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Volume 7, Issue 24 - September 15 2002

Scn Dentist

The Valley Morning Star reported on September 12th that a Texas dentist is being sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for requiring employees to attend Scientology training. "The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of former employees of Harlingen Family Dentistry who refused to attend training courses reportedly containing Scientology doctrine. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Brownsville, alleges religious discrimination and retaliation against the workers. "The EEOC's lawsuit claims that since October 1999, Rosemary DeLeon, Griselda Garcia, Maria Carrizales and other dental clinic employees were mistreated in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The dental clinic is accused in the lawsuit of forcing workers to attend training lectures that include Hubbard's teachings. "'Employees who objected to or refused to attend these courses because of their religious content were subjected to various adverse employment actions and were ultimately fired,' the EEOC said in a news release. 'The EEOC also alleges that HFD retaliated against an employee simply for making a religious discrimination complaint with the EEOC,' the EEOC said. "The lawsuit asks for compensation for past and future lost wages, punitive damages, costs of retraining and job searches, as well as reimbursement of the EEOC's legal costs." Message-ID:

Housing Authority

The Stamford Advocate reported on September 14th that a former Housing Authority employee in Connecticut is filing suit, claiming that she was fired for not being a Scientologist. "After she was fired from her position as administrator of Parsonage Cottage in 2000, Ursula Milde, 62, filed suit against the housing authority, its board of commissioners and its director, Ben Little, claiming age and gender discrimination. Several claims were dismissed or withdrawn before Milde and her lawyer amended the complaint five times and attempted to amend it again. Now, Milde's lawyer has filed the latest memo asking the court to reconsider allowing Milde to file her sixth complaint to include religious discrimination amid allegations that Little is attempting to infiltrate the housing authority with principles from Scientology. "In 1998 and last year, Little required all employees to attend Scientology training sessions entitled, 'Improving Business Through Communication, Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard.' The training sessions were conducted by two renowned Scientologists and were paid for with federal money, the lawsuit alleges. It also says that Little fired Milde and another employee, former Director of Finance Russell Kemp, for not following his 'Executive Directives,' a term apparently coined by Hubbard, which, according to the suit, 'provides for the infiltration of an organization such as the Greenwich Housing Authority and terminate (sic) all those employees whom oppose the controlling Scientologists' directives.' "She said in the memo that in the spring of 2000, Little informed her she would have to be 'audited.' 'At the time I assumed this referred to a fiscal audit,' Milde wrote. 'Now understanding that the term 'audit' holds a very different meaning in the Scientology system, I realize that he was applying Scientology principles in influencing and managing me.' "The agency's former director, Thomas Crawford, who retired in 1999 and worked closely with Little, said, 'I know from Ben, since we were personal friends, that he and his wife are very active in Scientology. Just before I left there was a reorganization plan for the divisions and departments, and it was a very complex, laid-out thing that didn't fully make sense for an in-house staff of 15 people,' said Crawford, who worked as the director for more than nine years and now lives in Florida. 'That's the kind of management style taught by Scientology. I know he recently had another trainer in there and that gentleman had been a very senior person in Scientology.' "Kemp, who now works as finance director of the housing authority in Stamford, said he felt at the time of the training sessions that Scientology did not belong in the workplace. 'I didn't understand where the guy was going. He was making really bizarre statements,' Kemp said. 'I thought it was definitely over the line for a public workplace, let alone one that is semi-sponsored by government. It really shows questionable judgment.'" Message-ID: Su1h9.182$

