Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 10, Issue 43 - October 28 2006

CBS 48 Hours on the Jeremy Perkins Tragedy

On October 28, 2006 the CBS 48 Hours program featured the Jeremy Perkins Tragedy:

Scientology - A Question of Faith
Did A Mother's Faith Contribute To Her Murder?

[video preview and images on website]

Scientology - A Question of Faith
Did A Mother's Faith Contribute To Her Murder?

(CBS) Why would a 28-year-old man, described as sweet, kind and gentle, take a knife to his mother one morning in 2003 and stab her over 70 times?

Jeremy Perkins, who had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, came to believe that his mother, Elli, was evil and out to get him. Experts say the brutal murder might never have occurred, had he received proper treatment to control his psychotic delusions. But Jeremy's parents were devout Scientologists and their religion strongly opposes psychiatric treatment.

Did Elli Perkins' faith contribute to her death? 48 Hours correspondent
Peter Van Sant explores the issue this Saturday, Oct. 28, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

"I tried to slit my wrists...but I wouldn't die, so I decided to do my mom instead," Jeremy Perkins told police after the murder.

Jeremy's chilling words describe his actions on March 13, 2003, while he was in an active psychotic state.

The Perkins family cared deeply for their son and sought treatment within the principles of their faith. A lawyer for Jeremy's father told 48 Hours that Jeremy was seen by both physicians and mental health practitioners, including a psychiatrist. But court records unsealed by 48 Hours indicate that Jeremy's treatment was limited to mostly vitamins and other holistic healing methods. The family filled prescriptions for an anti-anxiety drug and a sleeping aid. Medical experts and a doctor who treated Jeremy after the murder dismiss these methods as ineffective for an individual with paranoid schizophrenia.



On October 30, 2006 "Mark Bunker" posted a link to view the program: [video file]


On October 27, 2006 Fox News reported:

Linda Stasi of the NY Post urges readers to watch the 48 Hours show on CBS tomorrow night at 10pm:



October 27, 2006 -- PERHAPS it's less of a stretch for Scientologists to believe that aliens arrived here in a spaceship, exploded, and stuck bits of their souls on us, than it is for other religions to believe there was a talking, burning bush or a savior who walked on water.

All religions believe they are the, er, gospel truth.

Most religions, however, have withstood the test of some time and were not created by a science fiction writer.

Scientology, which now claims to have 10 million members, and has been the brunt of ridicule (see Tom Cruise), skepticism (see Tom Cruise) and craziness (see you-know-who), now has its own murder. That is the focus of tomorrow night's "48 Hours Mystery."

The story is about the horrific 2003 murder of a gorgeous, upstate, Scientologist mom, Elli Perkins, by her 28-year old schizoid son, Jeremy.

And what a show it is! It will make your hair stand on end.

The unmistakable conclusion is that the burden for her murder (Jeremy stabbed his mom 77 times!) lies with Scientology and its belief that - as one Scientology former bigwig put it - "psychology and psychiatrists are the rats and vermin of our society."

The Perkins family refused to have Jeremy treated with anti-psychotic medications despite the fact that he'd been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic after an arrest for jumping the wall at a nearby college and a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

He not only heard voices, but thought that John Travolta's character, Terl the Psychlo (I swear), in the Scientologist-backed flick, "Battlefield Earth," was in his bedroom. He also thought that he himself might be turning into Jesus.

Following their religion's anti-shrink tenets, Jeremy's parents took him to an a Scientologist osteopath, who determined that he was just suffering from digestive problems. He ordered vitamin therapy.

On March 13, 2003, the day Jeremy was scheduled to go for an extended stay with natural healer Albert Brown, he went berserk instead - and stabbed his mother to death.

You will hear from many of the principals involved, as well as experts recommended by the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights International, which is a group whose letterhead explains that it was "established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights."

Watch this excellent report and decide for yourself. It will be one of the most riveting hours you'll see on TV this year.

"48 Hours Mystery: Scientology - A Question of Faith" Tomorrow night at 10 on CBS

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Address of APA President, Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D.

On October 27, 2006 an address by the American Psychiatric Association President, Steven S. Sharfstein was posted:

Presidential Address: Advocacy as Leadership/Response to the Presidential Address

American Journal of Psychiatry
October 2006


Some of you may recall my first 15 minutes of fame sitting with Katie Couric on the Today show one Monday last June. The Friday before, Tom Cruise had lectured cohost Matt Lauer that he "knew the history of psychiatry" better than anyone, that psychiatric treatment is never needed, and that illnesses like postpartum depression are easily cured with vitamins and exercise.

