SEUS SEC                                       March 5, 1976

                            Re BASE

Dear Duke,

For your info I spoke to  Joe today on the phone.  Joe has taken  Don
off of paper work and is aware of the need for CDC data from that area.
He got the telex and is working on it.  He is pushing Public Media pgm.

He is working as well on getting 2D data on Cazares mistress who looks
from the description like a perfect for us--rumored to be after mayor for
financial consideration--mayor rumored to be devoted to her.

Joe has an op mocked up and sent up based on this.

In addition Joe told me that the Mayor will be in DC for a national Mayor
a conference March 13-17.  *

I checked up on this and there is a conference scheduled for that period.
I am having DC put together fast a report on the upcoming conference
pprimarily where it will be and when (in detail) and locate where Cazar s
will be staying.

I am now working on a set of Ops type actions which could be done to
welcome the Mayor to the nations capital.


                                        Mike C

  Note this will involve meetings with