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Volume 7, Issue 25 - September 22 2002


The State Hornet, newspaper of the University of California at Sacramento, printed a letter to the editor on September 18th in response to insert ads from Scientology. "Cult Hazards by Thad Hammerhead III "I am concerned with the Scientology insert in the Sept. 11th edition. Scientology is a proven cult, outlawed in some countries because of the sway it holds over the minds of vulnerable individuals. "Scientology touts its 'scientific' basis, but is really a tool of mind control. Scientology displays its elite, mostly Hollywood movie stars, who can influence the weak with dreams of power and riches, while down in the trenches the misbegotten souls who have been brainwashed into thinking they are going to make a better life for themselves, directly or indirectly labor away their lives, then are cast aside once their usefulness ceases. There is no retirement or safety net for those who those who can no longer perform the duties or continue bringing in money for Scientology. "I personally know many people who, realizing that they were being conned, were shut out of this cult with nothing to show for their toil. Some have ended up in extensive therapy to overcome the damage done by the brainwashing. "Before any person becomes involved with this cult, they should know just a little of the background of L. Ron Hubbard. In his early days he was a close cohort of the self-proclaimed 'Evilest Man in The World', Alistair Crowley. Crowley and his disciples practiced black magic and Satanism, a very insidious and dangerous from of mind control; Hubbard was a willing participant and devotee. Please don't risk the integrity and honor of our wonderful school paper, or contribute to some susceptible individual being conned, by accepting any further advertising from this organization." Message-ID:

Lisa Marie Presley

Sky News reported on September 18th that celebrity Lisa Marie Presley credits Scientology for helping her overcome an addiction to cocaine. "Lisa Marie Presley has been speaking about her battle with drugs and admitted she was once addicted to cocaine. Elvis's daughter, who is a member of the Church of Scientology, said she had kicked the habit through her own will power and the help of her church. The 34-year-old told the Daily Star she checked into the church's rehab centre and emerged a 'new person.'" Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Keith Henson and "The Unnamed One" reported a protest on September 15th at the Toronto Scientology org and a theater being used to hold an Auditor's Day celebration. "We (Gregg, the unknown picketer and me) put in an hour and a half starting about 1 pm. As has become standard, people come up and tell tales about their experiences with the cult. One guy came by on a bike and related his experience from 8 years ago when he worked at the Money Mart. At that time the Scientologists were wiring money by Western Union into Canada, $20,000 a day every day of the week. He had no idea of what they were up to but for an a number of months they were having someone pick up $20,000 a day for a week and then they would switch to another person. I asked him why and he didn't have a clue. "When we showed, they had their emeter show outside. That vanished inside in a few minutes. Gregg reports that Andy Hill spent much of the picket sitting in the coffee shop across Mary St., probably with a camera. Gregg had someone come over and ask him to quit talking who claimed to be from an office across the street. Gregg told him he was pleased his voice carried that far." "The theater they were using, Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles St., is at the edge of the University of Toronto. I was doing a brisk business handing out flyers 100 feet up the street from where the unnamed one and Chris were picketing when this gaggle of students came by, 8 in number. They were knowledgeable about Scientology and very interested in what I was doing. I asked them if they wanted to join in, and they were all enthusiastic about it. So I took them back to the car and passed out 7 signs. "They picketed in front of the theater for a while. As we were leaving, an hour after the event was supposed to have started, a car came up and parked. I asked the people if they wanted a flyer about the nut cult? The guy said they were 'nut cult' members coming for the meeting. He didn't take a flyer, but I did remind him he had to write a KR about meeting the SPs, not to mention being late." "I called the Org, and was told that I should show up on the BACK street, and see the people there, as they were ushering to the theatre from there. Flyers in hand, Keith and I started the picket, and about 10 seconds into it, we were spotted, and a co$ personality called the few others back away quickly. "Theatre staff person showed up quickly, asking politely what was happening, and how many we were, so I explained, and he left us alone, privately wishing us luck. Chris joined us, as did a group of University students, so all our signs were out, and it seemed to completely disconcert the poor Org types to see that there were actually a great number of people out with signs and flyers." Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID:

In Memoriam

The Portsmouth Herald (Maine) reported on September 19th that Michael Adams, a Scientologist, has passed away at the age of 49. "Michael Adams, 49, of Orland, died Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2002, at a Blue Hill hospital. He was born Aug. 7, 1953, in Topeka, Kan., the son of Ralph E. and the late Shirley J. (Todd) Adams. He lived in many places, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Texas, New Hampshire and Maine. "He was a believer in the Church of Scientology for many years. Michael was a loving man with a compassionate heart. As a nurse, he cared for the sick and the elderly. He loved nature and all its beauty and wonders, and was an avid outdoorsman." Message-ID: BQCi9.226$

Andreas Heldal-Lund reported this week that, the home of Internet archive site the Wayback Machine, has removed archives of sites at the request of Scientology. "Many people are very eager to learn what sites the Cult of Scientology managed to trick you into removing from the Wayback Machine. Please try to get and send me this list and if possible the actual request from the cult so that we know on what grounds sites are picked out or removed from the Wayback Machine. It is valuable to know what is censored from your service. "I do not like that it says on your site that my sites are removed based on a request from me. This is not true and I don't want you to spread that rumor. Please remove that claim immediately and reconsider the false request from the 'Church' of Scientology. "I urge you to update yourselves on the controversy surrounding this cult and their repeated attempts to monitor and silence all criticism on the Internet. Please read some of the following links to avoid the Wayback Machine also being dragged into a negative media frenzy like Google did. "I know Internet history and free speech are important to you and that is why I believe it is very important that your service is not being suspected of only being a censored version of the 'net. That was the trap Google almost fell into and it generated a lot of bad publicity for them. They solved this in a very smart way and I hope you at least consider doing something similar." Message-ID:

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