[04 Sep 1996]

A description of OT8, which is markedly different from the one in the Fishman Affidavit,
which is thought to be a fake.

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From: (Cornelius Krasel)
Subject: Re: NEW OT8 RUNDOWN
Date: 4 Sep 1996 10:50:11 GMT
Organization: University of Wuerzburg, Germany
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First, I need to correct a mistake I made when I said the
Fishman version of OT5 is still valid, it is NOT. Dennis pointed
this out to me. I had forgotten that there was a version of OT5 in
the Fishman letter in addition to NOTs. That version of OT5 called
"Extroversion from MEST", is NO longer valid. OT5 is just NOTs.

I spent 17 years receiving very heavy criticism of, and
judgment on, my actions and decisions and was put under a
microscope before doing EVERY OT level. I received 100's of hours
of sec-checking into every aspect of my life, including my most
intimate thoughts and deeds. I was questioned at great length by
"Ethics Officers", sometimes in groups calling themselves "Boards
of Investigation". All this resulted in a conviction on my part
that I had NEVER made a good decision, that I was TOTALLY INCAPABLE
of doing so, and that I was a bad person. This experience made me
avoid decisions if at all possible, always defer to my husband or
a friend, ask my children's advice, do "what Ron would do", ask my
auditor, do nothing until forced to act when a situation
deteriorated, never disagree, etc., etc. Now I have decided to
"share" OT8 instead of using the threat to do so to secure
protection or other gain. I still don't know if it's the right decision.

I have NO OT8 materials in my possession. My description is
from memory, but, as you will see, there is not a lot to remember.
New OT8 consists of two parts; A and B. Part A is E-meter drills
and drilling actions required on a C/S 53 (this is an action
supposed to find and "handle" mental trauma arising from past bad
auditing or life situations that will interfere with auditing).
Part B consists of reading History of Man and getting very thoroughly
checked out on it, and studying and solo-auditing New OT8. The
description of the rundown given in the materials is not at all
precise. In that respect it differs from all other actions I did in
Scientology. There is no question(s) given in quotation marks. The
instructions simply state that you have to look over your past
auditing and take the past-life identities you have discovered you
were and check them on the E-meter to see if they are true or
false. You cannot look at your folders so you do the identities you
remember. Some of the people initially responsible for supervising
OT8 were RPF'd for giving us suggestions on what to do. Without
words put in our mouths we did not know what to do. The first thing
you do is the C/S 53. Then the instructions from the Case Supervisor
consist of
1. Fly a rud (ie. "handle" anything your attention is on)
2. OT8.
and the instructions do not change throughout the rundown.

Here is an example of what I did in an actual session, and
what I wrote because I had to write down what I did.

I took the identity "Beethoven" because I remembered having
"realised" in auditing that I "was" Beethoven. I looked at the
E-meter I was connected to and I thought about being Beethoven and
I thought the question "True?" and looked to see if the meter
reacted. It didn't. I thought the question "False?" and the meter
reacted. So I had NOT actually been Beethoven. Here is what I wrote
(it's in French, my native tongue)
Vrai? x ("x" means no meter reaction)
Faux? LF ("LF" means Long Fall, a meter reaction)
F/N (Floating Needle means the action concerning Beethoven is
finished and I am happy about it)

Of all the identities I checked on OT8 only one turned out to
be true. I was allowed to attest that I had finished when I had a
"big cognition" (ie. a realization) about death. I had had a very
strong fear of death which had not resolved in all the auditing I
had done. On OT8 I realised that I, the being, would never die and
I was "totally blown out" as Scientologists would say. I was now
OT8 and I came back home and promptly got sick.

Because of the hype OT8s are regarded as demi-gods and have to
conceal the problems and inadequacies they have. I had the opportunity
to study the "cases" of some OT8s and speak with others and I realised
I was by no means the only OT8 with problems. Some of the problems
suffered by OT8s are alcoholism, homosexuality (regarded by
Scientology as a degraded, perverted activity only indulged in by
individuals who are not worthy of having ANY rights in society),
extra-marital affairs, voyeurism, heart attacks, strokes,
criminality, and divorce.


Ariane Jackson,
Sept 1996.