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Volume 10, Issue 42 - October 21 2006

Gabe Cazares Memorial

On October 15, 2006 The Tampa Tribune reported:

Friends Recall A Life Of Giving

Gabriel Cazares was many things to many people during his 86 years.

He was an advocate for those in need, a politician with a heart for the people and his community, a decorated Air Force lieutenant colonel and veteran of three wars, and a stockbroker.

But it was clear from those who eulogized the former Clearwater mayor and Pinellas County commissioner on Saturday morning at Harborview Center [ ] that above all else, he was a good and lasting friend.

He died Sept. 29, not long after having a stroke.

Bill McBride, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2002, said Cazares "had thousands of friends."

Pinellas County Circuit Judge Walt Logan added, "It's said it takes a long time to make an old friend. It didn't take Gabe that long. It took him a couple of meetings to be an old friend."

Barbara Sheen Todd became a county commissioner with Cazares in 1980 and, being a Republican, she wasn't sure how she would work with the Democrat known for controversial stands.

"But we got past the politics," said Sheen Todd, who served as a commissioner for 25 years. "Which is what I wish people would do today. Gabe was the type of friend who left his footprints on your heart."

Everyone seemed to take him to heart.

Larri Gerson, who became Cazares' goddaughter after working with him on McBride's campaign against Jeb Bush, served as the memorial program's master of ceremonies. "Gabe had the ability to look through your exterior and right into your heart," she said.

Current Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard told the audience, about 150 strong, "We are here to celebrate a man and a life well-lived."

McBride said people begin reflecting on their contributions in their later years, and said, "I'd be very, very pleased to be Gabe. People loved him, and he was genuine."

He was best known for standing up for his beliefs and civil rights.

Cazares took on the Church of Scientology and Taco Bell. He helped bring the stadium that is now Tropicana Field to St. Petersburg and established the Clearwater Neighbors group to help build affordable houses.

His fight against the Scientologists, who he said used a phony corporation to buy land in Clearwater and attempted a smear campaign against him, lasted more than a decade and was settled out of court in 1986. The publicity landed him interviews with Phil Donahue and Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes."

Cazares also attracted publicity by urging Hispanics to boycott Taco Bell in the late 1990s because he found their commercials with Dinky, a Chihuahua with an accent, to be offensive. He was a stockbroker after 30 years in the Air Force, and he was Clearwater's mayor from 1975-78 and a county commissioner from 1980-84.

Cazares supported mushroom workers in Quincy, tomato packers in Immokalee and grape pickers in California in their quest for proper wages and treatment. Cesar Chavez, then president of the United Farm Workers of America, wrote to thank him for his efforts to "achieve justice in the fields of this nation."

His cremated remains were placed at Serenity Gardens Memorial Park in Largo after the 90-minute program.

"But he will always be there when we hear of a cause," said his niece, Tiffany McConnell. "


On October 15, 2006 The St. Petersburg Times reported:

Cazares remembered for being a voice for all

The former Clearwater mayor and Pinellas commissioner known for his activism and criticism of Scientology is honored.

Gabe Cazares was the godfather of the community, someone who could get things done in Clearwater, but who always took the time to give people advice and help those in trouble, his friends and family said Saturday.

He was a bridge builder who worked with the white, black and Hispanic communities in the early days of integration. And he was a civil rights activist who could be found mingling with residents in both the poorest and richest neighborhoods.

Friends and family members held a 90-minute memorial service at the Harborview Center in Clearwater to remember the life and times of Gabriel "Gabe" Cazares, the former mayor, county commissioner and critic of the Church of Scientology.

He died Sept. 29 at age 86.

"When I think of Gabe, I think of his courage, his fairness and his distaste for injustice," said Dwight Lawton, a member of Veterans for Peace and one of 17 guest speakers. "But most of all, I'll remember his persistence."

