My Favorite Quote

"This society belongs nominally to the Espinol United Stars. This is Sun 12, and it is one little tiny pinpoint. Their whole title is "Espinol United Stars..", pardon me, "Espinol United Moons, Planets and Asteroids, this part of the Universe is ours, Hup!"
But this, yeah, "This quarter of the Universe is ours," it translates better. "This quarter of the Universe is ours." And it's so much quarter of the universe, and this is so lost in the middle of it that there's been no command post occupied for this system now since 1150 A.D., at the time when a group on Mars was finally abolished and vanished, and so forth, and nobody took any interest in this system. This system has been running wild since that time."

From the lecture entitled "The Free Being", lecture 309 of the "Saint Hill Special Briefing Course". Audio recording of Hubbard having this lecture is available here in RealPlayer format.

Cult and Trademark Information

Be alarmed if you see the Scientology symbol, Scientology, Dianetics or L. Ron Hubbard
or any of their trademarks and service marks on publications etc
Operation Clambake.

Scientology is a trademarked criminal UFO cult involved in lawsuits all over the world,
causing personal sorrow and despair for individuals who are deceived by their methods.