Patron Meritorious the Jody Darling way
[10 Sep 1996]

..or, how to become a Scientology bigwig by defrauding a friend.

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Subject: Patron Meritorious the Jody Darling way
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 19:44:12 -0400
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In this article I will describe in detail the experiences of my ex-husband,
Albert Jaquier, in his business dealings with Jody Darling. Jody Darling is
a Patron Meritorious of the "church" of Scientology, member of the "Inner
Circle" of that cult, OT7, and president of Pacific Training Systems, a
Scientology company located at 108 N. Brand Blvd, Suite 202, Glendale, CA
91203. Phone 818 547 3514, Fax 818 547 3522. (The information that follows
is FULLY documented) .

Darling presented to Albert a lengthy, handwritten proposal, dated
23 July 1989, asking him to "invest" in the above company. Included was one
whole page detailing his Scientology credentials and naming CofS officials
who could vouch for him. At that time he was not Patron Meritorious(which
requires a $250,000 payment to IAS-the International Association of
Scientologists), he was just "Patron with honors"(which requires a $100,000
payment). In the proposal he promised annual profits of 18-25% on the
investment, quote " Our investment options give a return on the order of
18-25%". The proposal was in French since Albert did not speak English.
Albert agreed to "invest" $200,000; $100,000 as purchase of "stock"
and $100,000 as a loan at 21.6% interest (interest rate suggested by
Darling). A contract was signed on 5 August 1989, and Albert made
arrangements to transfer the money from Switzerland.

On 18 August 89, Darling sent a fax that starts out by asking what
name to put on the "stock certificates" but then gets down to what he
really wants to know--where is the MONEY. He asks when it will be ready,
what bank it will be in etc. The fax header, and fax # he gives, are those
relevant because it indicates the possibility that the money, or part of
it, was in fact going to IAS. It is absolutely forbidden, by Hubbard
policy, to use the equipment of Scientology organizations(orgs) for
ANYTHING other than "org business". It is also forbidden to transact ANY
private business deals on the property of Flag Service Organization,
Inc.(FSO). The ONLY reason it would be acceptable to IAS for Darling to use
their office and equipment would be if they benefitted from his doing so.
We shall see that they apparently did benefit. He sent another fax on
August 20, 89, also from the IAS office, giving his bank account # and
promising he would send the "loan documents" and "stock certificates" IN
TWO WEEKS. Over 5 years later, at the time of his death, Albert had still

Back to the chronology of events:- Darling received the $200,000 on
22 August 89 and two weeks later got around to acknowledging that fact. He
did not bother to translate his fax into French, he just left that for
Albert to do. In the fax he says :-

"..... you are due payments each month in the following amounts:

$100,000 loan - rate 21.6%

$100,000 stock investment paying a guaranteed
rate of 15% per year
Total monthly return

American law allows us to pay a maximum interest rate of 15% on
loans....... There is also an additional tax complication in paying you
"dividends" in the U.S. in that we would incur "double taxation" (You would
be taxed on your profits within Pacific Training Systems as corporate tax,
and also pay taxes through Jaquier Investments corporate tax on the monies
you received) if we called your stock returns "dividends".
In order to simplify these problems, I would like to pay your monthly
returns in two ways:

1. A monthly check for $1,250 that we would call an interest payment on the
loan. This would calculate to the acceptable 15% annual return.

2. The remaining $1,800 per month paid to you as consulting services for
International Business advice. This would categorize this money as a
business expense that would not be taxable to Pacific Training Systems."
(end of quote) Whatta guy!! (Jaquier Investments was Albert's own company).
Sinse Albert only owned 5% of Pacific Training, the "consulting services"
tax evasion would save him only 5% of the tax on $1800 and would save
Darling 95% of the tax.

