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Volume 10, Issue 37 - September 16 2006

Judgement and Fine in Switzerland

On September 16, 2006 "stopscientologie" posted links to a judgement and fine against $cientology in Switzerland in the case of Jean-Luc Barbier:

[In French, translation follows]

Condamnation du grand patron de la scientologie suisse et de son avocate

Jean-Luc Barbier a ete accuse dans une lettre adressee a la justice d'etre "un malade ayant besoin de soins psychiatriques" - sic

Les auteurs de cette lettre sont M. Jurg Stettler, directeur de la scientologie et de l'Office des Affaires Speciales (OSA), et Mme Gabriela Arm son avocate scientologue.

Ils ecopent de 300 euros d'amende chacun ainsi qu'une inscription dans leurs casiers judiciaires.

La scientologie n'est pas a son coup d'essai !

De nombreux actes illegaux ont deja ete commis par la scientologie contre Jean-Luc Barbier.

Quelques exemples :

- Mobbing :
Cinq employes sur huit ont ete contraints par la scientologie de quitter son entreprise.

- Mauvais services :
Les internats pour sa formation d'auditeur class IV n'ont jamais pu etre attestes faute de personnel qualifie. (Ces internats ont ete achetes a une Eglise de scientologie de Geneve faussement declaree une organisation de classe IV ...) Le cours OT3 a ete atteste a Clearwater (Floride) sous la contrainte
Le cours OT6 n'a pas pu etre termine ... (La scientologie a expulse Jean-Luc Barbier de la salle de cours OT6 parce qu'il refusait d''affilier son entreprise a la societe des entrepreneurs scientologues WISE ...)

- Medecine illegale :
Le programme de purification et d'audition ont eu pour "resultat final" de porter atteinte a sa sante.

- Fausses promesses de remboursement
La scientologie refuse encore a ce jour de lui verser le solde qui lui est du (interets, frais d'avocats, indemnisation pour atteinte a sa sante)

- Diffamation
La scientologie a accuse, entre autres "aimabilites", de detourner des fonds ... (La presidente de la scientologie de Lausanne a ete condamnee en 2003 pour de tels propos)

(Autres actions contre Jean-Luc Barbier :

Etc etc

La scientologie avec ses actions de "propagande noire" contre Jean-Luc Barbier montre au monde entier que les règles de Ron Hubbard sont victimaires et qu'elles n'ont jamais ete mises au placard.

La scientologie ne saura-t-elle jamais respecter nos lois ?

Comite de l'AVDS, le 17 septembre 2006
CP 224
2900 Porrentruy 2
(AVDS = Association d'Aide aux victimes de la Dianetique et de la scientologie)


"Eldon Braun" posted:

Here's the entire thing as I roughly translated it.

Judgment against the Swiss Scientology leader and his lawyer

Jean-Luc Barbier was described in a letter addressed to the court as being "a sick person in need of psychiatric care" - sic

The letter was sent by Mr. Jurg Stettler, Director Scientology and the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), and Ms. Gabriela Arm, his Scientologist attorney.

Each was fined 300 euros as well as having the decision filed in their judicial records.


This was not their first attempt! Many illegal acts have already been committed against Jean-Luc Barbierby Scientology. Some examples:

- Mass intimidation: Five employees out of eight were coerced by Scientology to leave his company.

- Bad service: His training as a Class IV auditor could never could be attested due to lack of qualified personnel. (The courses were fraudulently sold under the misrepresentation that Church of Scientology Geneva was a Class IV organization.) He attested to OTIII in Clearwater, Florida under coersion. He could never finish the OTVI course. (Scientology expelled Barbier from the OTVI course because he refused to affiliate his company with WISE, the Scientology business organization.)

- Illegal practice of medicine: The "end results" of the Purification Program and auditing were represented as beneficial to his health.

- Empty refund promises: Scientology to this date refuses to pay the balance it owes him (interest, legal expenses, and compensation for damage to his health).

