23 March 1976

               OP ITALIAN FOG 

MAJOR TARGET: To discredit C W's Mayor and weaken his power
in his attacking actions at the Base.


SE SEC working in liaison with OPS NAT.

To weaken Mayor's attacking power.

SE SEC and AG I F  taking responsibility for the area.

OPS NAT responsible for the overall planning of this project.

OPS NAT responsible for any debugging necessary on this project.

SE SEC and AG I F using their organizations.


To locate a Mexican that can carry this project out without
any negative kickbacks.

To get the documentation mocked up and "planted".

To find out with certainty when the Mayor was in Mexico.

To find and interview Mayor's mother.

-2- OP ITALIAN FOG 1) Find out what Mexican town is nearest to Alpine Texas. ___________ SE SEC 2) Find out when the Mayor himself, stated that he was in Alpine, or the Alpine area.( in print, something published) This must be 100% varified. ___________ SE SEC 3) Ascertain exactly, admin wize, what occurs when someone gets married in a small town (bordor town). Does the Licence stay in the town with a copy sent to Mexico City or the Capitol of the State. Does the Police get a copy. Is a copy sent to the US always? If so where. Was the same procedure used 20 years ago? Were records sent to Capitols 20 years agp? Were they sent to the US 20 years ago. Do any other Mexican departments have records on this? The idea here, is to find out what records would exist if someone were to have gotton married in a bordor town 20 or 25 years ago. That is an American getting married in a Mexican Bordor town. ___________ SE SEC 4) If the records rutn out to be a simple procedure just a copy in Mexico City or just a copy in the Bordor town, work out a way to get a sample actual record of a marrage like the one explained in target #3. Find out how to put in a false doc into their files or how to bribe an official to do it. ___________ SE SEC 5) When the above is done recruit a Mexican FSM (one who has done similar actions before) See that Docs are put into the proper files showing that the Mayor was married in Mexico about 25 years ago. A Mexican girl will have to dug up. One that can't be located. ___________ SE SEC 6) Ship the above info to Base. So that an anonimous call can be made to the CW Sun to write to Mexico to get the info . _________ AG I Base