.s. brings.


"Out of the Dark" wrote:

I agree.

BUMP & REPOST of 9/1/06* Because 'vinny' is working very hard tonite, again.

Hey vinny, If Barbara ever does herself in, it will be because of Church of Scientology OSA posers like you, pretending to be her ally while you and the rest of the crew calulatingly spam ARS of her impending suicide.

Your church investigation offices have been busy today, posting how 'pitiful' it is that Barbara is on the brink of suicide, saying that it's the critics of Scientology driving her to it, while the church has been working feverishly to remove by any means any internet information that would connect their organization with the former management executive and President of the Church of Scientology of Germany, Barbara Schwarz.

As your OSA execs and PR spokespeople try to erase Barbara Schwarz and her history with Scientology, remember that some here actually know OSA's job better than you and the current crew do.

You OSA vinny, aren't fooling anyone.You' ve been posting to distract but your good guy posts are just so sticky they stand out. While people are reading these, another buddie of yours from OSA is posting the bad guy 'critics drive Babbles to suicide' posts. What a 'tag team'.

Go tell your OSA crew that posters at ARS are onto OSA' plan. The Church of Scientology is trying to eliminate and erase Barbara Schwarz and her history with them. Even Barbara knows this is happening. She posted about it last nite. That's why today the 'suicide' posts popped up, all during the hours she's probably be alseep, after her long nite posting to the board. Shame on you.

Don't you have a conscience? Stop trying to confuse and mentally abuse Barbara into doing what your seniors want. Suicide is a serious card to play and you are part of that game. It's wrong and your post is wrong because it adds fuel to the fire she already has burning inside her. It's just down right evil of Scientology and OSA to play Fair Game with her, of all people. It's pathetic.

From: Back and spreading the entheta

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Scientology-Related Media

On August 27, 2006 Time Magazine published a cartoon:

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On August 28, 2006 "Grill Flame" posted:

The Armitage calendar piece on MSNBC was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. May as well make this thread 'semi-complete' by posting that clip: [video file]

Tom Cruise Enters The CIA Leak Case "

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On August 29, 2006 "Dr. Igor's pince-nez" posted a report:

New at Flickr

Crazy-ass Scientology anti-psychiatry exhibit, LACon 4,
Worldcon 2006, Anaheim, California. "

Psychiatry: 'An Industry of Death'
['Key In' walk in Box]

Warning Sign!
[Side of Box]

'Industry of Death' gallery/monitor controls

"Behind Eugenics & The Holocaust"

Singer 'Stevie Nicks' used in the Exhibit

More 'psyche conspiracy' Crankgenics

Source; gruntzooki's photos(thumbnails)
[uploaded; August 27/28 2006]

YouTube Video of the Exhibit: [video file]

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On August 28, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

27 year member of Scientology Creed Pearson, a one time friend of Kathy Feshback has been reading OCMB chatboard, and while patiently waiting for his password to be sent to his email at [e-mail address] made an audio tape, it is quite short, as a commentary on topics of mutual interest.

The Windows media file version is only 3.57 Meg, I'd love to hear fluffy, umike and lulubelles opinions on Creed's tape. It is only 21 minutes long. [audio file]


Also available as a 5 Meg file in Real Media format
HERE [audio file]

Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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On August 30, 2006 "dharmasatya" posted:

[Scientology: What the $&#^?] [video file]

Some guys in Winnipeg decide to find out what Scientology is all about.

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On August 30, 2006 "neilc" posted:

Video -Tom Cruise: scientology and the car door [video file]

[That's a Bugatti Veyron.]

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On August 30, 2006 "Scamology" posted:

[New Scientology Promo] [video file]

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On August 31, 2006 "zeeorger" posted:

Although the site is about AA being a cult, it offers some inetresting information about what makes a cult ...

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On September 1, 2006 "Grill Flame" posted:

["The Internet Cafe"(1997) featuring Keith Henson and Jeff Quiros]

New at YouTube: [video file]
The Internet Cafe' (1997 TV Show)
Subject: "Censorship on the Net"
[show's length; 26:42]

Interview with Jeff Quiros
(found at; 7:45)

Interview with Keith Henson
(found at; 12:30)

Censorship Online
The web has become home to lots of strange claims and outlandish charges, all part of free speech. But some of the people affected by these cyber writings have tried to stifle this new form of expression on the internet. This program looks ... (more)

Censorship McDonalds Scientology
Added: 1 day ago in Category: News & Blogs
From: Wrayer [video file]

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On September 1, 2006 "Druac" posted:

[Psychiatrists responds to Tom Cruise]


I found this film very revealing as to the state of mind of L. Ron Hubbard back in the day.

You see many cut-up versions of this film, but this is the actual documentary about $cientology back in 1968.


This is an amazing account of this man's experience in $cientology and what his family went through. Anyone that wants to know the truth about $cientology and get a personal account of what it is like to deal with them on several levels, you must watch the video interview of Mr. Lawrence. Amazing...

I don't know if Mr. Lawrence is around on this group or reads here, but let me just thank him for putting his personal accounts of this cult on tape for others to see. Thank you Mr. Lawrence, it could not have been easy to talk about or to admit to falling for their deceptions.

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On September 1, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

[4019 viewings of Leisa Goodman acting nuts] [video file]

This is an example where Scientology thinks short-term instead of long-term. Leisa's short-term goal that day was to harass me and get rid of me. Long-term result, her nasty behavior is forever viewable on the net.

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On September 1, 2006 "Patty Pieniadz" posted:

[The L Ron Hubbard Tapes]

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