The Running Program
[07 Sep 1996]

Alex Jackson describes the Running Program, having gone through it himself.

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From: (Deirdre)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The Running Program
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 1996 23:20:02 -0400
Organization: Knights of Xenu, Northeast Kingdom Chapter
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I recently posted that I didn't think the running program was widespread
and that I hadn't heard of cases outside of Int. I received an email
(which I was asked to post) contradicting my statement. I think some of
the other statements in this email are particularly interesting and I
hadn't previusly known.

Thanks Alex.


Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 15:48:47 -0400
Subject: Running Program
To: deirdre

Deirdre, I am Ariane's husband, Alex, and I saw a post of yours on ars
referring to the Running Program. I actually did the Running Program when I
was on staff at New World Corps (NWC) in early '83. It was supposed to be
being piloted by NWC. We ran in a corner of Griffith Park in Hollywood, a
few miles from the complex. It was not ostensibly a punishment action and
it was claimed by Hubbard to be a type of "undercut" to auditing. A large
number of RPFers were doing it and they were happy to be on it instead of
their usual "duties".
The "process" consisted of running around a large pole, which was
made of oil drums welded together and painted red. The radius of the circle
had to be at least 25ft to avoid damaging our ankles. There was an
"In-charge" whose job was to keep us running. We had to run till we were
too tired to run and then rest until we were rested and then run again. The
I/C had to adjudicate when you were rested but it was not too difficult to
show you needed some more rest. Some runners would "injure" their ankles
and they would walk until they could run. It may have been run more
brutally at Int, I don't know.
I saw Hana Eltringham(Whitfield) there, she was in the RPF, and
Suzette Hubbard, who was in CMO was put on it because "her case had got
totally snarled up on David Mayo's NOTs". She was Suzette Titmus but had
marital problems. Last I heard she was Suzette White. Some ASI staff were
also doing it, Richard Tinklingburg because he "had f*cked up big time on
Hubbard's finances". Jonno and Leslie Epstein were in the RPF and on it.
There was also an epileptic from INCOMM on it who said his epilepsy started
after OT3.
I read some of the materials on it because I was being trained to
be I/C. They were just unsigned messages, or maybe signed "R", I don't
remember. These messages claimed that "Hubbard" (we assumed the author was
Hubbard because no one else could invent "technology") had created a
renaissance a long time ago in a "sector" by doing this program on the
inhabitants who were at that time the equivalent of OT11 or 12 and did not
use bodies. He said he did it with two assistants and they just grabbed
thetans and made them go around this spot in space. He joked "We did not
know about ARC then". He said it created a huge doughnut of energy in
Part of the "theory" he said the program was based on was that the
thetan is negatively charged (this conflicts with his definition of a
static but he was incapable of seeing conflicts in what he wrote) and the
body is positively charged. This causes the thetan to be pulled into the
body. The positive charge on the body is either caused or aggravated by
the deficiency of minerals on this planet. He said these bodies were
designed to last several hundred years and they do so on planets that are
rich in minerals. So we had to take mega doses of minerals.
He claimed this program "handled" cases that had been totally
snarled up by auditing and no longer responded to auditing. He said it
"keyed out" the implants overwhelming the person, and when queried on the
EP he ordered that the runners run till "they are sane".
Most of the runners were doing it fulltime, 8 am to 10 pm but some,
who had staff posts, did it 5 hours a day. We filled out daily reports
which went to the C/S and covered what minerals we took, how long we ran,
wins, problems, etc.
Feel free to post this. We are still trying to work out how to post