This was not what I imagined for my first month on the job. I hadn't spent most of my life caring for patients and running a hospital only to butt heads with Joel from Risky Business. But at the end of it all, I can only thank Mr. Cruise for giving psychiatrists across North America the opportunity to get our message out-that we are physicians who prescribe treatments that work.

In the weeks that followed the Today show, my in-box piled up with angry e-mails from the antipsychiatry movement in America, which, by the way, is alive and well. If you Google me these days, you'll find out what a fraud and a liar Sharfstein is.

I read these e-mails, I reviewed these web sites. It is clear to me that psychiatry is part of a struggle between science and antiscience in America today.

As physicians we search for the truth based on science, producing replicable results through research. The Scientologists protesting outside this meeting in Toronto represent the opposite of the search for truth. They are joined in a general movement against science by such groups as the intelligent design advocates, abstinenceonly fanatics, global warming deniers, antivaccination lobbies, gay bashers, and stem cell research rejecters. There is a conflict going on in America today, sometimes called a "culture war," but very much a conflict between those who search for truth based on science to improve the human condition and those who are blinded by dogma and denial.

In this conflict, the one weapon used by the antiscientists against American psychiatry is our relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. This is the noise that often gets in the way of our message being heard.


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London Picket Report

On October 22, 2006 "John Ritson" posted:

Five suppressives turned up to rain on Scientology's parade at the opening of the new London 'org'. Actually we added more rain to an existing downpour. It was bucketing down. How come the Scientologists couldn't use their awesome and expensive powers over Mass, Energy, Space and Time to "make things go right"?

They had brought in Scientologists from all over Europe to boost the numbers standing in the rain, and having to walk past our posters and our slogans. For what one would have expected to be a joyous celebration for the Scientologists, they were mostly pretty glum - especially the staffers who looked as if they had realised that everything that went wrong was going to be blamed on them.We started at about quarter to twelve. Just before one, a Scottish bagpipe band arrived and had to stand in the poring rain until Scientology was ready. When they marched out again one gave us the thumbs-up and shouted "I'm with you". Eventually the speeches began, interrupted by loud cries of "Rubbish" from Tony. At about two the speeches ended and the Scientologists wandered off, as did we, having had a wet but enjoyable day.

John Ritson


"Jens Tingleff" posted:

Hi There!

I couldn't help myself - just had to put the latest and jmost splendid protest on the web! (Oct 8th will be put up, too :-) )

Best Regards


"Hartley Patterson" wrote:

The Press Association report is syndicated here:


The Church of Scientology unveiled its new London headquarters today with a grand opening ceremony.

Mr Miscavige said: "This day will go down in history. Of all the foreign lands where LRH lived and worked, he called England home. "This is the city wherein he first defined the human spirit as an immortal being possessed of capabilities beyond anything predicted and so arrived at the axiomatic truths on which the whole of Scientology is founded."

A small group of protesters carrying anti-Scientology placards picketed today's ceremony.


A report from another picketer ("Stephan" in a press report, an ex-member), reposted from OCMB. Not perfect English, he's a wop :-)

Here are a few more details about the picket.

I arrived at the rendez vous point earlier than the others so I took advantage of having a bit of time in hand to scout the area and view the "enemy" camp and their preparations prior to the engagement (sounds good, doesn't it).

The main approach was completely sealed off by police and a substantial presence of Co$ guys in dark suits, so I decided to walk around the building and try other approaches just to see what was going on ( if anything ) on other sides, so I gradually discovered that EVERY single road or alleys, all around the main building, were guarded by people wearing dark suits making sure that no "undesirables" could get anywhere near the event ( who could these people be anyway . . . ? Cool ), and I have to say that the one thing that really hit me, when I was looking at how they sealed off the whole area, was this feeling of fear and worry in the whole area when, at least in theory, this should have been a very happy event for them ( obviously no one of those attending had done The Way to Happiness Course, or at least they should have been flunked ), I swear the whole scene and atmosphere prior to people arriving, looked and felt like the opening of a new Gestapo interrogation centre, rather than the opening of the latest jewel of the only hope for mankind in London.

When I found out the the big man himself ( little David that is ) was attending, then I realised why the whole scene was permeated with fearand tension; any dedicated staff member was obviously painfully aware of what the slightest displeasure caused to their Fuhrer could have meant.

After returning to base camp I met with two other SPs who arrived in the meantime, and I was told that a 3rd SP was currently making the final arrangements with the Police for us to begin our contribution to the grand opening, as per LRH policy on exchange.

The OSA clams nearby were not pleased !

One of them went immediately into SP alert mode, and started making his ARC felt, with the usual remarkable communication skill that you could expect from an Homo Novis, at which point the nearby Police realised that it would have been a very good idea to put an extra barrier in between us and them and told them to leave us alone ( with the only TR40 that any staff members truly understands ), and so the clammers, after trying to control both us and the Police with their amazing ot powers, decided to leave us alone, as they realised that a public display of ot powers could have caused a serious amount of restimulations and enturbulation in the still mainly aberrated London area.