The next development was accidentally discovered by Albert later
and explained, for him, not only the use of the IAS ofice by Darling to
send and receive his business faxes but also Darling's failure to repay the
loan. In the IAS magazine "Impact" Iss # 28, there is a photograph of
Darling being congratulated by Heber Jentzsch on JANUARY 13, 1990 for
buying his Patron Meritorious!! So Darling paid IAS $150,000 to convert his
Patron with honors to Patron Meritorious sometime between receiving the
money from Albert and January 13,1990. In fact there is a memo handwritten
by Albert to the effect that the wife of an IAS salesman confirmed that
$150,000 of the money Albert gave to Darling was paid to IAS for Darling's
Patron Meritorious. Albert had been told his money was "invested" in
Darling's company, in "stocks" and a "loan"!! On March 12, 1990 Darling
sent another fax, again from the IAS office.

Darling was supposed to pay the interest and dividends he promised
monthly and on August 20, 1990 repay the $100,000 loan. When it came time
to repay the loan he not only did not repay but also stopped making regular
monthly repayments. After August 1990 the LEAST amount he was OVERDUE on
his payments was $83,000 and his payments became increasingly more

At the end of July 1990, Albert reminded Darling that the
loan was due to be repaid in August. Darling ignored his faxes!!
On Sept 17,1990 the refusal of Darling to repay or even
communicate to Albert was officially reported to the "CHURCH" OF
SCIENTOLOGY; and specifically to the Master-at-Arms (who is responsible for
ensuring the ethical behaviour of members)of Flag Service Organization, Inc
"church" of Scientology responsible for, and receiving a percentage from,
businesses run by Scientologists). There is no record of a reply or any
action being taken. It should be understood that it is absolutely forbidden
for a Scientologist to take ANY legal action against another Scientologist.
Behaviour such as Darling's contempt for his financial obligations MUST be
corrected only by officials of the "church" of Scientology.

In November 1990 Albert again reported the situation to the C of S
and added that he, himself, had no money and that Darling was enjoying
himself on the Scientology cruise ship the "Freewinds". Darling was overdue
on his payments by $83,000. Albert continued to report the situation,
together with his deteriorating financial condition and the deteriorating
state of his health, but there is no record of the C of S doing anything.
They apparently ignored the requests of Albert, gave Darling the best of
services, and, of course, accepted his money.

In May 1991, Darling pulled another one of his "creative" business
practices. On May 18, 1991 he sent Albert a copy of a "Letter of Intent"
signed by Darling and someone called John Hetherington, "Chairman of the
Board". This letter appears to describe a very attractive agreement to
purchase 85% of Pacific Training Systems but does not state who will be the
purchaser and does not state what "Board" Hetherington is "chairman of". On
June 14 1991 Darling sends Albert a document to sign which is not only
difficult to decipher but includes lies. He begins by describing the offer
to purchase 85% of the stock of Pacific Training Systems at $80 per share.
He goes on to say:-

"1. Do you wish to accept this offer and sell your stock at the $80 per
share price?
You currently own 3490 shares of stock. You originally purchased your stock
for $51.35 per share. This acceptance would give you an approximate 55.8%
return on the stock value over the time you have held it. All dividends and
interest you are currently owed by the company will be paid in addition to
this amount.
This means that if you sold all of your stock now you would receive
$279,200 upon closing of the transaction.......
Please indicate your answer to this by signing below." (end of quote)
Albert signed. However, if we check the numbers we find that 3490
shares at $51.35 comes to $179,211 but Albert ORIGINALLY purchased only
$100,000 worth of stock. What happened? A fax from Darling four days later,
on June 18, clarifies the situation somewhat. He says:-
"A couple of points as regards the numbers in the letter:
1. I have transferred your original LOAN to the company of $100,000 into
stock so that you can be paid out of the escrow targeted to be completed by
the end of this week. The remaining balance on the loan was
$79,269,.......This money was translated into stock at the $80 per share
price that the buyer is paying.
2. The original stock you purchased for $100,000 is now worth $200,000."
(end of quote)
There are several questionable points here:-
A) There is absolutely nothing signed by Albert authorizing the transfer of
the loan to stock!!
B) Why was it necessary to "transfer" the loan? Darling was selling
$3.4million of stock and should have been able to easily repay $79,000!!
C) NO stock was purchased at $51.35 per share. 990 shares were ILLEGALLY
"sold" to Albert, without his consent, by Darling to take care of the
$79,269 still owed on the $100,000 he had borrowed from Albert and could
not repay. The other 2500 shares were purchased for $100,000 ($40 per
share). $51.35 is a sloppy average and is false.

