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Scientology Org Chart

Scientology Org Chart

Over each division is a secretary (i.e., head of the treasury division is the treasury secretary).

Each division has three departments (i.e., Division 1 has the department of personnel, department of inspections and reports, and the department of communications.

Each department has various sections and units (i.e., ethics is a section of Division 1, Department of Inspections and Reports.

Div 1 is called HCO (Hubbard Communications Office). The senior over Div 1 is called the HAS (Hubbard Area Secretary).

Div 2 is the home of the Bookstore Officer. So is the Registrar and the printer.

Div 4 holds the HGC (Hubbard Guidance Center). Interesting that they call it "processing" rather than counseling or auditing, isn't it?

Div 5 has certs and awards, the examiner (you know, after you complete anything you go to the examiner who checks to make sure your "needle is floating.") Internships are run through Div 5 also. Staff Enhancement is one department of Div 5 where all staff are under the Director of Personnel Enhancement (a/k/a Staff Section Officer).

Div 6 is home to the chaplain, intro films, the "Div 6 courseroom" (the "raw meat" courseroom where everything is watered down from the Academy standards), etc. Body routing is somewhere in Div 6 too.


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