The 558 Program: Page 5

Notes & Jargon

"Update the DA pack ..."
(Operating Target #11)
The technique of "Dead Agenting" - discrediting - opponents is a key component of L. Ron Hubbard's public relations "technology". A DA pack is a dossier of negative information on a critic of Scientology, which is then disseminated in an effort to ruin his reputation.
"... the foreseen successor of Seraphis ... "
(Operating Target #12)
Metropolitan Serapis was at the time the head of the Greek Orthodox Church. The intention here appears to have been to give his successor information favourable to Scientology. so that he would from the outset be less disposed to support anti-cult campaigners.
"Get the priest's last book studied by the U-Man lawyer ..."
(Operating Target #15)
This is intriguing evidence of a connection between OSA and U-Man, an organisation which is a subdivision of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). WISE supposedly is separate from the Church of Scientology International, the body which manages Scientology orgs and of which OSA is a part. Yet here we have an OSA staff member issuing orders to a lawyer from a separate entity - which, of course, raises questions as to just how separate they really are.
"... forward it to the interested terminals."
(Operating Target #17)
A terminal is simply a person in a particular post; hence, instead of forwarding it to a staff member or post-holder, in Scientology one would forward it to a "terminal." Some critics have argued that such terminology is intended to depersonalise Scientology staff members.