GO 121569 MSH (1)                          December 15, 1969

To: All DJA/Guardians for Intelligence

OBSERVATION:  We now know that the main line of attack on Scientology
has been undertaken by the people or groups directly associated with
WFMH.  We do not know if there is any person or group behind the WFMH
which directs them in their actions or in their policies toward us.

MAJOR TARGET:  To keep ourselves fully informed with regard to the
WFMH, persons connected to it and the groups and persons connected to
these groups, to the end result that their actions against us can be
exposed fully.


1.  This action is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or D/A/Guardian for
Intelligence, if held separately from the Asst. Guardian.

2.  To establish, add to and keep up-to-date files containing all 
information gathered.


1.  To keep the Asst. Guardian and the Guardian WW advised as to the
results of such information and to present it in evaluated, digested

2.  To provide other Guardian Office personnel with data they can use
in their actions.


1.  To locate and investigate any member or group of the WFMH in your

2.  To collect all data with regard to all such members or groups in
your area.

3.  To infiltrate any such groups in your area.

4.  To do everything to obtain documentary evidence of their attacks
upon us.

5.  To obtain advance information with regard to any actions or
intentions directed against us.

6.  To keep all information and data collected in files, carefully
cross filed.

7.  To do everything possible in the collection of such data.

8.  To do everything possible to inhibit or stop any actions directed
against us.

9.  To discover any third-party or dead-agent-type activities which
they may be conducting against us so that it can be corrected and
handled at once.

10. To immediately investigate any attack against us in your area to
find if any person or persons so attacking are connected in any way
to persons or groups connected to the WFMH and to obtain evidence
and documents to reveal such connections.

11. To make and send reports on same to the D/Guardians for

PRODUCTION TARGET:  This is a continuing programme.  A lot of work
has been done thus far; however, some areas have done little or
nothing [missing words] should immediately do so.

                                  Mary Sue Hubbard