Intelligence Estimate on Miltiadis Evert (1995)

Notes & Jargon

Karazitjs A mistransliteration of the name of [Radovan] Karadic, former president of the Bosnian Serb Republic, indicted war criminal and psychiatrist - the latter making him a favourite hate figure for Scientologists.
KEFE Greek Center of Applied Philosophy - Scientology's outpost in Greece.
Nea Dimocratia New Democracy, Greece's main centre-right opposition party, led by Constantine Mitsotakis.

"driven in PTSness" A PTS (Potential Trouble Source) is, according to Hubbard, "any person who, while active in Scientology remains connected to a suppressive person or group." PTSness therefore is the state of being a PTS.
O.C.A. Oxford Capacity Analysis - a rigged "personality test" used to recruit people into Scientology by diagnosing supposed character flaws.
"a full cog VGIs" A cognition with Very Good Indicators - i.e. a very evident realisation.
"applying conditions tech
on his dynamics"
Using one of the "condition formulae" devised by Hubbard in the 1960s to manage personal relations in various areas, or dynamics, of life - such as family, society, nature, the universe etc. A person is awarded a "condition" depending on their "operating state" with regard to their dynamics - for instance, "Power", "Affluence", "Liability", "Doubt", "Enemy", or "Treason" (amongst others). Supposing that Matsakis was awarded a condition of "Liability" for his actions, he would have been required to follow the "Liability Formula":
  1. Decide who are one's friends.
  2. Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.
  3. Make up the damage one has done by personal contribution far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.
  4. Apply for re-entry to the group by asking the permission of each member of it to rejoin and rejoining only by majority permission, and if refused, repeating (2) and (3) and (4) until one is allowed to be a group member again.