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Dear Joe,

   The following rumours were instructed to be laid in to the
CW Sun and the Chamber of Commerce, they were not implemented,today
as the opportunity to put them in with security was not available.
They are:

      A conversation was overheard in which some SCNists
   said that LRH was in Europe and that he lived there.  He
   had come to CW to do some photography and records some
   choirs.  He visited churches in the area and did some
   recording and then left.  He was also in the area to set
   up the United Churches operation; but then left to return
   to his home in Europe.

      Current instructions to some friends are that he was
   not here for the setting up of UC, but was here for his
   own relaxation and recording.  As nothing went down on these
   lines it's within the scope of the current plans, which are
   that he was not here for UC purposes.

      This should get laid in to the newsroom of the CW Sun
   tomorrow.  It is doubtful that the Chamber will get this
   data from one of the friends as it would be too much of
   an out-point and jeopardize her cover.

      Monica, an employee at Henry's newsstand heard that
   LRH is in Europe.  Her comment was "How can they serve him
   if he's in Europe; how can they bring him back?"  Monica
   is usually quite friendly, but she cooled off a little
   today.  (It should be noted that Cazares frequents this
   newsstand regularly)

      That's it.


                       Collections Officer