Lisa McPherson

Bob Minton has asked the court to appoint an Administrator at Law to review the finances of the estate of Lisa McPherson. He was joined in his petition by Scientology. "Minton made a series of loans to the Estate for the express purpose of funding litigation expenses relating to the decedent's wrongful death; and as such, is a creditor and an 'interested person.' The loans, which remain unpaid, were to be satisfied through potential recoveries from the wrongful death action prosecuted by the duly appointed personal representative, Dell Liebreich. It is now evident, however, after five years of service, that the personal representative is severely mishandling the Estate litigation, thereby jeopardizing Minton's interest in being repaid his loans if an administrator ad litem is not immediately appointed to take over the course of said litigation. "The personal representative, instead of maximizing recoveries as is her charge, has caused through her actions multiple judgments to be entered against the Estate for breaching a covenant not to sue certain entities and individuals. One such judgment in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas totals over $500,000. In addition, counsel retained by the personal representative was personally sanctioned nearly $100,000 for conducting frivolous and vexatious litigation. Judge Baird recently entered another judgment for liability against the Estate in a related breach of contract action filed in the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial District for Pinellas County, Florida. The damages and attorneys' fees claimed are expected to exceed $600,000. The Estate and its attorneys were further sanctioned by the court in the amount of $11,824.26. "Florida Probate Rules provides for the appointment of an administrator ad litem where the 'necessity arises.' It is absolutely imperative that an independent and objective administrator ad litem be appointed to take over all pending litigation, as it is readily apparent from the record that the personal representative is not acting in the best interests of the Estate in prosecuting the wrongful death litigation to maximize a recovery, and if she is permitted to continue in this capacity, her direction will likely create more liabilities. "The personal representative has also recently filed a First Accounting that causes Minton great concern. Among other things, the personal representative failed to account for the loans, nor did she disclose any Estate assets on hand. The First Accounting contains many other serious and significant material defects, deficiencies, errors and omissions and potentially discloses improper conduct with respect to the personal representative and/or her counsel. It appears that the personal representative and her counsel are acting to conceal assets of the Estate. They have most recently concocted a story that the MINTON loans were not made to the Estate, but were 'personal' loans to the Estate lawyer to use for whatever purpose he chooses including personal matters. This new found position of the personal representative is directly in contradiction of her duty to preserve Estate assets for the benefit of interested persons, including creditors." Message-ID:

World Trade Centers

The News & Observer, a newspaper in Raleigh, North Carolina, reported on September 12th that Scientologists were part of a memorial ceremony in New York to commemorate the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centers. "Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, we have become a nation that shouts with its T-shirts. Wednesday, in the 16 acres once inhabited by the World Trade Center, hundreds of thousands of people came to hear a reading of the names of the more than 2,800 people killed when the twin towers fell. As simple and eloquent as the litany was, something much more powerful was said with the T-shirt obituaries for the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters lost. "T-shirts honoring one man, worn by an extended family, bore his name, date of birth and death and the words 'Where's the faith?' Obviously, it was something he said regularly to uplift people he loved. Now, they wear it, if not on their sleeve, then on the front of their T-shirts. "Visitors came from all over the world. Scientology 'volunteer ministers' from Los Angeles. Fire and rescue crews from Snohomish County, Wash. Eight bobbies from London. A young dance troupe from Alabama. Most everyone who was in any kind of a group wore matching T-shirts. Many T-shirts bore photographs of the dead, smiling for some joyous occasion. Several people wore a T-shirt that featured the wedding photograph of a couple who both had died in the towers." Message-ID: 5_tg9.159$

Tom Padgett

A letter from Tom Padgett was posted to a.r.s this week. He is being held in a Rhode Island jail following his arrest in a family court dispute with his ex-wife, a Scientologist. "I was swarmed by approximately 6 police at the Providence RI Airport. First command was 'put your hands in the air over your head.' Each policeman had a picture of me - faxed fuzzy copy. They claimed that I was a fugitive from criminal charges in Kentucky. "The arresting officer said I owed over $6,000 in child support. I was cuffed and led to a squad car which said Warwick police on the side. the arresting officer also stated that he and his lieutenant had never seen such an intense effort from another state for an extradition warrant. "They were notified by facsimile from a Mr. Danny Dees of Kentucky that Friday afternoon and evening that i would be at the airport to pick up my son coming from Nashville airport. The arresting officer told me that he was informed by Danny Dees that my son was not on the plane nor had planned to be. He suggested that this was a 'setup.' "Approximately 2 AM Saturday I was transported from the Warwick police station to R.I. State A.C.I. adult correction facility in Cranston. They have been slow to provide basic needs, provisions such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, pillow cases etc. On the 3rd day I was here, I submitted a medical request form for increasing knee and hip pain caused by chronic back complications. No reply or action to date. Per Hubbard Directives, I am 'isolated,' disconnected' from family and friends, and continue to be 'fair gamed' (tricked, sued, lied to, and destroyed)." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