- Slander: Scientology accused him, among other "pleasantries," of diverting funds (the president of Scientology Lausanne was found guilty in 2003 for such remarks). (For other actions against Jean-Luc Barber:

And so on. Scientology, through its "black PR" actions against Jean-Luc Barbier, has shown the entire world that the policies of Ron Hubbard are designed to victimize, and that they have never been retracted. Will Scientology never be able to respect our laws?

Committee of AVDS, on September 17, 2006 CP 224 2900 Porrentruy 2 Switzerland (AVDS = Association to Assist Victims of Dianetics and Scientology)

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Newborn Screening Law Remains Constitutional

On September 12, 2006 Fox News reported:,4670,NewbornBloodTests,00.html

Couple Loses Challenge on Blood Test Law
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
By KEVIN O'HANLON, Associated Press Writer

LINCOLN, Neb. — A federal judge has refused to throw out Nebraska's one-of-a-kind newborn blood screening law. Ray and Louise Spiering of Saunders County filed a lawsuit challenging the law in 2004, arguing that the mandatory blood test would violate a tenet of their religious beliefs as members of the Church of Scientology.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf said the law is constitutional.

The blood screening has been standard practice in Nebraska since 1967. Health officials say the test, which consists of pricking an infant's heel to draw five drops of blood, is necessary to prevent several metabolic diseases that can cause severe mental retardation or death if left undetected.

Officials say those diseases put a strain on families and on taxpayers who often must pay for long-term care of the disabled.

Scientologists believe, however, that babies are best served with seven days of silence after birth.

All 50 states have newborn screening statutes.

Nebraska, Montana, Michigan and South Dakota are the only states that do not allow an exemption for parents who oppose the test for reasons such as religious beliefs.

Nebraska is the only state that allows a court to force parents to comply with the law.

In 2004, Kopf granted the Spierings'request for a temporary order restraining the state from taking their newborn's blood within 48 hours of birth.

Kopf instructed the couple to have the test as soon as possible after the seventh day.

In Tuesday's ruling, Kopf said"Nebraska's program is rationally related to a legitimate governmental interest."

"It is true that the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the `fundamental right'of parents to make decisions as to the care, custody and control of their children,"Kopf said."But it is equally true that a state is not without constitutional control over parental discretion in dealing with children when their physical or mental health is jeopardized."

He also noted that"Nebraska's program, unlike the situation in some other states, allows no exemptions for religious reasons.

"Whether that is a wise policy, I do not know,"he said."My job as a federal judge ... does not allow me to second-guess the politically accountable branches of Nebraska's government on this very sensitive and important issue."

Lawyers for each side did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In 2003, the Nebraska Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge by Josue and Mary Anaya of Omaha.

The Anayas, who are fundamental Christians, argued that compelling the test violated their religious beliefs. They cited the Bible, saying"the life of the flesh is in the blood"in refusing to have the baby tested. The Anayas said they believed that taking a baby's blood could shorten its life.

The high court agreed with Douglas County District Judge Patricia Lamberty, who said states have a"compelling governmental interest"in preventing diseases.

She said the law"does not unlawfully burden the Anayas'right to freely exercise their religion, nor does it unlawfully burden their parental rights."

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Cult Politics in Florida

On September 10, 2006 the St. Petersburg Times reported:

Appeal to prejudice may have fallen flat

Scientologists are relieved that Frank Farkas' efforts to use Kim Berfield's links to the church against her didn't work in their primary race.

By ROBERT FARLEY, Times Staff Writer
Published September 10, 2006

Dwight Matheny of Dunedin doesn't live in Senate District 16, but he and many other Scientologists were glued to the heated Republican primary between Kim Berfield and Frank Farkas.

The reason: Farkas focused two campaign mailings on Berfield's ties to Scientologists. For Scientologists, it was hard not to view the race as a referendum on community attitudes toward Scientology.


But others, including Berfield's general election opponent, Charlie Justice, caution against such end-game conclusions.

"The turnout was so small," Justice said. "I think certainly people have a lot of questions about Scientology, with their obvious expansion plans in St. Petersburg and Tampa."