Anita DePalma, president of League of United Latin American Citizens of Florida, said Cazares "opened doors in this area for the Hispanic people ... and had a great big heart."

She and others talked about how he loved to haul toys and clothes to migrant farm workers and their children in eastern Pasco County.

"The only time his trunk was empty was when he left Dade City, and if there were any stops along the way home, he'd be filling it up again," Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Walt Logan, Cazares' former attorney, told a crowd of about 150.

For more than two decades, Cazares, a Democrat, was a major public figure in mostly conservative Republican Pinellas County.

His first taste of political victory was in 1975 when he won the Clearwater mayor's race, drawing support from civic associations and organized labor. In 1980, he won a seat on the Pinellas County Commission.

His family says his legacy lies in his civil rights work and his drive to help the needy, but it's hard to overlook his bitter war against Scientology.

The decadeslong feud began in 1975 when he questioned church officials as they quietly bought large chunks of downtown property and deployed a security force armed with billy clubs and Mace.

And it continued even after a federal probe landed some church leaders in prison on conspiracy charges and the church settled a $1.5-million lawsuit filed by Cazares.

One of nine children, Cazares was born on Jan. 31, 1920, in Alpine, Texas.

He attended several colleges, earning a degree in sociology and a master's degree in business.

He retired from the Army Air Forces in 1966 as a lieutenant colonel and moved to Clearwater a year later as a stockbroker.

Cazares remained active in the community his entire life, and even old age couldn't slow him. In 1998, he was quoted around the world while railing against Taco Bell commercials featuring a talking chihuahua, which he thought were demeaning to the Hispanic community.

"He will always be in our thoughts and our hearts, and when we hear about the small person who needs help because Gabe would have been right there with him," said his niece, Tiffany McConnell.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Farm Workers Self-Help Group at 37240 Lock St., Dade City, FL, 33523; the Clearwater Neighborhood Housing Service Maggie Cazares Housing Assistance Fund, 608 North Garden Ave., Clearwater, FL, 33755; the American Heart/Stroke Association, P.O. Box 21475, St. Petersburg, FL, 33742; or the Hospice of Florida Suncoast, 5771 Roosevelt Blvd., Clearwater, FL, 33760. "

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Awaiting Refund From Narconon Stonehawk

On October 20, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

[Narconon update from Greg Beha]

October 16, 2006

This is an update to what has happened since you last heard from me. My name is Greg Beha. The story I presented to Vinnie on the show was my experience with Narconon Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Center of Battle Creek Michigan. (for the ones that missed the show go to September 16, 2006 show on the Vince Daniel website, approx. 2 hours and 3 minutes into the show). During that show I had the opportunity to talk to Clark Carr, (president of Narconon) about my situation. During the show he tiptoed around the whole issue of why they sent my step-son to a motel after 18 days of treatment in one of his Narconon Centers. He also tiptoed around the issue of why I was not granted a refund. He informed me that he would talk to the owner of that Narconon Center (Per Wickstrom) and see if something could be worked out.

On September 27th I finally reached Per Wickstrom on the phone (week and half after the show) and his final answer was that I was not going to receive any refund and that my step-son was more than welcome to come back to Stone Hawk and that he would send a car to Ohio to pick him up. He also told me that he just suspended another student. But he didn't tell me what he did with him.

On October 6 there was a public meeting held in Manistee, Michigan where Per Wickstrom was trying to open another Narconon center. I made the trip to Manistee (9 hour drive) to confront Per Wickstrom in person about my refund. Out in the parking lot Per Wickstrom told me that I was not going to receive any refund, and told me that my step-son was still welcome back to Narconon for the next two years.

