The 558 Program: Page 6

Notes & Jargon

"... collecting information on her that can be used to convince her to sto [sic] attacking the church."
(Operating Target #19)
This sounds ominous; the way this target is phrased suggests something akin to blackmail. Presumably the information to be collected would be information which the person would not want to be publicised.
HCO and Qual
(Operating Target #22)
Two of Scientology's seven organisational divisions. HCO, or Hubbard Communications Office, administers (amongst other things) the strict code of ethics under which Scientologists live, while Qual, or the Qualifications Division, has amongst its tasks "Locates and corrects failures to standardly apply the technology"; in this case, "handling" a Potential Trouble Source (see below).
PTS type C
(Operating Target #22)
PTS = Potential Trouble Source, "Any person who, while active in Scientology or a preclear, remains connected to a Suppressive Person or Group." A Type C PTS is one who has a family or social connection to an SP and will therefore be required to "disconnect," or sever all links with that family member or friend. Disconnection was publicly renounced in 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard, who informed the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology in New Zealand in 1969 (see p27 of its Report) that

"I have taken this [policy] up with the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology, and they have no intention of re-introducing this policy, which was cancelled on the 15th November, 1968.

For my part, I can see no reason why this policy should ever be reintroduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was not acceptable.

However, it was reinstituted in the 1980s and continues in use to this day.

"Get a perception line established and functioning around the court."
(Operating Target #23)
A "perception line" is ........ . It is significant that the person assigned this task is the Investigations Officer Greece, the person in charge of managing covert and overt operations; this Target may be calling for the infiltration of the relevant court in Athens.