He said he doesn't plan to play the Scientology card during his campaign, insisting he will focus on issues such as homeowners insurance. But he said if others bring up Scientology, "that's their business."

Berfield, who grew up in Clearwater and has seen the Church of Scientology struggle to gain community acceptance, said her involvement with Scientologists has been minimal. She has attended a few functions, as have dozens of other prominent bay area politicians.

"It really had no place in the campaign," she said, noting she believes Farkas' mailings were meant to give the impression she is a Scientologist. She is a born-again Christian.

Scientology's effect as a swing issue is difficult to gauge in any race, said Clearwater lawyer Ed Armstrong, long an adviser to many Pinellas politicians and also an adviser to the Church of Scientology in public relations matters. But Berfield-Farkas was as close a measurement as he has seen - two Republican state representatives with similar voting records, and one using Scientology as a weapon.

"The tactic backfired," Armstrong said. "If Farkas had won, it would have had a chilling effect."

Perhaps no one has been stung by the anti-Scientology vote as much as Jim Warner.

Ten years ago, Warner wanted to be the mayor of Clearwater. A real estate agent, he had sold a few homes to Scientologists, so he reached out to them for campaign donations. Money started pouring in.

"I raised $60,000 in 60 days," Warner said. "I was getting checks from (Scientologists in) California. I got one from Greta Van Susteren," the Fox News host and Scientologist.

When the media reported he had backing from Scientologists, he was cooked, he said. He lost the election to Rita Garvey, a hard-liner against Scientologists.

His campaign manager then was Jack Hebert of the Mallard Group. The same Jack Hebert who ran Farkas' campaign.

"Maybe he saw that work to Rita Garvey's advantage 10 years ago and figured he could use it to his advantage this time," Warner said. "For Jack to spin that the other way ... boy, that's wild."

Hebert did not return messages seeking comment.

Another irony, Warner said, is that Garvey's campaign manager was Mary Repper, who now does public relations work for Scientology and has been instrumental in getting Scientologists access to political and civic leaders.


"Kim is not a member of my church," said Scientology activist Joanie Sigal of Clearwater. "She is not overly friendly to my church."

Sigal is a co-founder of Florida Citizens for Social Reform, a political action group that promotes drug treatment and reading programs developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The group paid little attention to the Berfield-Farkas race until Farkas made Scientology an issue, she said.


But in a local election in Clearwater, where Scientology has had its spiritual headquarters for 30 years, Scientology still matters to voters, Warner said.

In Clearwater, it's still possible to "scare the hell out of them with Scientology, especially if they are an elderly person," he said. "I think it's terrible."

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Connecticut Labor Case

On September 12, 2006 the Connecticut Greenwich Time reported:

report now listed at Topix:

Federal court gets suit over speech

By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

Published September 12 2006

A free-speech lawsuit claiming a former town employee was unlawfully disciplined and fired because of criticisms about the Greenwich Housing Authority will go to trial today in federal court.

In the suit filed six years ago, Ursula Milde, 66, former administrator at Parsonage Cottage, said the housing authority and its then-director Ben Little violated her free-speech rights when she was fired for comments published May 2000 in Greenwich Time about inadequate recreation options at Parsonage Cottage. Milde was fired in September 2000. Little retired in 2003.

According to court filings Milde asked Little to hire an in-house recreation coordinator for the Parsonage facility, which Little did not think was necessary.

Last week U.S. District Court Judge Alfred Covello ruled that Milde's comment was about "public concerns" and that there was a question whether the housing authority, which operates Parsonage Cottage, fired her unlawfully for her comments to the press.

According to court filings, Milde complained to Greenwich Time that the facility needed a recreation director to improve programming for Parsonage residents.

Milde's Southport-based attorney Mark Carey confirmed the trial will begin this morning in U.S. District Court in Hartford, but declined further comment.

"I'm glad we're nearing some kind of conclusion," Milde said yesterday.

In her original suit, Milde claimed religious, age, and gender discrimination, which have been dismissed by Covello.

