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Scientology Releases and Pilots new Tech
Drive by Protest!

As posted to alt.religion.scientology September 7th 1998

Bob Minton and Jesse Prince got picketed today using the new Scientology tech release “Drive by Protest”. As a note, the signs that they used had stick on letters and you could actually read them this time. Take a big pat on the back Miscavige, your brilliance shines through on this one.
Bob and Jesse quickly helped with the pilot and started bull baiting the protesters. By the way it was just one car with two people in it. We stood in the road and got some nice pictures of them (see alt.binaries.scientology for about 20 pictures). After awhile, it got boring so Bob and Jesse decided to spice it up Steven King style. They both got long handled axes and waited for them on both sides of the road. I swear you never seen windows go up so fast! Gone were the cocky little smiles replaced by terror.
Bob and Jesse decided to invite them in for lunch. We were having barbecue BT’s and Cluster soup. Being good little robots they declined as we all know robots only use oil.

Anyway we had great fun and I’m sure the Scientologist did to ;-)

BTW, It is really heartening for both Bob and me to see that that the picket signs yesterday and today focused on constitutional issues rather than on personal matters that could be hurtful to the Minton children who were here for both pickets.

Bob and Jesse, holding it down.

Its tough at the top!

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