DDG INFO US                                20 July 1974



Dear Greg:

When I was back at DC, about 2½ months ago, you wrote and said that
I should write up for you the various cycles that I had worked on
and you would CSW for me an award on a typewriter for when
I came to US.

Currently, I am using Peter's typewriter, and am in need of one
 of my own, so, following are the majority of the major cycles
I worked on at DC:

Enemy files personally obtained:

1.  Interpol on Scientology
2.  Numerous files on Interpol - their internal files
3.  DC Police files (Dodell)
4.  FDA trial files (Dodell)
5.  Dodell PT data.
6.  All Customs withheld FOI files
7.  Regional Labor Department files on their investigation into FCDC
8.  National Labor files re minimum wage regulations, Church matters,
    etc., and verificationof no National Labor files on Scientology.
9.  Files re pending FOI hearings in Congress, giving the Justice
10.  Scandal files on DEA including the Defeo report and background
     material on the DeFeo repor
11.  Files on our FOI cases with Justice (prior to an FSM being used)
12.  Files re the AMA's attorneys including scandal data on the AMA
      and data re Scientology.
13.  Files on the St. Pete Times case re the St. Pete Times' attorneys
     in DC
14.  Miscellaneous Silver files on Scientology
15.  Small amount of US Postal Service files on Scientology
16.  Files re the IP move from Treas to Justice from the area senior
     to IP in Justice
17.  OIO files re LRH/MSH

I have been the CO for the obtaining of the following files:

1.  All IP material not personally obtained
2.  The majority of Silver material included the indexed documents,
PT data on the audit in Hawaii and Calif, etc., plus numerous
miscellaneous files on Scientology and other areas.
3.  Dea file on Scientology; DEA scandal data re IP and other groups
4.  All Justice files not personally obtained
5.  1361 Target 17 files
6.  Some of the APA files on Scientology and APA scandal data
7.  Some of the Ginsberg, Feldman and Bress files, not on Scientology
8.  Some of the AMA files
9.  Some of the CPDB files