Darling later claimed the June 14 document constituted a "contract"
which transferred Albert's loan into stock!!! He immediately thereafter
began referring to Albert as an "investor" not a creditor. Between November
1990 and February 1992 Darling paid a grand total of $5,250.
In September and December 1991 Albert continued to report Darling
to the "church" of Scientology and was apparently ignored. In December 1991
Darling sent Albert a list of the "minimum" payments he would be sending.
These were monthly payments beginning at $2,000 in January 1992 and
increasing each month to reach $20,000 by August 1992 and continue at
$20,000 a month until "the full amount of stock" was repurchased from
Albert. In fact Darling paid nothing in January 1992, and paid $15,500 of
the $58,000 he had promised by August 1992. He made ONE more payment in
Sept 1992 of $3,000 and that was the very last payment Albert ever
received. After that Darling did not even try to pay.

Now we will see all that Albert tried to do for the next two years
to recover his hard-earned money; and his money was very hard-earned. He
had to stop school and go work when he was 14years old. He became
successful by working his way up from laborer at an automobile junkyard to
owning that business and turning it into a multi million dollar automobile
business. He was 45 when he got involved in Scientology in 1980 and he had
worked very hard for all his working life.

I do not have all the faxes Albert sent to Darling and the "church"
of Scientology and I have no record of all the phone calls he made. A
friend of Albert's wrote a long letter in August 1992 complaining about the
"transfer" of the loan to stock and the failure of Darling to make any
decent payments. Albert's assistant continued to report Darling to the
"church" of Scientology in October, in December (when she reported that
Albert was in intensive care), and in January 93. Also in January 1993 the
"church" of Scientology made a response 16 months after the situation had
been reported. WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) wrote to
say that Darling was being investigated at Flag in Clearwater, and being
pressured to come clean and get his act together. Meanwhile Albert was
recovering from a massive stroke which had put him in a coma for two weeks.
Albert was OT 7 which Scientology promises puts a person at "cause over
life". After his stroke and until his death Albert was PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE

On February 26 1993 Darling actually deigned to write (to Albert's
assistant). One may think that he had been "straightened out" by Flag until
one reads the letter. He says:-

".......judging from some of the statements in your letter to me, and the
[report] I received at Flag over Christmas, I think it is important that we
clarify a few points regarding Albert's investment" (end of quote).
He then proceeds, in a patronizing manner, to relate the terms of
the original agreement and justify his failure to repay. He says:-
"What happened shortly after that ["that" refers to Albert's giving him
$200,000] seems to be a common story among Scientologists, and American
business in general. Our company's $3 million in business was put on "hold"
by a change in procedure in the State of California, and at the same time
all of the receivables financing we had dried up. On top of this, several
of the people who owed money to myself or Pacific Training began having
financial problems and did not pay us promptly. I know this same situation
occurred on Albert's lines, and not just with Pacific Training.

These factors severely crippled the company financially and operationally,
and despite an extreme amount of work (and several commitments to the
company from others) we were not in the position to execute Albert's
request for repayment and purchase of his stock per the original

Despite these setbacks, we have continued to stay in business, have
weathered the storm, and have brought the company back from the brink of
bankruptcy...." (end of quote).

It should be noted that the time period he refers to (shortly after Albert
gave him the money) is THE SAME TIME PERIOD WHEN HE GAVE $150,000 TO IAS!!
When he describes how hard he has worked , and how bad the state of his
company, it is difficult to see how he could have afforded the time, and
money, for the extended cruise on the ship or all the time he spent at
Clearwater. However, his admission that his story is common among
Scientologists is very true.

He also refers to the "transfer" of Albert's loan to stock by
saying :-
".....Albert was sent documentation to convert the remainder of the loan to
stock in May 1991...." (end of quote). This is blatantly false as I have
already shown. He also gives all the amounts he will pay in the forthcoming
months; which amounts he never even tried to pay.
In March 1993 Albert had to mortgage his home for money to live on!
He continued to report the situation to the "church" of Scientology,
sometimes several times a month, he demonstrated the urgency of the
situation and he described his serious financial and health problems. He
apparently was ignored.

