One opened, more to go... Operation Clambake present:

Medal of Honour

Operation Clambake


The medal is only to be used by those who dared to host the "secret" Scientology papers on their home page until their ISP or CoS forced them to remove it, or in any other way took risks to spread the truth to the public.

Operation Clambake

The smaller yellow image is for those of you that was threatened with a lawsuit or Fair Game. This is the list of SP (Suppressive Person) Levels:

SP1 - you become a public church critic (posting, picketing, whatever)
SP2 - the church reacts to your actions in some way
SP3 - you get a personal response from the church
SP4 - you are threatened with a lawsuit or Fair Game
SP5 - you are sued and/or Fair Gamed
SP6 - you win their suit or stop the Fair Gaming
SP7 - you sue them
SP8 - you win your lawsuit
SP9 - you collect damages

The images must be linked to this page if you use either of them. Please mail me and/or A.R.S. about any threats or actions against you from CoS, important we keep in touch and help eachother!

If you want to join the battle for free thought and speech on the Net, then help fight the extreme Church of Scientology. If you need the secret files to host and can't find a ZIP file, contact me. Information needs to be free for us to make up our own mind, if we give away some of our freedom to get some security - we most probably will loose both.

"To think it, to want it - but do it too???"

[Henrik Ibsen]

If you are a medalist, cut and paste one of these HTML lines on to your home page:

Operation Clambake

Operation Clambake

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Operation Clambake