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Ariane Jackson

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  1. OT8 denounces Scientology [06 Sep 1996]
    Debut post.
  2. NEW OT8 RUNDOWN [04 Sep 1996]
    A description of OT8, which is markedly different from the one in the Fishman Affidavit,
    which is thought to be a fake.
  3. The Running Program [07 Sep 1996]
    Alex Jackson describes the Running Program, having gone through it himself.
  4. Patron Meritorious the Jody Darling way [10 Sep 1996]
    ..or, how to become a Scientology bigwig by defrauding a friend.
    Albert Jaquier gave Scientology his all, and Scientology repaid him by leaving him to spend his
    last days alone, in ill-health, poverty and despair.
  6. **Biased Journalism** V2no18 The Jackson Story [26 Sep 1996]
    A report by Shelley Thomson.
  7. Going to Police/lawyers. [28 Sep 1996]
    A policy letter in which Scientologists are encouraged to obstruct justice.
  8. Second Dynamic Rules. [30 Sep 1996]
  9. An offer you can't refuse by CSI/OSA. [01 Oct 1996]
    About the staff covenant.
  10. CSI/OSA on tape. Operation Dumb and Dumber? [01 Oct 1996]
  11. CSI/OSA tape Part 2. Operation Dumb & Dumber? [01 Oct 1996]
  12. Another Patron Meritorious refusing to pay his debts.[09 Oct 1996]
  13. *Ariane Jackson--Hubbard says my Flag "auditors" were lazy, dishonest, fakes [27 Oct 1996]
  14. Re:*Ariane Jackson--Hubbard says my Flag "auditors" were lazy, dishonest, fakes [02 Nov 1996]

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