OT8 denounces Scientology
[06 Sep 1996]

Debut post.

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Here Ariane's first message. It didn't make it to the usenet, she
agreed that I post it.



Subject: OT8 denounces Scientology
From: ARIANE JACKSON <106231.2751@compuserve.com>

My name is Ariane Jackson and I intend to share some of the information I
have concerning the cult known as Scientology.This information covers the
experiences of myself and some of my friends and relatives during many
years. Some of this information is supported by very complete, original

I was involved in Scientology for 17 years and I attained the
highest available level, called "New OT8, Truth Revealed". I was also
trained as an "auditor" to "Class 6" and I have studied the "technology" of
"Class 12". I was a staff member at Flag Service Organization, Inc. in
Clearwater, Florida. My husband was involved for 20 years, attained
"Clear", was trained as an auditor and was also on staff. My ex-husband was
involved for 14 years, attained "OT7, Cause over Life", gave his fortune of
several million dollars to Scientology and died at the age of 59, within
days of being audited at Flag!

In Dec, 1995 my husband and I approached the "church" of
Scientology and requested that steps be taken to repair the damage we had
experienced as a result of our involvement. We met with a representative
from Flag and specified the damage as clearly as we could. We received
three responses. One was on Flag letterhead and was signed "Brian Anderson,
Church of Scientology, Flag Service Organization". (I wonder if this is the
same "Brian Anderson" that works for the Office of Special Affairs). The
letter stated that the way we presented our "cause"(sic) "appears to be
blackmail and an attempt to extort funds"

We also discovered another response which had been given to the
Procureur Général (Attorney General) for the state of Geneva. This was a
request by the Scientology center in Zurich to have us investigated by the
police for blackmail and extortion. Not only have we never been in the
center in Zurich, we have never spoken to anyone there. (In this complaint
they also accused me of having lied as a court witness against the cult and
said they would file a separate suit for that. Over 8 months later there is
still no suit filed!!). The Procureur Général denied the request. The cult
appealed. In the appeal the meeting we had with the Flag representative was
referred to and the tape recording of it was transcribed. However, the date
of the meeting was falsified and created the appearance that it was held
one month earlier than it was. The appeal was denied. The cult requested a
hearing. At the hearing the Procureur Général defended his position and
indicated he knew that this was an attempt to use the law to prevent us
from requesting damages. This appeal was also denied and the cult was
ordered to pay our costs.

We received a third response during a live TV broadcast in Paris
when I was interviewed and described some of my experiences in the cult.
The Scientology representative stated that I had made an offer to withdraw
from the show if they paid me 17 million dollars. This I had never done. I
have filed a suit for defamation.

Some, but by no means all, of the subjects I will address are as

1. The destructive effects on myself, on my personality, on my
behaviour and on my life of receiving Scientology levels including OT8,
auditor training, "ethics", and being subjected to the level of control
exercised by Scientology staff on other staff and public.

2. The various methods used to persuade my ex-husband to pay money.
These included daylong interviews by groups of salesmen, "investment
opportunities", donations to translate a book, donations to "protect
Scientology", etc., etc. Two of the "investment opportunities" where he
loaned almost half a million dollars in 1989 to a "patron" and a "patron
meritorious" of the International Association of Scientologists"(IAS)
turned out to be very bad "investments".These two patrons, who were vouched
for by other Scientologists, were Jody Darling, Glendale, CA and Hans
Rhyner, Weisslingen, Switzerland. They both failed miserably to fulfil the
terms of the loan agreements. My ex-husband tried for MORE THAN FOUR YEARS
to get them to pay what they owed but failed and actually died in the
attempt. Their failure to repay him added to the fact he had given so much
of his money to Scientology ruined him financially. The stress arising from
his bad financial position aggravated a heart condition for which he could
not afford proper medical care and which he had been persuaded Scientology
would resolve. This illness killed him before he could recover the money
owed to him.

The "church" of Scientology was fully aware of this situation and
was actually claiming to be administering "justice" in the affair, since my
ex-husband was prohibited, by Scientology policy, from taking ANY legal
action. At the time of his death Darling and Rhyner owed him around 650,000
dollars!! This is the "result" obtained by the cult's business and ethics
"technology". Darling raised his status in the cult from "patron with
honors" to patron meritorious shortly after my ex-husband "invested" in his
company. This step is achieved by paying IAS around 150,000 dollars. I will
detail Darling's "business dealings" later. He can be seen in Impact #28.

3. The effects of Scientology on my life as a wife and mother,
including two divorces, a husband (to whom I was married before the
ex-husband already mentioned) who was persuaded by auditing that he was
Jesus Christ reincarnated and could perform miracles but could not keep a
job to support our three young children. How I allowed my children to be
taken from me.

My husband and I, during the period of our involvement, had a total
of 4 divorces and 5 marriages with 6 children involved. To prove this
problem is not confined to just my husband and I, a review of the marital
experiences of all my ex-husbands and his ex-wives gives totals as
follows:- for 6 Scientologists, 9 divorces, 11 marriages and 13 children
with broken homes. Of these 6 people only 3 are currently married; my
husband and myself are two of them. Only two mariages have survived and one
of them is mine.( I have just heard that my 16 year old daughter, who is at
the cult's center in East Grinstead, England, is MARRIED!) This is the
result of the cult's "technology" for resolving marital problems.

4. The results of Scientology involvement on the professional lives
of individuals that I have witnessed. During my involvement I was totally
unable to achieve any success professionally. My ex-husband went from
successful businessman and self-made millionaire pre-cult to bankrupt, no
career and physically incapable of working after involvement. I have a list
of Scientologists who borrowed from my ex-husband and did not repay him.
Either they cannot repay because they are professional failures or they
refuse to pay because they are criminals.

5. The so-called "confidential" levels. From OT3 to OT7 all you
"handle" is BT's. OT4 is the effects of drugs on them, OT5 is NOTs, OT6 is
just a course to train you in more exotic ways of "finding" and "handling"
them, and OT7 is application of OT6. The only versions from the Fishman
letter still valid are OT1, OT2, OT3, and OT5. OT8 has totally changed and
has none of the Fishman version. It is actually just a review of all of the
person's auditing and a verification/nullification of discoveries the
person has made about himself. It consists of ONE question (in two parts)

I am very willing to discuss my experiences. I have provided court
testimonies and appeared on TV and given magazine interviews and I am
willing to do this also.

Ariane Jackson.

August 1996.

--- Tilman Hausherr [KoX]
tilman@berlin.snafu.de http://www.snafu.de/~tilman/#cos
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