The Police on the scene have been very professional, kind and understanding, throughout the entire event.

Once the clammers realised that they were not allowed to use their ot powers, they settled for diverting the incoming flow of people as away as possible from the spot where we were standing, in order to prevent them from seeing us and our Xenu and placards, as they were apparently fully aware that the confront level of their followers is very high only when they are in a registrar office and have to go for the cheque book or credit cards. v This tactic made little difference as there was little room available and we were strategically placed so most people saw us anyway, and they greeted us with a mixture of surprise, displeasure, sarcasm, and all the theta you can expect from such hopes for humanity.

I cannot stress enough how very few genuinely smiling faces were present during the sad, long procession, and the sarcastic smiles coming from the OSA guys supposed to handle us, were patetically fake as you can expect. FLUNK ! The combination of mainly dark clothes and sad faces made it look more like people going to a funeral, rather than to a grand opening.

The most satysfing thing during the whole picket was the fact that, thanks to their PR people and organization, our small protest has received quite a bit of attention by the medias present, all free of charge.

So in the end, after enduring quite a bit of rain, and when it became clear that the event was over and most people were leaving, we got our very wet, but happy selves, out of the area and went back to base for debriefing.


On October 28, 2006 The Guardian Unlimited UK reported:,,1933699,00.html

Plasticine and teddy bears at the new UK base of L Ron Hubbard

Questions raise suspicions after Guardian penetrates movement's City building

Paul Lewis
Saturday October 28, 2006
The Guardian


The grandiose premises now belonging to the Church of Scientology is a multimillion pound launchpad for the group's expansion in the UK. While Scientologists describe their "applied religion" as an exact science which guarantees self-improvement, critics say the organisation is a personality cult based on the obscure beliefs of a man who said humans are aliens implanted into volcanoes trillions of years ago.


Former members claim Scientology targets vulnerable individuals, persuading them into spending exorbitant sums of money on "auditing", a form of counselling. Posing as a student - Scientology's founder, the late science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, banned journalists from becoming members - the Guardian gained access to the church's newest centre of recruitment this week.


After each chapter in the coursebook, Dorothy asked me to demonstrate to other students what I had learned using wooden blocks and Plasticine. Once she asked me to explain the "communication cycle" to Sam, a nine-year-old boy who sat alone at the back of the classroom. Instead I showed Sam how to make a monster out of the playdough. Dorothy intervened. Scientology reportedly regards children to be "big Thetans in little bodies" - the immortal aliens called Thetans who, followers are said to believe, are our ancestors and who came to Earth 75m years ago.

Dorothy also asked me to practice auditing with a teddy bear, and watched as I asked the bear if it could recall an experience that made it happy.


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Arthur Solomonyan Connection to Scientology

On October 27, 2006 Fox News reported the date the trial was to begin:,4670,APNationalNewsCalendar,00.html


New York Trial of Arthur Solomonyan, charged in a plot to sell military weapons to an FBI informant posing as a middleman for terrorists.


[Precious References of Arthur Solomonyan and Scientology: ]

Solomonyan and Spies, 33, were arrested at a Manhattan hotel Monday night as they met with the FBI informant, who had said he was bringing green cards so the suspects, who are illegal aliens, could travel to obtain the weapons overseas, officials said.

Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology, according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on condition of anonymity. He was living on the proceeds of Medicare fraud and other scams as he carried out the weapons scheme, the officials said. March 31, 2005

Mr Solomonyan, who entered the US six years ago on a cultural exchange visa, claiming to be a Scientologist, and Mr Spies are illegal aliens.

The Australian, March 17, 2005

Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology, according to law enforcement officials, also speaking on condition of anonymity. He was living on the proceeds of Medicare fraud and other scams as he carried out the weapons scheme, the officials said.

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Hubbard College Violating California Law

On October 23, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

An anonymous correspondent has done the research, and it looks like the Hubbard College of Administration is violating California law by falsely representing themselves as an accredited institution. Here is the correspondent's report, with slight editing by yours truly.

-- Dave

From the Hubbard College Website:

Accreditation/Licensing CAPPS IACET

Click on an association's logo to open its website in a new window.

Hubbard College of Administration International is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

Hubbard College of Administration is a member of the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools.

Hubbard College of Administration is a member of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

Hubbard College of Administration has been reviewed and approved as an Authorized Provider of continuing education and training programs by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. Authorized Provider #201733.