This new Narconon Site in Manistee, Michigan will be Per and Kate Wickstrom's 3rd Narconon site in Michigan. Per Wickstrom said there are 12 Narconon Centers in the United States. The new center in Manistee, Michigan will be the 13th center in the United States. Per and Kate will own almost 1/4th of the Narconon Centers in the States. If Per Suspened one addict in each of his centers every 3 weeks and doesn't give them a refund. It comes to about $1,198,500 (17 weeks times 3 addicts times $23,500 equals $1,198,500). That's a real good income, (bonus money) and it's tax-free because he never sent me any thing saying that my son was there. (a receipt, bill or any type of billing information saying that my son was there even after I requested 4 or 5 times). In Stone Hawk enrollment agreement rules you will receive the necessary paperwork (a receipt, bill or any type of billing information) within two weeks after you graduate if you request it in writing. In other words if you don't graduate, too bad.

Some of the items that I didn't get to discuss on the first radio show;

When I called "1-800 No Drugs" for a Drug rehab I talked to a "Desiree", when I called back to ask them why they hooked me up with Narconon Center, "Desiree" knew everyone at Stone Hawk by name. (Is 1-800 No Drugs part of the Narconon system?)

We received an additional $1,418.09 in hospital bills. They screwed up in Detox (where my son was throwing up blood and was dehydrated) and had to take my step-son to a real hospital. Where was the 24-hour nursing coverage at Stone Hawk?

One of my step-son's friends died of an overdose in our little town while my step-son was at Narconon. We called up there to let the counselor (Patty) know what happen, and to take our son aside and tell him. Approximately an hour later our son called and told us that his old girlfriend called and told him about the death. She was on the No-Call list (meaning that Narconon wasn't allowed to even acknowledge to her that he was at Narconon). I called Patty to ask him what happened and he denied that she called and that my son saw a note on his desk and that he didn't have time to talk to my son yet.

We were able to talk to Ramsy whenever we wanted until after we enrolled our son then we couldn't get in touch with him for two weeks.

I think I said Narconon paid for the Motel room and gave him $10 dollars. Actually the room came out of my son's medical fund and the $10 dollars came out of my son's student fund. Both of which I paid into, it was my money.

Clark Carr and Per Wickstrom said that it was their policy to drop the suspended student at the bus station, airport, or have the parents pick up the student at the center. Per Wickstrom said at Manistee City Hall they followed that policy 99% of the time.

I think all the phones including the payphones in the center are always recording because there were things we said to our son that they knew when we talked to them.

The motel they dropped him off was a $38.00 a night motel. My guess is that you could buy any drugs you wanted within a couple of hours. The night I picked up my son, someone had their head bashed in, from an assault, at the lobby and was bleeding all over the floor

In order to come back from suspension we would have to pay $1,500 for a cleansing and if they found drugs in his system we would have to pay an additional $3,500 or more for Detox

I guess the story I want to tell is that Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers are all over the United States and they have a no refund program where they can take your money ($23,500) and stick it to you. You don't know it's a No Refund Program until the day you get there and then you are so desperate to turn your son or daughter over to get them off drugs you will sign anything.

Still waiting on my refund

Greg Beha
[e-mail address]

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Listen to Vince Daniels on KCAA Radio

On October 20, 2006 "Vince Daniels" posted:

[Change in "Vince Daniels Show" date]

Hi all,

the original plan was to do the follow-up show on KCAA 1050AM next Saturday, October 28th. That has changed as I've had to move some things around.


which means that "Scientology Revisited" will happen the following Saturday, November 4th.

I remember reading that some of you were anxiously looking forward to the follow-up and were planning a "Many Moods listening party" which really flatters me, and I appreciate that more than you know. Plan on popping your popcorn and having everybody over instead on Saturday November 4th from 10am to 1pm (P.S.T.) as again I'll devote the entire 3 hours to this important topic. Keep checking my website:

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ABC Boston Legal Recites Xenu

On October 17, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:

10 PM Eastern Time
Boston Legal ABC Network!!

Scene: In a courtroom, and the attorney (2 time Emmy Award Winner James Spader) for the defense recited the the entire xenu story from memory!!!