"PSn" reported a protest at the Washington, DC Scientology org on September 14th. "Attendees: Myself, Arnie, Elizabeth, and Duncan. We went about 10 minutes undisturbed until me and Arnie got our pictures taken. About 5 minutes later, out of nowhere came 'Grumpy' and 'No Name,' our handlers. The guys go in my face asking me what it was all about, and I didn't get that they were my handlers until 'Grumpy' called me a bigot. They started using their blocking tech to keep me from picketing. That failed shortly with Arnie coming by and drawing 'No Name' away from me. 'Grumpy' wasn't able to block me, but he kept up the questioning and name-calling. I quickly dispatched him with a calm, 'On the other side of town, there is a man waving a picket sign, protesting the abuses of the Catholic Church. Is he a bigot?' He disappeared after that and reappeared after a while, but he didn't bother me for the rest of the picket. "'No name' handled Arnie, but no one can truly handle Arnie. There was a sign outside, offering counseling for those upset by the 9/11 disaster. And they were also going to hold an open service for it, too. It really disgusted me that they'd take the incident to their corporate gain. They often pointed to the sign when they were handling us all asking us why we'd picket a 'church' that was offering help for September 11th. "We had a short break and after a while, returned to picketing with the 'Evil Cult Zone' sign which REALLY moved fliers quickly. We cycled between sitting and picketing a few times. Just before we left, the guys sent out a nice young girl named Donya to take more pictures and after she was done, she started chatting and playing 'Flirty Fishing' with me. She attempted to inform me about how bad Arnie was and about how little I know about Scn. I forced her to reconcile the two conflicting messages Scn feeds her: 'Arnie Lerma is a copyright pirate' and 'Xenu is not really what OT3 is.' She admitted to the fact that Arnie couldn't be lying about OT3, if the church sued him over the materials." Message-ID: 3d83d767$

Reed Slatkin

The Santa Barbara News-Press reported on September 6th that the victims of Scientologist Reed Slatkin's pyramid scheme are trying to recover their money from the banks Slatkin used. "Four California banks are being sued for $250 million for their alleged role in helping former Hope Ranch resident Reed Slatkin steal hundreds of millions of dollars from victims in what became one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history. 'In short, the defendants willingly turned a blind eye to Mr. Slatkin's fraud in order to make more money for themselves,' the lawsuit states. "Union Bank of California, N. A. of San Francisco; Comerica Bank-California of San Jose; Imperial Management Inc.; and Bank of Orange County in Anaheim are accused of aiding and abetting the scam, fraud and negligence. 'Mr. Slatkin could not have executed his scheme without substantial assistance from the banks,' the lawsuit states, 'for the banks provided three necessary but missing ingredients from Mr. Slatkin's recipe: a steady flow of new money, a mechanism for Mr. Slatkin to manage custodial accounts he couldn't otherwise handle, and an aura of legitimacy Mr. Slatkin couldn't obtain without the banks' involvement.' "Mr. Slatkin is in jail after pleading guilty in March to 15 counts of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. During his 15-year investment scam, his victims included Hollywood celebrities, Internet moguls and hundreds of individuals and families - including about 75 Santa Barbara County residents, some of whom lost millions of dollars. "The class action lawsuit seeks $250 million in damages plus unspecified punitive damages. It was filed on behalf of all individuals and entities who entrusted money to Mr. Slatkin to invest on their behalf, and who received in return less money than they entrusted to him." Message-ID: rwof9.90$

Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis reported that Dutch officials raided the home he shares with Scientology critic Karin Spaink, looking for copies of Scientology's NOTS levels. "Half an hour ago a team of copyright infringement investigators and computer experts, four in total, left Karin's place after finishing Scientology's latest raid against me and the very first one against Karin. They had arrived two and a half hours earlier in the company of two policemen, with a search warrant signed by the public prosecutor. "The cause: Scientology's repeated and persistent complaints that we are spreading OTs, NOTs and god knows what nots. We decided to co-operate and gave them full access, with the agreement that they wouldn't nose closely on what obviously, at their own judgment, was not what they were looking for. "They found nothing. There was nothing to find. Our own private copies of the OTs and NOTs, of course, but those are part of the evidence in our respective lawsuits and several courts have already ruled that even if we may not spread them, we may possess them. The net result is that I now have an official statement from the authorities that there is nothing illegal on the server, which I can use when the CoS complains to domain registries and search engines and upstream providers about that same server." Message-ID: alpp45$8v9$

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