In August 1993, having received no help from the "church" of
Scientology, Albert went to the TOP, the ultimate, highest authority alive
Albert's assistant, Louise Cournoyer, wrote the letter but incuded a
translation of a letter in which Albert described 6 LOANS he had made to
Scientologists, Darling included, totalling $650,000 which were grossly
delinquent. Louise also mentioned Albert's serious health problems despite
being OT 7, the financial hardship generated by the delinquent debts, and
the fact Albert had reported the situation numerous times to C of S
officials and nothing had been done.

Since Religious Technology Center (RTC) is responsible for the
proper application of Scientology, we should expect Commander Miscavige to
take some firm action when confronted by such obvious outnesses. Flag
(which is claimed to render only "perfect" application of Scientology) has
given someone OT 7 (which is supposed to handle all illness and make the
person "cause over life") and he has a stroke and was in a coma.
Scientologists who have the incredibly powerful, totally workable, 100%
effective business and ethics "technologies" of Scientology do not keep
their promises and pay back their debts. They are delinquent to the tune of
$650,000. These situations are reported to Flag officials and WISE
officials whose job is to resolve the situation and these officials do

RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER wrote back to Louise and said:-
"Thank you for your letter concerning Mr. Albert Jacquier(sic) and the sour
investments which are not resolving.
The policy concerning such disputes between Scientologists is to
hold a Civil Hearing. You can contact Chief Public MAA FSO if you would
like to get one called for Mr. Jacquier.
I wish you the best in getting this resolved.
[signed "David"]
David Miscavige
Chairman of the
Technology Center" (end of quote)

To use the generality "sour investments" when referring to the
refusal to repay loans and, in some cases, the fraud used to secure the
loans that were described in Albert/Louise's letter is missing the point,
to say the least. He just ignores the subject of Albert's illness, maybe he
does not see anything wrong with being promised good health from auditing,
paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to be OT 7 and then having a stroke
and going in a coma. By the way, according to Hubbard "scriptures" the
typist's misspelling of Albert's name means he/she cannot duplicate
correctly and is, to that degree, a "degraded being".

On Sept 8 1993 Albert wrote to all his debtors, including Darling,
explaining the very bad state of his finances and the very serious
condition of his health. He said his life depended on whether or not they
kept their promises and that turned out to be very true. They did not keep
their promises and the stress, bankruptcy, poverty, lack of money for
medical care, depression, sense of betrayal, indoctrination he received
that auditing would cure him all added up to his dying the following year
at the age of 59!

Something interesting mentioned in this letter is that he needs to
do the "new OT 5" but he could not afford it. He had already done OT 5
TWICE. Normally each level is done only once but a tactic of the cult to
explain the failure of Scientology to provide the promised benefits is to
"discover" something wrong with a level the person has done and order him
to redo that level. What is "discovered" wrong can be peculiar to that
individual or it can apply to everyone who has done that level. The reason
Albert was ordered to do OT 5 three times was becaue the version he
received the first time had supposedly been deliberately altered by David
Mayo, Hubbard's right hand man who turned out to be, according to Hubbard,
sent by enemies to destroy Scientology. (Hubbard claimed in 1951 he had a
"science" that could be used to evaluate an individual's whole character
including their honesty, but he worked with Mayo for years and entrusted
him with the technology Hubbard claimed was the ONLY hope for Mankind
before he "discovered" the "truth" about David Mayo).

After Albert had done OT 5 the second time and continued up to OT
7, it was "discovered" that the OT 5 he had done was "incomplete" because
"someone" had removed parts of what Hubbard had written. So now there was a
third OT 5 which was hyped up as containing ALL the technology developed by
Hubbard and which resolved the problems of all the individuals who were OT
7 and OT 8 and had serious health and other difficulties. Of course each
time a level is redone it also has to be paid for AGAIN!

