B1 Flag has sufficient terminals in the field
             in strategic positions to bing about the decline
             of Gabe Cazares as a political candidate, both
             locally and nationally.

             On November 3, 1976, Gabe Cazares will be out
             of a job and in the street looking for another
             to pay for his now monumental legal fees.
             This would entail (1) his resignation as the
             Mayor and (2) his losing the congressional race
             to Bill Young.  It would also entail his doing
             such a poor job as a candidate and spending
             money that he cannot wage another campaign for
             mayor in February 1977.

             1. Br 1 B1 Flag is there for the origination and
             execution of this project.

             2. The purpose of this project is to [illegible]
             [illegible] area attack [illegible] Gabe Cazares
             from his position of power, thus cutting off
             that attack.

             3. Br 1 Flag is responeible for the execution
             of this project.

             4. Normal FP lines are maintained for the ex-
             ecution of this project.

             5. Normal command and comm lines per the Info Bu
             and Flag GO org board are held, maintained and
             re-established for the execution of this project.

             6. This project is to dove-tail into the normal
             production lines of Br I Info Flag.


             1. Normal production and products are to be gotten
             out throughout the execution of this project.

             2. The targets of this project are to dove-tail
             with other bureau actions so as not to reveal the
             C of S as the source of the action.

             3. All security measures are to be reinforced.
                    a) Secure debrief areas
                    b) Brief debriefs, put in writing
                    c) No materials in FSMs spaces

4. That this project is in fact totally executed. OPERATING TARGETS: CHANNEL A: "You can't have your cake and eat it too!" INFO: Cazares plans to remain in the office of Mayor of Clearwater during his entire election. This would mean that if he fails in his bid for a Congressional seat, he would still be the Mayor. The City Commission was split on this action earlier in a vote of 2-2. Howard Lawrence the president of the Pinellas Democratic Committee said that he felt that Cazares should resign when the elec got close. Cazares gotpetitions saying he should stay in office. Thus: 1. As the CW Sun is currently conducting a sur to find out who the public are going to vote ensure that Cazares gets less than 20% of the _______________________ T/DIR BR I 2. Ensure that the results of the survey are to light in the Cazares campaign office. En is bought to the attention of Demo party are considering funding the campaign. __________________ T/DIR BR I 3. After the affects of the survey are bro light in the campaign, the FAM internally bring the following to the attention of Wexo or Henderson - the campaign managers "After talking with lots of people have told me that they feel that is trying to 'have his cake and too' - what they have told me is feel that he is trying to stay as mayor and not run a real camp They feel that he should resign he would get my vite." No source for this statement is given to be laid in almost simultaneously w of the poll, for maximum impact. _______________ T/DIR
4. a letter campaign is to be started into the CW Sun and the St. Pete Times, on the theme of Cazares should resign from office and the fact that he is doing neither job adequately. These are to be from untraceable citizens of CW. __________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 5. A couple of letters from "concerned democrats" are to be sent to Howard Lawrence of the Democratic Committee pressing for Cazares' resignation so he can run a successful campaign. ___________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 6. A couple of letters to the CW City Commission should be sent, complaining about the lack of attention that Cazares has paid to his duties as Mayor. This should be sent by someone who has followed Cazares' campaign closely, naming the dates of his campaign speeches, etc. This should be in the form of "start paddling or get out of the boat". Should go "Attn: Karen Deblaker". ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 7. CONDITIONAL: As it is expected that Cazares will try to gain sympathy from this action or take advantage of it politically, all lines should be monitored (internally in the campaign to the media). Based on this, OTs 4,5 & 6 are to be done again geared to attack the new line that Cazares takes, to the end of his resignation from office. ____________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG CHANNEL B: INFO: B1 Flag has sufficient lines to cut and up Cazares' campaign which he will be as a Congressional candidate and they be used. Thus: 1. Press releases into the CW Sun from the Ca
camp are to be reviewed. Major statements are to be removed from the lines and only the minor in- significant statements and promo are to be allowed through. These will be passed onto Jennifer Gavin with a "here's somemore garbage" attitude. ____________________________ T/BR I DIR FLAG 2. The FSM internally in the campaign is to make herself into a "valuable terminal" in the campaign because she is the one contacting the public on the lines and "knows what the people want" out of this campaign. _____________________________ T/BR I DIR FLAG 3. After OT #2 above is complete, FSM is to lay in the following: a) The public wants to know how Cazares would handle himself on the floor of Congress as they are concerned over his constant battles on the floor of city hall (ie, battles with Picet Floyd, etc.) (Get Cazares to go [illegible] in defending his actions) b) The public wants to know why Cazares made his filing of financeal disclosures late, "doesn't he know the rules". (This was an attack line of Young's) c) The public wants to know what qualifications Cazares has as a viable national candidate. What is his educational background, what is his history on national issues. d) Any other point which Young attacks on to be made into "public opinion" which the public wants answered, even people who support Cazares. NOTE: The action here is to force Cazares into a "glutz" situation of constantly defending himself and his actions, and remove all of his attack statements from local media lines. Force him to spend his campaign funds for his defense, not for his offense. CHANNEL C: INFO: It is currently known that Cazares' attorney, Doherty, wants off the case because he has not been paid. There is also the situation [illegible]
the city of CW is paying for his defense in the suit we filed against him. Thus: 1. FSM internally in the campaign is to mention that her husband is currently in practice with a very good firm of Gould, McFarland, Phillips, et al. ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 2. CONDITIONAL: Should the opportunity arise that Doherty's refusal to continue as Cazares' counsel arise in the campaign headquarters, FSM is to suggest that the FIRM be used as they are quite good. ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 3. CONDITIONAL: Based on #2 access is to be made to all of Cazares' legal files within the law firm and strategy designed from there. ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 4. CONDITIONAL: Based on the successful results of channels A & B, the possibility of an amended complaint filed against Cazares is to be looked over. It should be one in which the City of CW is let off the hook in the defense of Cazares as mayor and directed to him as an individual. This will tie him up with large legal commitments and deny him funds for any campaign bid in February for Mayor. ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG 5. Re-implement "glutz" button, for Cazares in the Mayoral campaign via FSM involving herself in the campaign, should he run again. ________________________________ T/DIR BR I FLAG Love, Tom