Milde claimed she was fired by Little because she did not comply with Scientology-based management practices.

Covello ruled that Milde was fired for valid reasons, noting the housing authority had cited many examples of Milde "usurping Little's authority." But he ruled there was enough evidence to go to trial on the issue of whether her First Amendment rights had been violated.

Milde's complaint of age discrimination was based on her replacement by a younger woman. Little, and Francis Alvarez and Suzanne Kantor, of Jackson & Lewis, a White Plains, N.Y., law firm defending Little and the Housing Authority, could not be reached for comment.

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KCAA Radio California

On September 16, 2006 KCAA Radio in California broadcasted a live show hosted by Vince Daniels on the topic of Scientology that included Steve Hassan, Dave Touretzky, Tory Christman and Greg Beha:

"David Touretzky" posted:

You know the cult is going to be hating this. Bob Adams will be lying through his teeth and black PR'ing everybody involved. Check out my Bob Adams page:


"Mark Bunker" posted:

Here is the video from Saturday morning's terrific radio broadcast:


In case you missed it, here is the video of Bob Adams being completely unable to communicate. Why is it so damn difficult for Scientologists to have a civil conversation about the truth?

Oh, right. Truth. I see their dilemma.


"Vince Daniels" posted:

I appreciated reading over the blow by blow account of you who either listened and/or viewed the KCAA webstream today. I wish I could have gotten to all the calls. If there were any of you on hold that I did not get to, my apologies. I plan on doing a follow-up 3 hour show in the next four to possibly six weeks from now.

Below is a link to the guest book on the KCAA "comment page" over on KCAARADIO dot com. I would truly appreciate any of you letting the owner and management of the station know how you felt about todays show, positive or negative as they closely monitor the comments. Be sure to mention my name or the name of the show, "The Many Moods of Vince Daniels" if you are so inclined. A link that takes you directly to the guest book is provided below. And thanks in advance! [long link]

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Roberto Diaz W Radio Espanol

On September 13, 2006 "Roberto Diaz" posted a link to W Radio airing a radio presentation where he spoke about Scientology. He thanked the station for letting him speak againsts the "sect of sects, the plague of the century, Scientology":

[in Espanol]

Nota Radial sobre Cienciologia sigue en el aire!!!

Luego de todos estos meses, la Radio le sigue sacando el jugo a la nota Radial que me hicieron, yo agradecido, porque sigo hablando y alertando a otros de esta secta de sectas, un verdadero flajelo, la ultima peste del siglo,Cienciologia-Scientology. Espero que puedan seguir beneficiandose de la informacion

Saludos Roberto Diaz
Deje su mensaje/Leave your message:

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Pellicano, Scientology in "The Enforcer"

On September 11, 2006 "Mark Ebner" posted:

Hollywood Tell-All Book Exclusive: "Pellicano's Enforcer"- The Heterosexual Tom Cruise (and more) Scandal Chapter! [long link]


On September 14, 2006 MSNBC reported:

By Jeannette Walls
Updated: 2:42 a.m. ET Sept 14, 2006

Hollywood insiders are wondering if Tom Cruise's powerful legal team will quash a tell-all which makes some pretty shocking insinuations about the actor's sex life.

Porn producer Paul Barresi is writing a book, "Pellicano's Enforcer," about how he allegedly helped incarcerated former private-eye-to-the-stars Anthony Pellicano protect celebs from negative stories.

In one chapter that's been posted on an Internet site, Barresi tells how someone came to him trying to sell a story about Cruise - similar to the one that Cruise successfully sued porn star Kyle Bradford (a.k.a. Chad Slater) over - and Barresi details how Cruise's team got the story killed.

Barresi neither proves nor disproves the claim, but Cruise, says a well-placed source, "cannot be happy with the story,' adding, "It's been a tough time for Cruise and my bet is that his lawyers are going to come out with both guns blazing - legally speaking of course."

Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields, told the Scoop that the allegations made by Barresi are "utterly, one hundred percent false" and "we can prove it." He adds, "If Mr. Barresi were to publish what we have seen on that Web site, I absolutely would recommend appropriate legal action against both Mr. Barresi and the publisher." Fields also says that he's "considering" steps to have the chapter removed from the Web site.

