March 3, 1975

                      RE: ALPINE, TEXAS/CAZARES

Feb 25, mission fired to Alpine, Texas with major target to provide
documentation usable by Legal and Info of the facts surrounding the alleged
birth of Gabriel Cazares there in Jan 31, 1920 and with purpose of completing
a standard B1 investigation there to provide documented facts of use.

Feb 26 missionaire visited the Brewster Co. Clerks office and obtained
a statement that there was no record of Cazares birth in the county.
Civil and criminal records were checked back 70 years--no record of
Cazares family. (p. 8,1)

Missionaire visited with the Mayor who was cooperative and suggested
contacting city counselman Herman Gonzales, Justice of the Peace
Hallie Stilwell and checking the catholic church for Baptismal records.
Mayo said she had checked with city council and no-one on it had heard
of Cazares. (p8,2 &3)

Missionaire visited the local Catholic Church had baptismal records
checked 1926-1976 no Cazares, statemtn obtained from priest to that evvect.

The doctor who has benen lontest in the area (Dr. Hill) was checked. His
records only go back to 1938.  (p. 9,2)

Mrs. Chavez the earliest practicing Midwive located had never heard
of the Cazares family.  (p. 9,3)

Affidavits were obtained from three long-time residents County Commissioner
Robert Valaisa, Manuel Gonzales and Herman Gonzales. xxxxxxxxxx. (p. 10, 1&2)
                                                                 (p. 11, 1)

The manger of the Trans-Pecos abstract co, Mrs. Hopson checked records there
and found no records on Cazares at all (would cover birth records) (p. 10,3)

Herman Gonzales who gave an affadavit said he would try to get birth
records checked in Chihuahua through a friend of his and wuld send the
[illegible] any data obtained.  He estimated it would take 15 days. (p. 10,9)

Justice of the Peace Stillwell was approached.  She gave a story [illegible]
that she had been in Alpine since 19x10 and did not know the Cazares.

Affidavit was also obtained from long-time resident Robert La [illegible],
who did not know the Cazares. (p. 12,1)

The Chief of Police in Alpine examined the documentiation and suggested
alerting the state police on Cazares as they might want to track him down.
               (p. 12,2)

Chief of police felt documentation would be enough to nail Cazares and
felt Cazares was a crook.  Suggested contact Texas and Fla state Police.
This was not done.  (p. 13,1)

Border Patrol was visited.  Had no records back that far. )(p. 13,2)

-2- Mayor wrote letter stating that the full city council had been checked and no knowledge of Cazares. (p. 13,3) Local library was checked, and arti le was found showing the birth of a baby boy on Jan. 30, 1920 to J. O. Cazares. Boy to be named "Alpine Bill." (p. 13x,4) [two lines illegible] On recheck at the library the microfilm of the newspaper with the alpine article was found to be somehow misplaced and not locatable. (p. 14,2) ([illegible] with proper search of the librry it could be found with [illegible]) The graveyard was checked-no cazares graves were found. (p. 14,3) Mayor did state that it was not unusual for people in the area not to have birth certs especially if born at home. Less unusual not to have baptismal cert. Affadavit or some sort of proof such as this would be required to confirm birth to get birth cert. (p. 15) Cazares would have a tough time doing this. (p. 16) List of docs obtained: 2 showing no birth cert; one showing no baptism; one showing no death; 6 from residents showing no knowledge of Cazares-- long time residents; newspaper article on Alpine Bill birth Jan. 30, 1920; book documenting population of alpine in period 1914-1927. Love, Mike