"A" Routing                           4 December 1975

Coll Off Info US
                                      cc:  CS-G

               RE:  1361 LA

               LA INTEL FILES

               ENTIRE FILE # 10  PART I

Dear Cindy,

     There is a write up regarding Terry Milner that gives data
about him and about the Intel Section of the GO,  and also
activities that Terry and John St John had. (JSJ also author
of this report).  (pg 1)

     Terry gave JSJ data on the Process and a few documents
about it.  (pg 4)

     They also had a big discussion regarding Manson family
and the house on Bonnie Brea "Thetan Manor" and the connections
that it had.  (pg 5, 6, & 7)

     There are some hand written notes about the early 50's
and Ron's wife leaving him,  and it says that he beat her up.
(pg 18)

     There is a file in here on Jerome Addison Johnson. (pg 25)

     There is a note in this file that notes that Scn was
mentioned within the body of the first probation report.  (pg 34)

     In a letter to the Judge, JJ writes that he is involved
in Scn and loves the classes and talkes about joining the Sea
Org.  (pg 42)

     In acourt document it is statesd the defendant (JJ) has
been a student of Scientology and he hopes to complete a four
year program.  (pg 49)

     There is a copy of the Medical Examiner-Coroner Report
for Doreen Gaul dated Nov 21, 1969.  (pg 84)

     There is also a file in here labeled "Scientology Murders"
(pg 90)(Seems to be just rough notes in this file.)

     There is a follow up report to the AO theft dated June 8,
1969, that is Al Boughton giving the data of what was stolen,
and details,  etc.  (pg 102)

(page 2) There is an inter-department memo from the City of Santa Monica dated Sept. 26, 65 which is an investigation report submitted upon request. Subject - C of S of C. (pg 108) The report states that the LAPD Bunco has a copy of the Scotland Yard report, and is forwarding it to City of Santa Monica upon the request. (Pg 109, 1) Charlotte Murphy of the US Attorney Generals Office DC also supplied data to the City of Santa Monica (pg 109, 2) They are also in comm with the State Dept of Medical Examiners, and it says that they will be getting more data from them too. (pg 110) The Chief of Police of the City of Arcadia, Calif, did an investigation of Scn and got in comm with LAPD, City of Glendale, Santa Monica, and Tustin. (pg 111) There is an unsigned report that says on Sept 13, 68, data rec'd that LRH was arrested a few years ago on counter- feiting, went to trial defended by Attorney Williams, won and paid in counterfeit money. (pg 113) Dept of Justice sends the IRS in Las Vegas call on Eugene Brading. (pg 123) There is a report that Eugene Brading aka Jim Brading may be associated with the two Kennedy murders and with Scientology. (pg 153) There is an information report about the incident where TIPs was believed to be a front group or the CIA. so this was checked out which blew the cover for TIPS. (pg 174) Investigation report of 1/2/74 says that the FBI is checking out rumors that due to Scn loosing its tax exempt status, that it will now invest large amounts in front groups. (pg. 185) The Scotland Yard report dated 18 Sept 65, was sent to the LAPD, supplied (what appears to be) on request. (pg 187) There is a paragraph on how Scn is socially (illegible), alienates members of families, etc. (pg 190, 1) It also states that there is no power existing under the law to prohibit Scn but the Gov't will be ready to take all steps in order to curb its growth. (pg 190, 2) This gives the data about LRH being arrested in San Luis Obisbo in 1948, and being fined $25.00, and being (illegible) bankrupt in Philidelphia in 1952. (pg 191) There is a coroners report on the death of (illegible) (pg 200 & 201) That's it for Part I. Love, (illegible)