On the subject of the "technology" and Hubbard's responsibility for
its purity the cult asks its members to be gullible beyond belief.
According to the cult's story Hubbard retired from all management activity
of Scientology in 1966 to devote himself to "research" of the "technology".
In a tape in Sept 1967 he claimed to have done a "century" of research
between Jan 1963 and Sept 1967 and that the whole subject of OT was
"wrapped up". If we assume that he continued at the same rate-- after all
his job was research, and he claimed he was not involved in management, so
what else did he have to do--then between Jan 63 and Jan 86 when he died he
must have done around 500 YEARS of research. During this 500 years he was
unable to devise a system that would ensure that what the public were
receiving, and paying up to $1,000 an hour for, was what he had developed.
He could not have someone drive to L.A. (a few hours) and get copies of the
OT 5 they were delivering and check it. Instead, the C of S was selling bad
"technology" for about 12 years, from 1979 to 1991. When he died he left a
mess and it took RTC 5 years to locate all his notes on OT 5!! That is the
C of S explanation for the absence of the promised results.

Back to Darling, and the next development looks promising. On Nov 1
1993 WISE announced that Darling was to receive a Committee of Evidence
(CommEv), a very severe form of "justice action". His fraud and delinquency
on his debts to Albert were not however mentioned in the announcement which
referred to 3 other Scientologists he had similarly defrauded.

There were 19 charges including:- EMBEZZLEMENT and OBTAINING LOANS
OR MONEY UNDER FALSE PRETENSES. More than 3 years after Albert reported
Darling to the C of S the "swift" justice of Scientology has him in its
hands. The announcement orders the CommEv to be completed within 7 days.
The CommEv was, however, still not done in April 1994.
Albert continued to report Darling to the C of S, Darling was by
this time also OT 7. He also wrote to Darling who refused to answer. On nov
30 1993 Albert wrote to Darling:-
"If you don't pay me back I will ask personally that your Patron
Meritorious Membership is reimboursed to me because this cycle (
transaction) passed through IAS...
....If in ten days after reception of this letter nothing has been done, I
will begin the procedure with IAS..." (end of quote). On Dec 22 1993 Albert
reported the situation to the Director of IAS Administrations. He continued
to write to Darling--no reply-- and continued to write to the C of S asking
for help urgently--apparently no reply. He received a reply from IAS on Jan
27 1994 that thanked him for his letter which was being forwarded to the
appropriate section. Albert replied that, since nothing was being done, he
was writing to the Executive Director International (head of Church of
Scientology International) once more.

On Jan 29 1994 Albert wrote to IAS and demanded that they refund
the Patron Meritorious donations of Darling (and 2 other Patrons
Meritorious who were grossly delinquent on large debts to Albert) without
delay. This was not a step Albert took lightly because just to ASK the C of
S to refund money is regarded as "suppressive" and to be dealt with by
expulsion and becoming "Fair Game".

Albert continued to report the situation to C of S frequently and
on February 13 1994 the Deputy Chaplain for Courts FSO wrote. The content
of the letter, however, seems more designed to show how willing he is to
help than to do anything effective. One of the cc's addressed in the letter
was the official at FSO in charge of "Image".

Albert was really desperate. He wrote to MONSIEUR GUILLAUME
that Darling had fraudulently obtained from Albert to give to them. He was
also sending daily faxes to Darling which were,as usual, ignored. On Feb 25
1994 he informed the IAS and the Deputy Chaplain for Courts that he,
Albert, was being sued because he had been unable to pay one of his

After 7 months of being ignored by Darling, on March 1 1994 Albert
received a fax from Robert Eakin, obviously a lackey of Darling's, which

"Mr Jaquier
Quit being a victim.You will be paid when there is money available to pay
you. Right now all monies are invested towards production that will result
in funds to pay you-- no matter how much time and paper you waste this way
it will not result in getting paid any earlier. Your entheta comm
(Scientologese meaning communication that is upsetting, full of lies etc.)
is not OK and you have been deadfiled (Scientologese meaning any
communication received from Albert would be immediately filed away, not
shown to anyone and not answered. It is from a policy used by Scientology
orgs to deal with critical mail they receive).....I do not pass this comm
(communication) on to Jody nor do I give him your
repetitious.......(illegible)." (end of quote)

This demonstrates that Darling was taking advantage of the fact that Albert
could not take legal action against him.

