Operation Clambake present:
Safe The SECRET Library

You've now entered the library of the inner most secret scriptures of the "Church" of Scientology. From November 7th 1996 and over a period of 6 months I, with the help from several friends on the net, managed to keep most of these files on the World Wide Web 24 hours each day. We, and most ISP's in Norway, got our share of threats from the the lawyers representing Religious Technology Center (RTC) in USA. But still they have not dared to sue anybody in Norway, even though they have lawsuits now going in Sweden and America over the same material. RTC claim to hold the copyright for most of what the founder of Dianetics and Scientology wrote. They even claim some of it are trade secrets and made the name of the religion into a trademark!

Until the 2 years anniversary of Operation Clambake (November 7 1998) I offered to e-mail the "secrets" on request. In spite of repeted legal threats I have still not been sued. Currently I only have a slow connection to the Internet at home using my mobile phone and this only allows me to update this site and follow up mail. Reporters and investigators may still send their request to me, but I ask others to send their request to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology if they can't find what they look for. Operation Clambake will still grow, and more extracts of secrets that scares the cult will be shown here in the future. The critics of Scientology won the battle of the Scientology secrets, they are out for ever. The cult knows that when another secret gets out, they will not manage to stop it.

  • OT Level III
    This page is dedicated to the analysis and criticism of what Scientologists must consider to be the most significant document in the history of the human race: L Ron Hubbard's handwritten "OT III".
  • The Flag NOTs Pack
    NOTS (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans) are part of the formerly secret "Advanced Technology" of Scientology. This is the the Vorlon NOTs edition and was first posted anonymousely to alt.religion.scientology, Christmas 1994.
  • HCO Bulletins etc.
    Several bulletins from Hubbard Communication Office.
  • Hubbard Lectures
    Several lectures given by L Ron Hubbard, both transcripts and audio recordings.

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