14 February 1977
DG Info US


                         RE: ARM PAC DIRECTORATE

Dear Dick:

You have requested that a daily report be made to yourself of the ARM acti-
vities in the PAC area:

San Diego:   It was determined that Sandra Sachs is deprogramming at her
home, after it was finally found at 1424 Volclay Dr., San Diego.  This is
a new street an residential area, which is the reason it was not found by
the last mission sent to San Diego.   The track of homes she lives in is
priced from $40,000 to $90,000.  Which seems a nice hunk of money for a
single woman.  Our FSM checked with the Orange County Probation Officer,
Margaret Drier, who had handled Ted Patrick's return to jail, and she
would not say if Patrick was out again,  or if Sandra Sachs was on proba-
tion.   This can be verified through the LA County Parole Officer or the
San Diego Policeman who is on lines.   There is a rumor between the HK's
in San Diego which indicates that there is someone in theSanta Barbara
area who is training others to infiltrate groups and take out dissidents
and segregate them (no parents targeting their kids,  or parents hiring an
infiltrator to take on kid by getting him dissatisfied from within) -
more data is being gotten on this and will follow this through.  Just 
learned that there is a District Attorney in San Diego who hates Ted Pa-
trick, this is Rick Stanford.

Evidentally Chad Hughes has a friend within the LAPS , and Chad has been
receiving reports on murders and concealed weapons being carried by HK mem-
bers.  He has thus far told this story to Henrietta Crampton and William
Rambur.  There is a picketplanned on the HK Temple in LA on 19 Feb.  Bill
Rambur claims to know San Francisco IRS employees who call him by his first
name (we are attempting to get those names)

AS San Diego is sending her reports to late to really handle some of the
prediction she is getting, I will handle her on this to see that the data
flow speeds up so as to be of use.

Los Angeles: We are currently making headway with the Brotherhood of the
Sun.  Incidentally they are sitting back waiting for Scn. to come and help
them.  We currently have someone who can stay with that group and urge
them on or just quietly sit back and watch.   It was determined that Ted
P atrick was hired out of the Prison work team by Mr. Haugwirth, as that
can be done through the prison system - the only part is that he was hired
out of Orange County into LA County and there maybe extra complications on
this.   We are having a Parole Officer solicit the work furlough papers
of Ted Patrick;  as it may even lead to other times Patrick was let out of
jail on a similar scene.

Found out that Melodyland, Santa Barbara, is conducting deprogramming of sorts. They evidentally lock people up in a little room and set a tape recording going negative to their religion, and later they would turn a taperecorder on to tape their confused ramblings. This is a di- rect connection to Walter Martin, as he is often a speaker and supporter of Melodyland. It was also determined that Phillip Enroth may also be cooperating with Ted Patrick in deprogramming efforts. San Francisco: As you know we are setting up a kidnapping to be done eventually by Michale Trauscht, so as to set him up for fraud charges by the parents. We are currently working on this as there is a family already recruited and one of the children is with NEDS. The plan of action is to have this person visit or be takenby her mother to these various counselors located in San Francisco. Counselors are actually deprogrammers however they claim to have a different technique. Plan is to have her fail each attempts, to were the mother wants Trauscht as her only hope. From here the regular procedures are gone through and she eventually turns against Trauscht with all the goods on him. There is also another FSM who is in communication with the anti-cult groups in that area, and who is looking for Frances Rufty through those people and by tracing down the cars visiting the house in Berkeley where Trauscht had stayed. I had the AG I S F down here for debug on why I got no reports from him, even though on the weekly there were plenty of indications that he had actions ongoing. He was sent to craming, and it was found that he was not really alligned with his seniors and so Dorothy sent him back to get an admin scale for his post and checkouts on pertinent PLs to be done by the ES TO. If this scene does not straighten out within a couple of days, I will write the AG SFO and order that a sec check be done imme- diately. Love, Sandy