G PGM O________


B1 US & B1 BASE as
  IK'd by DG I US
                                   Ref. GO Order 261175 LRH "POWER"
                                   Target 3

PROJECT INFO:  Regardless of the type of break in security the most
likely (and common) vehicle that could be used to pull the Clearwater
operation into any adverse effects created by the Tampa mission is
the public media (followed by the government).

     Therefore the best defensive action  is to establish the
indispensibility of United Churches with the public media and
local government agencies in the community.

     This can be done by creating with the media and government
terminals in the area an attitude and atmosphere that UC and any
of its member Churches are not to be attacked while giving the media
good stories to print.  Discussion with PR US has established the
following procedure as a highly workable way in which UC can become
indispensible with the local media, government and religious bodies
and the community at large.

     The overall plan is to locate opinion leaders - then, their
enemies, the dirt, scandal, vested interests, crimes of the
enemies (with overt data as much as possible).  Then turn this over to
UC who will approach the opinion leader and get his agreement to
look into a specific subject (which will lead to the enemies'
crimes).  UC then "discovers" the scandal, etc., and turns it over
to the opinion leader for his use.  Ops can be done as a follow
up if needed to remove or restrain the enemy.


B1 finds the Clearwater Mayor as an opinion leader and Mr. Shutz as
his enemy.  Overt (and suitable guise) investigation of Shutz shows
him to like little girls and that he walks in the park every
Sunday when he attempts to drag little girls into the bushes.
B1 turns this data over to UC.  UC goes to the mayor and gets his
OK to look into "what can be done to beautify Clearwater City Park."
Shortly after the Mayor gives his OK to look in to the Park UC
"discovers" that there are undesirables in the park and turns
the data over to the Mayor.  Several days later UC "discovers"
that Mr. Shutz molests little girls in the park and turns that
over to the Mayor managing to get press on the whole Park campaign
and to make a friend out of the Mayor.  Now if Shutz is also a
potential enemy of ours (which he might be after the above is done)
and the Mayor or newspaper hasn't removed him from a position of
power, then Ops does.

     There are of course many variations to this procedure, but
this will depend on the data found.  It should be varied.

     The project begins with religious opinion leaders for the purpose
of uniting the religious community with that of UC.  Once a religious
opinion leader has "joined" UC , he can then be used in the above
line up like this:  B1 does the same thing as above.  UC
instead of using the data itself gets the religious leader to act
on the data.

     This gives as wide a variety of use as we're successful at
getting Churches to join UC.  It also helps greatly to help PR
establish area control.