My Favorite Quote

Hubbard explains how aliens were captured and transported to Earth (Teegeeack) by the evil emperor Xenu 75 million years ago:

"They were imported. They were actually .. the trick was to shoot somebody, disable somebody, very often a needle into a lung and at the same time to hit him with frozen alcohol and glycol which preparation is guaranteed to pick up a Thetan. All they had to do was pick him up and put him in a refrigerator and they had him, boy. If he tried to exteriorize from the body, there he was, frozen.
And they threw 'em into collection points, boxed 'em up in boxes, threw 'em into space planes which were the exact copies of DC8's, the DC8 airplane is the exact copy of the space plane of that day. And, no difference, except the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't."

If you've got RealPlayer you can listen to the original recording where Hubbard says this!

Cult and Trademark Information

Be alarmed if you see the Scientology symbol, Scientology, Dianetics or L. Ron Hubbard
or any of their trademarks and service marks on publications etc
Operation Clambake.

Scientology is a trademarked criminal UFO cult involved in lawsuits all over the world,
causing personal sorrow and despair for individuals who are deceived by their methods.