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Remembering the Predators of 9-11

There's a lot of history being rewritten this week. The cult is issuing press releases about how utterly fucking awesome they were with their volunteer ministers and totally hoodwinking Fox News, more accurately called Faux News in this case.

Read All About It! I swear to god, Scientology's role in the post 9/11 environment is repugnant; from the fake crawling banner offering "mental help assistance," to the Volunteer Ministers sneaking into restricted areas and disrupting legitimate mental health counselors. From the reports of grinning culties approaching the shell-shocked with offers of Dianetics (for a price) to the culties taking over distribution of donations and then claiming responsibility for the donations themselves. Okay, they distributed stuff, but failed to mention it wasn't stuff collected by Scientology. Why bother when you can just coopt someone else's donations?

Anyway, read this. I wrote it days after the towers went down. It's all documented.


"Hartley Patterson" wrote:

More on this at
and for other Volunteer Minister disasters

If anyone comes across reports of Volunteer Ministers in action anywhere, I'd be interested in seeing them.


"Tory Christman" posted:

[Totalitarianism, 911 and Scientology]

Many people who hear about Scientology only hear their PR, their celeb's promoting how great it is, etc. They don't meet with the families who have lost loved ones, who were literally cut out of their picture ......only because they disagreed with C of S. They don't hear of the horrific deaths caused by Scientology, the lies, the deceit, the medical abuse, and most of all "Fair Game" and the harming of any of their 'enemies". All of this is smoothly swept under the carpet, each and every time.

Totalitarianism uses classic mind control: The people who were responsible for 911 believed they were going to Heaven by doing so horrific actions. How can that be? Mind control, plain and simple.

David Miscavige, who runs Scientology, is now beating people up. I asked a now X-Sea Org member, "How can this be? You're a big guy, and he's a short shrimp". His response: "First off, he's never alone, so he's surrounded by big guys. Secondly, you're in the CULT...and per their mind control agreements, one cannot fight back: You have to take it". Mind control? You tell me.

Joel Phillips who runs "The Religious Freedom Watch" has NEVER once talked to me, asked me if what "His" web site has up is true, or not, about me, of which he now has up 5 pages of flat out lies. The truth is, it's utter, flat out lies. Can he hear about that? errrrrrrrrrrrrrnope, he cannot. Why not? Mind control. Granted, he's not out blowing up buildings, but personal libel (which he's doing, to many people, day after day) is pretty bad, on it's own, and again, it shows the depth of mind control that this person who used to work for me cannot even ask me what is and isn't true. And remember: Scientology SELLS "Freedom".

I was sent out by C of S/OSA to open up phony accounts. They wouldn't tell me why, but I trusted my dear auditor and friend, Bill Yaude, beyond belief: I was sure he was good and clean and truthful; HE wouldn't hurt others! But guess what? HE WAS/possibly still is HURTING OTHERS! He's lying, he's deceiving people.........he's a total, utter RAT...working hard to stop free speech right here on the Internet. But he's BRAIN WASHED BY SCIENTOLOGY.. So he's "Sure" what he's doing is "Right".

Get it? Are you connecting the dots?

I did............and I left, forever! My real life began the day I left Scientology, forever.

On this day, in honor of all the families who lost their loved ones on 911, may you.............and all the families who have lost loved ones due to Scientology's insane "disconnection" policies, medical abuse and death..... may today bring a new day for each person.

May we all learn to spot Mind Control much faster, and with greater efficiency be able to help those trapped learn the actual truths that keep them from doing what IS right and good for their fellow man. Lastly, may we all learn to live peacefully amongst each other.

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Scientology-Related Media

On September 13, 2006 links to "The Bridge" were posted: has converted the MPEG file for The Bridge to three sizes for lower bandwidth connections:

Lowest: [video download file]


Original: [videodownload file]

It has also generated a group of thumbnails viewable here: [video download file]

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