The 558 Program: Page 3

Notes & Jargon

d/co dsa's osa eu
(Primary Target #5)
Deputy Commanding Officer for Directors of Special Affairs, Office of Special Affairs Europe?
d/co conts osa int
(Primary Target #5)
Deputy Commanding Officer for Continental Offices, Office of Special Affairs International?
"apply LRH policy in all your actions"
(Vital Target #1)
When activities involving Scientology have gone wrong (most notably in the case of Operation Snow White, the blame has usually been laid on overenthusiastic or downright criminal local Scientologists. But as this and numerous other references over the years make clear, covert activities conducted by Scientology are not just local initiatives; they are conducted according to precisely detailed policies laid down by L. Ron Hubbard.
(Vital Target #2)
Executive Committee. In an average org, this is composed of the three most senior staff members: the HCOES (Hubbard Communications Office Executive Secretary), with overall responsibility for recruitment, communication, internal discipline, finance and dissemination of publicity material; the Public Executive Secretary, responsible specifically for recruitment; and the person responsible the correct implementation of L. Ron Hubbard's "technology."
"Get the Public Record Collection completed on Alevizpoulos."
(Operating Target #1)
Public Records = information in the public domain which can be obtained without resorting to covert investigation or illegal measures.