To ruin Mayor Gabriel Cazares' political career by spreading a
scandal about his sex life broadly.


1. AG Info and Br I Dir to fully understand and carry out this

2. AG Info and Br I Dir and others as needed to carry this out.

3. To ruin Cazares' political career with political/sex scandal.

4. AG Info and Br I Dir working out the logistics of this pgm.

5. D/AG Info de-bugging as needed to get products moving.

6. AGI mocking up new targets as needed to get the major tgt
  and reviewing this pgm for effectiveness and plan accordingly.


1. That the survey is done on the campus that Larry Galantis is on.

2. That Larry Galantis is physically seen and identified.

3. That Lina Galantis is physically identified.

4. That surveys are mimeo'ed of(200).


1. If the survey shows that affairs outside marriage is unacceptable
  then go on with the programme.If not then review and do another Op.


1. Stake out 623 Palm Drive,Dunedin,Fla, and identify Larry Galantis.
  Get pictures if possible,if not, a good description.

                                                        DIR BR I

2. Determine from the college registrar at St.Petersburg Jr College
  if Larry Galantis is registered at the school,if so what class.

                                                        DIR BR I

2a. If so then his activities on campus are to be observed, his movements, habits, where he goes,who he hangs around, etc. ___________ DIR BR I 3. Get someone who looks like a college student to to the campus and get a St.Petersburg Junior College T-shirt. Wash the Shirt and don't iron out after, so it looks worn. ___________ DIR BR I 4. With this "student" wearing the T-shirt, the survey is to be done on the campus.The best hours for this would be between 10am-12noon. ___________ DIR BR I 5. Larry Galantis' classmates and people in his immediate area are to be surveyed,including him. ___________ DIR BR I 6. Survey results are to be tabukated and determined if it's a button on campus and with Larry Galantis(per survey questions). ___________ AGI/DIR BR I NOTE: ASSUMING IT IS A BUTTON DO THE FOLLOWING:(If it is not a button [illegible] and mock up a new Op). 7. Find peaople near Larry but not close to him and spread the rumor that Larry Galantis' mother is having an affair with Gabe Cazares, Mayor of Clearwater and he's ruining her life. ___________ DIR BR I 8. This is to be spread by about 3-4 different people on the campus over a 2-3 day period. ___________ NOTE: The implication is that Lina's life is ruined. DIR BR I 9. This is to be said to different people on campus and the rumor spreaders are to say it to each other, in the school bookstore, in the caferteria, etc.(the surveyor should not be one of the rumor spreaders). ___________ DIR BR I Note:THIS IS TO BE SAID OVER AND OVER TO ALL SPOKEN TO: " DID YOU HEAR THAT THE MAYOR OF CLEARWATER--CAZARES--IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH LARRY GALANTIS' MOTHER...HE'S IN (CLASS)ie: Psych 201".
10.When this rumor has been spread around campus for 2-3 days then on the last day of the rumor spreading a young man (should sound as close as possible to Larry Galantis as possible) calls Mayor Cazares' house and speaks to Mrs. Cazares. Note: His tone is to be Grief and then anger. In grief he says: "Your husband is a hypercrite and should stay away from my mother. It's all over campus and I'm pointed at and they're all laughing at me like I'm a fool or something. If he doesn't stay away from my mother I'm going to go to someone who will see that he is handled. does. If Mrs. Cazares asks who is this--the caller is to say:(NOW IN ANGER) " Just ask him about Lina, and while your at it be sure to tell him that he's a God Damn Hypocrite!! be sure to tell him THAT!" and hang up. 11. [illegible] that calls are to be made to Larry Galantis' home (college [illegible] for college students who [illegible] rumor), and some of the following is to be said: 1. "Hey man,I really dig your mother." 2. Is your mother as good as the Mayor says she is?" 3. "Lina gives good head." 4. I heard at the bookstore on campus that your mother doesn't charge." and other similar type calls. ___________ DIR BR I 12. If Lina answers(some should ask for her as well) the callers should say: a). "You are ruining Larry's life at school you slut." b). " Some mothing you are nothing but a (the Greek word for whore)". c). "Do you like young boys or just old Mayor's?" d). "I'm an instructor at Larry's school and I think that you would be
smart to discontinue your relationship with Mr.Cazares for the sake of Larry's future. I don't want to get involved but it might be good advise." ___________ DIR BR I 13. Wait one more day and have a "sweet young girl" call Larry at home and say the following: a)."I've seen you around campuis and I think it's a damn shame that the kids are talking like they are about your mother." b)."You don't know me, but you are human and I care what happens to you." c)."I think that the mayor is a damn hypocrite". 4)."Maybeyou should just call Mr.Cazares and tell him to get lost or something, I know why don't you just tell him he's a hypocrite." She is to get his feelings about the whole scene and see she could get him to agree to call the Mayor. If he says yes, then she is to leave the line open for further contact, hust as a friend. She can give a phony first name only and no phone number or address. ___________ DIR BR I 14. If he agrees to call the Mayor, then the girls is to follow up with another call the next day asking him if he called.If he did then the following is to be done. A)An unsigned letter is to go to the City Commission(pick on the person who would show it to the mayor, best a female Commissioner. not B) This letter is to be typed on campus at the library on the typerwriter used by the students on campus. C).The paper is to be letterhead from St.Petersburg Jr College bought at the school bookstore. D) The letter is to be mailed from the campus or close by if no mailbox is on campus. ___________ DIR BR I 15. The letter is to say: "Mayor Gabriel Cazares is a hypocrite and has ruined a womens reputation and her son's life,and future career."
16. The son of the lover"Larry" should make a call to the City Commissioner who he sent the letter to and say the following: 1. "I'm the one who sent the letter to you about the Mayor being a hypocrite and I want to establish one point, this is no joke, no hoax, it is the truth, the Mayor is having an affair with my mother(grief, heavy grief) and I don't know what to do. It's all over campus and I'm going to leave school, I don't want to live any more."(Heavy Grief, down to sobbing). 2. Wait for a response..might be why did you call me or who are you. "Larry" is to say..."I don't really know who to go to, I want something done about that hypocrite. His wife doesn't even beleive me. I'm ruined and my mothers going to have to get another job at another beauty shop out of town, we're going to have to move, he's a bastard(ANGER). I'm going to the newspaper .....I'm going to tell the State Ethics Board..oh! that's what I'm going to do. They won't let anyone know who we are and they will do something about him" "Do you think that's the right thing to do(this is to be said with good TR-I to get her into sympathy) "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?" Get reply and say goodbye andx thanks for the help. ___________ DIR BR I 17.Review all data and feedback and mock up or not new plans accordingly. ___________ AG I FLAG jl AG Info Flag March 3,1976