The 558 Program: Page 8


Notes & Jargon 

(Operating Target #37c)
Disbursement Vouchers - approval for payments.
(Operating Target #38)
Scientology Missions International, the corporate entity responsible for the management of missions such as KEFE.  It requires missions to pay hefty "tithes" - in 1994, $39988.36 was handed over by KEFE to SMI.
(Operating Target #40)
A CSW is a Completed Staff Work - a procedure offered by a staff member in order to 
achieve something. It must spell out the problem and provide a solution. It is then OKAYED 
or REJECTED by a supervisor, in this case a person in OSA Int.
"Get the expertise on Scientology as a religion completed." 
(Operating Target #41)
Scientology is fully recognised as a religion in only a few countries (notably the United States, where most Scientologists are based.)  The organisation has therefore long sought to play up its religious credentials by commissioning "expertises," or opinions, from renowned academics.