The 558 Program: Page 9

Notes & Jargon 

"... get Athens mission [KEFE] set up as a Church in Greece."  
(Operating Target #42)
Scientology Missions were originally known as "Franchises," a revealingly commercial term dropped in the 1970s.  Following the organisation's internal coup in the early 1980s, the Missions were stripped of their autonomous status and placed under close supervision through the Scientology Missions International (SMI) corporate entity.
"Get the DSA mini hatted." 
(Operating Target #50)
A hat, in Scientologese, is a post.  Hatting someone means training them in the relevant policy directives.  Hence minihatting someone means giving them enough policy training to get them functioning on a post.
(Operating Targets #51, #53)
ESTablishment Officer - a person who is responsible for matters like training and the staff's physical accomodation.