DDG US (AE)                                   Nov.3,1976

cc:CSG Asst Info(AE)
cc: US Dir Sec BI WW
cc: Info Pgms Off WW(AE)
cc: Guardian WW--G/Comm WW
cc: DG US--DG Comm US
cc: SE Sec BI US
cc: DG Info US
Info Pgms Off US(AE)
cc: AG Flag
cc: Info Pgms Off Flag(AD)
AG Info Flag

                     COMPLAINCE REPORT
                     G Pgm O 398-Tgt.42

Dear Duke;


Many actions have been done on this target which have brought
about a product as called for in the target.Phone calls,3P letters
spreading rumors inside his camp, contributing to disorganization
in his campaign, giving data to Young on Cazares, all contribute
to the final outcome of Cazares not being elected.

Attached as evidence is a copy of the St.Pete Times article on
the outcome with the headline.."YOUNG SWAMPS CAZARES FOR CONGRESS".


This is in compliance to this target. Also attached is an attest
 of actions taken to help bring this about.


                                     JOE (Lisa)