On March 2 1994 the Deputy Chaplain for Courts wrote admitting that
Darling's loan had been arranged by an IAS salesman named Hans Peter

Eakin also wrote a long letter to the Deputy Chaplain for Courts on
March 3 1994. He included with the letter a copy of the 14 June 1991
"contract" as "evidence" that Albert had "transferred" his loan to stock.
He refers to the "consulting fee" tax evasion scheme suggested by Darling
and blames it on Albert. He goes on at length to give all the supposed
reasons why Darling does NOT have to pay Albert and calls Albert a liar.
Also on March 3 1994 Albert filed a claim against Darling with the
Chaplain's Court asking for the $304,563 Darling owed him. On March 9 1994
Albert wrote that he had lost around $350,000 because a mortgage he could
not pay had been foreclosed.

On March 15 1994 Albert wrote to the C of S complaining that
nothing was being done and that he was "practically ruined". He continued
to write and was by this time PLEADING FOR HELP!! On April 3 1994 the
Deputy Chaplain for Courts sent him copies of "summonses to appear" for
Chaplain's Court actions. When Darling's lackey, Eakin, received the
summons he faxed the Deputy Chaplain and politely told him the matter was
being dealt with in LA and the Deputy Chaplain did not need to concern
himself. He also indicated:-
"You see, I really am saving you some unnecessary traffic on this stuff.
You're welcome." (end of quote).

It took the Deputy Chaplain 6 days to decide what to do but he did
the right thing. He wrote back firmly that he could not withdraw his
services to Mr. Jaquier and he was awaiting a written response from Darling
and compliance to his Court Order.

The Court Order was headed "Summons-Notice to appear", named Albert
as Plaintiff and Darling as Defendant, and attempted to appear official. It
stated, in part:-
"You are hereby notified that you are required to appear in person or
attorney at the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization: Chaplain's
Court Sub-Unit: [address] On 5 May 1994, 2:30 PM for a pre-trial conference
in this case. The case will not be tried at that time. You must appear in
person or by attorney, in order to avoid a default judgment, the defendant
(s) must appear in court on the date specified, in person or by
attorney......The purpose of this hearing is to record your appearance, to
enable determination of the nature of the case and to set the trial
date......" (end of quote) It is undated.

Meanwhile Albert wrote to Darling on April 7 1994 asking him to
transfer the credit from Jaquier Investments, which was bankrupt, to the
name of Albert Jaquier. He also requested that the share certificates be
sent by return mail. He reiterated that the June 14 1991 "contract" was
null and void. The next day he wrote to the President of WISE asking him to
help. Two weeks later, after 8 months of ignoring Albert, DARLING SENT A
FAX!! The fax was on Pacific Training Systems letterhead but the fax header
was "from Commonwealth Manuf. Corp".He said he had to clarify a few points
in Albert's fax of April 7. He asked, among other things:-
"Are you requesting a certificate for only the $100,000 worth of shares
Jaquier Investments purchased from Pacific in the 1989 contract, or are you
requesting the certificate include all the shares- including those
converted to stock in the 1991 contract." (end of quote). Albert told him
the 1991 "contract" was not valid. Darling sent another fax 3 days later,
positively dripping with sarcasm. He repeats the questions from his earlier
fax and then rephrases them in simplified language to indicate he thought
Albert had not been able to understand the earlier fax. Albert reiterated
what it WAS obvious he, Darling, had not understood for several years. That
was the very last communication Albert received from Darling. It should be
noted that Albert NEVER received a single report on the performance of his
shares or any financial report on Pacific Training despite the fact he was
a stockholder.

