One opened, more to go... Operation Clambake present:
Quick & Dirty Leaflet Project

We need some "quick & dirty" leaflets and fact sheets to hand out on pickets etc. Initially with no graphics, to make them easy to copy. Just well written text, good arguments and links to further info and reference on the net if available. They will finally be offered here as clean ASCII texts. Anybody with the skill and time to help with this project?

If you want to contribute, please send it to this e-mail address:

The suggested subjects so far (bold means suggestions received):

# AAbortions
BBody thetans, Brainwashing, Bridge to Total Freedom, Businesses CChildren, Clears, Comm Course, Court cases lost, Criminal acts
DDead agent (DA), Death, Deception, Degraded beings, Divorce EEducation
FFalse attests, Families, Flag, Freeloader, Front groups GGeneral, Government, Grid,
HHarassment, Hard sell, Hemet, Homosexuality, How you can help, Hubbard, Human rights violations IIntelligence (see OSA), Intimidation
JJokers and degraders, Judge's opinions of Scientology, Justice KKitty cats (The Vaughans' cat sanctuary)
LLabor law violations, Lawsuits, Legal abuse MMarriages, Medical claims, Money
NNannies, No-case-gain OOrgs, O/Ws, OSA, OT
PPersonality test, Personality changes, Priest/penitent privileged communications, Psychotic breaks, Purification Rundown QQuackery (practicing medicine without a license), Quotes
RRehabilitation Project Force (RPF), Religion, Rock slam SSea Org, SPs, St. Hill, Staff, Suicides
TTech, Testemonies Trademark litigation, Training Routines (TRs) UUniversal Solvent (the understanding one gains when there is complete affinity, reality and communication (ARC))
VViolations (see Human rights, constitutional and labor laws), Vernacular (scientologese) WWithholds (see O/Ws)
XXenu YYawning (sign of M/Us)
ZZenu (see Xenu) ?You got suggestions?

Also visit David Gerard's page: "Leaflets about, against and from Scientology"

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