This was watched by millions of people and there is not damn thing scientology can do about it.


The Scientology Xenu Story is Real


"Mark Bunker " posted:

[NEW FROM XENU TV: Boston Legal]

Here it is:


"Ted Mayett" posted:


Alan: Scientology was invented by
Karnes: L. Ron Hubbard
Alan: Who started out as a science fiction writer. He said and I quote. "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous." "If a man really wanted to make a million dollars he would start his own religion."
Karnes: You know people like you take that quote way out of context.
Alan: People like me, does that mean non-believers? Lawyers or foot fetishists?
Alan: Mr. Karnes what is an engram?
Karnes: An engram is basically a psychic scar. It's the origin of illness.
Alan: And as I understand it, life according to scientology is all about ridding yourself of these engrams. You do this by a path of enlightenment know as, help me out Karnes: The Bridge To Total Freedom
Alan: And at each stage of The Bridge you are audited by a senior church member who hooks you up to some electronic device.
Karnes: An electro-psychometer.
Alan: Is it painful?
Karnes: No.
Alan: And after you go through all the stages, you become an operating thetan.
Karnes: That's right.
Alan: And OT's as they are called are said to be able to communicate with animals, move inanimate objects, leave their bodies at will. You hope to do that?
Karnes: One day.
Alan: Are Thetans immortal?
Karnes: It's been said.
Alan: Well in fact most scientologists believe that Brother Hubbard will return.
Karnes: And Christians believe that Jesus will return. Are they all nuts?
Alan: Most. Scientologists also believe that 75 million years ago an evil galactic warlord, an evil warlord by the name of Xenu dumped 13 trillion aliens from different planets into the Earth's volcanoes and then vaporized them with H-bombs. You're familiar with this?
Karnes: Yes.
Alan: And the radioactive souls of these poor vaporized alien creatures continue to enter into our bodies implanting engrams and false ideas about Christ and God and Psychiatry, and that's why we have to purge ourselves of all of these engrams. And when one releases an engram the erasure is often accompanied by yawns or tears, sweat, odor, panting, urine, vomiting or other excreta. You've heard this?
Karnes: Yes.
Alan: So basically every time you piss, puke, or crap you're a step closer to immortality.
(at this point as Alan is walking we hear a fart, and he says)
Alan: Getting closer as I speak. Message ID:
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Keith Henson Hearing Update

On October 14, 2006 "Keith Henson" posted:

This should be an interesting hearing. They are finally admitting sort of) that the bankruptcy court has nothing to do with an injunction. It was expected that he does not try to defend the fact that the court that issued the injunction had no authority to do so.

DAVID J. COOK, ESQ. (State Bar # 060859)
ROBERT J. PERKISS, ESQ (State Bar # 62386)
DEBRA D. LEW, ESQ. (State Bar # 114537)
[address, phone number]

Attorneys for Creditors HILARY DEZOTELL, KEN HODEN,

In re:



HILARY DEZOTELL, an individual;
KEN HODEN, an individual; and
BRUCE WAGONER, an individual,

H. KEITH HENSON, an individual, Debtor,

CASE NO. 98-51326 ASW-7
ADV. NO. 035136



Date: November 7, 2006
Time: --- p.m.
Courtroom: 3099
Judge: Arthur A. Weissbrodt


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Charles Manson, Scientology Vocalist

On October 14, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

Read "Mechanical Man" where he uses "Postulated, mocked up"

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A.R.S. Spam Reports for Law Enforcement

On October 17, 2006 "Simkatu" posted"

Click on the link above.

Here you can see how these people refuse to confront anyone at all. They only cut-and-paste spam here in their misguided efforts to clog up this newsgroup with off-topic spam. It is sad that some people believe that spamming A.R.S. is somehow part of their plan to sell "Freedom" to the world -- or to "Clear the Planet".

Is this really what these people imagined they'd be doing with their time when they signed up for Scientology?

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