That brings us to May 1 1994 when Albert wrote to Hans Peter
Tschupp, one of the IAS salesmen (salesmen is a misnomer because nothing is
given for the money they collect, they use threats that Scientology will be
destroyed or damaged if the mark does not pay -- but, like salesman, they
receive a commission on what they collect). In the letter Albert threatens
legal action against all his debtors, including Darling, the IAS, and
Tschupp as an instigator of the fraud.

On May 5 1994, the date on which Darling had been "Summoned to
appear" and told if he did not appear he would lose the judgment by
default, there is a sad entry in Albert's diary. It states " No Jody----no
Chaplain Court". There is no record of a default judgment either. Two days
later he made another entry mentioning he was sad, he had reached the
"worst depths of misery" and ended by writing "you will miss me--I am truly
finished". On May 11 1994 he tried again to communicate to the "church" of
Scientology the seriousness of his situation. He said he was returning to
Switzerland having lost everything, his children, friends, marriage, money,
health and had no future. His last desire was to die in peace. On May 19
1994 he went to Switzerland.

In Switzerland he seemed to recover somewhat, renew his strength
and return to try once more. It turned out to be his very last attempt,
like all the rest it was unsuccessful and, in fact, he never saw
Switzerland again. He returned in June 1994 and for the next few months did
all he could, but he no longer had the strength or will to fight. He was
broken and depressed. He was borrowing money from me and, after my
experiences in Scientology, I had about as much money as he had.
He continued to write, somewhat dejectedly, to Darling and to C of
S and reiterate the seriousness of his situation. To no avail. The
Chaplain's action appears to have been dropped. Darling continued to ignore
him. At the end of July 1994 he wrote to all the C of S officials involved
and indicated to them he thought Darling could be jailed for fraud and that
IAS officials had assisted Darling. That got a response. The Deputy
Chaplain wrote saying that Darling was going to get another CommEv, this
time at Flag (the previous CommEv had been done in LA by WISE). A copy of
this letter was addressed to the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) which is
the part of the C of S which deals with legal threats, enemies of the
cult, potentially embarrassing situations, etc. I have no record of any
further written communication to Albert form the C of S. He makes no
mention in his diary of anything in writing received after that. He had
some meetings with C of S officials and he continued to demand that they
refund the money that had been fraudulently obtained from him by Darling
and paid to them. He was also receiving auditing at Flag and in many cases
would become sick, or sicker, afterwards.

In October 1994 he received a threat of foreclosure from his bank
if he did not pay the past due amounts for the mortgage. On October 26 1994
he officially demanded a refund of the $93,000 he, himself, had paid
directly to IAS for him and me to be patrons and our son to be a "sponsor".
He knew he was risking being declared a Suppressive Person. I have no
record and he makes no mention of any CommEv or ANY further action being
taken against Darling by the cult. It should be noted that Darling stopped
paying Albert long before the "church" of Scientology even began pretending
to take action and that despite everything Albert did for FOUR YEARS, the
"church" of Scientology did NOT MAKE DARLING GIVE ALBERT ONE PENNY. That is
the result of the application of Scientology business and ethics
"technology" by the organizations and individuals (Flag, WISE, Miscavige,
Lesevre) who claim to apply the "technology" fully and standardly.
As Albert continued to ask for his refund C of S officials stopped
even pretending to assist him. At the beginning of November 1994 he wrote
in his diary "I am in danger". His health continued to deteriorate and he
felt he would not survive to the end of the year. He died on December 11
1994, alone, impoverished, in misery, betrayed, disillusioned, depressed
and less than 60 years old. Scientology had promised him freedom, health,
happiness, success, immortality, power and longevity. In the hope of
achieving these, he had given till he had no more to give.
Darling continues to refuse to repay and appears to be continuing
to do what he does best; he is listed as Patron Meritorious by IAS. The
"church" of Scientology was implicated in, and benefitted from, the
original fraud. They protected someone they charged with fraud and
embezzlement and, apparently, never acqitted. They refused to allow Darling
to be dealt with by real civil and criminal justice and played games of
pretend while someone died before their eyes. So, if you ever wonder what
is meant by "Patron Meritorious, Church of Scientology" and how it is
achieved, this is how!

Ariane Jackson,

Geneva, Switzerland. Aug 1996