Hubbard College of Administration is licensed through the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises as a secular educational provider of the proprietary administrative and management technologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

None of the listed items under Accreditation/Licensing appear to be accreditation. Elsewhere on the website in a FAQ, HCA claims to be fully licensed:

Is the Hubbard College of Administration International licensed?
Yes the HCA International is fully licensed in the state of California.

You can look here to see where and by whom they are licensed:

No Accreditation Data

Private postsecondary schools, colleges, and universities are approved by the State with oversight authority vested in the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) .


From the California Education Code:

94712. "Accredited" means that an institution has been recognized or approved as meeting the standards established by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, or the Committee of Bar Examiners for the State of California. It does not include those institutions that have applied for accreditation, or are identified by accrediting associations as candidates for accreditation or have provisional accreditation.

HCA headlines a section on the website as Accreditation/Licensing that lists no accreditation agencies. Isn't that a violation of this section?

94831. No institution, or representative of that institution shall do any of the following:

(j) Advertise, or indicate in any promotional material, that the institution is accredited, unless the institution has been recognized or approved as meeting the standards established by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Committee of Bar Examiners for the State of California.


"Hubbard College of Administration is a member of the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools." This is a membership, not an accreditation. The CAPPS website lists various sources for accreditation, none of which is held by HCA :

Accreditation is a process that gives public recognition to institutions that meet certain standards. It is a promise that an institution will provide the quality of education is claims to offer. Accreditation assures the student that the institution operates on a sound financial basis, has an approved program of study, qualified instructors, adequate facilities and equipment, approved recruitment and admission policies, and advertises its courses truthfully.


So, the bottom line is that they are not accredited, as far as I can tell. They are a degree granting institution under the license they have from BPPVE, which they are reluctant to explain as only meeting minimal state standards. They could be reported for violations. Or, I'll bet if you made a posting on ARS their website would change in a jiffy.



p.s. This is a replay of the Delphi schools accreditation claims from a few years ago.


"Simkatu" wrote:

I wrote up an article in Wikipedia about Hubbard College of Administration International documenting its accreditation status. It is certainly not an accredited school. It is not accredited by the regional accreditation body for Californial, WASC, nor is it approved by any of the nationally recognized accreditation agencies.

I also wrote an article about Delphi Schools, Inc. that demonstrates than none of their 5 schools in California is accredited, nor is the school in Oregon, nor is the school in Boston, MA, nor is the school in Clearwater, FL. None of the schools run by Delphi Schools are accredited. The Wikipedia article I wrote has citations that prove it. There have been recent attempts to whitewash the accreditation status of Delphi on Wikipedia, but you can read the article at:

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MySpaces Threatened by Scientology

On October 23, 2006 "Vince Daniels" posted:

Just got this bulletin from another Myspace member. I have him in my Top Friends List. He informed me of a nice lady who had an anti-scientology page that was removed from Myspace.

I have this "Top 12" list on my page and she was on the top row of pictures. When I only saw 11 pictures, I wondered who was missing and then I saw this bulletin (below). It's ashamed because her site was responsible for a lot of the hits on and she would always send me these hard to find videos. Now its all gone. Something has to be done about this garbage. I thought we had free speech in this country. Does COS have the ear of Rupert Murdoch and the folks at Myspace or something? I intend to take this up on my next Scientology show on November 4th!

Date: Oct 23, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: Another Myspace account yanked by CoS
Body: ... Got yanked again by Scientology. Speak your mind, spread the word. Step up the efforts to inform if you choose to do so.


On October 25, 2006 "Alert" posted a link to The Associated Content: [long link]

Scientology Stops Freedom of Speech Again - at MySpace
Scientology Silences Another MySpace User


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Operation Clambake Message Board

On October 22, 2006 "Andreas Heldal- Lund" posted:

We're moving Operation Clambake Message Board (OCMB) to a new and better server. This will result in some downtime before Nov 1st. Sorry.

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Scientology-Related Media

On October 24, 2006 "Girvin" posted about his experiences in Clearwater, Florida:

LET'S DANCE......I was out for some footage from 2-8 pm with my sign and "alien" on 10/23/06 across from the ft. harrison and wandered to the chow hall for some extra shots and was immediatly shown locked doors and rerouted sea orgers due to my presence in the is two short clips for you...sorry but i cannot get into anything else here. Let's say life is really tough right can guess what i mean by that. A big wing ding is in the works soon at the ft. harrison due to the offloading of sound and video equipment yesterday..oooh yea

[...]¤t=DSCF2199.flv [long link]¤t=DSCF2200.flv [long link]


On October 27, 2006:

More on this day later...but here is a short video of myself and peter mansell having the go-around on waterson street about my filming activities.


On October 28, 2006:


Clips 1-14 tell the tale of my filming attempt last night.


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