Another Patron Meritorious refusing to pay his debts.
[09 Oct 1996]

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Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 20:26:34 -0400
From: Ariane&Alex JACKSON <>
Subject: Another Patron Meritorious refusing to pay his debts.
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In this article I will describe the involvement of the
International Association of Scientologists in the arranging of a loan from
Albert Jaquier to Hans-Kaspar Rhyner (address Rhyner and Partner AG,
Rainstrasse 66, CH 8484, Weisslingen, Switzerland. Phone 41 1 384 24 94 Fax
41 1 384 24 70). It will also show how Albert was prohibited from
taking/persuaded not to take legal action against Rhyner. It will also show
how Rhyner was used as a funnel to conduit Albert's money to different
parts of the cult so that Albert could not recover the money from Rhyner or
from the cult. The situation was brought to the attention of the highest
"officials" in the cult and they took no effective action. The cult kept
the money that Albert told them had been fraudulently taken from him, and
refused to refund it even when made aware of the details surrounding the
loan. The debt has still not been repaid. This account makes it very
difficult to take seriously the stated purpose of this group which is to
"put ethics in on this planet".
Rhyner introduced himself to Albert in a fax from the office of the
International Association of Scientologists in August 1989. He said he was
at Flag to do his OT Levels, he was Patron Meritorious and he was working
as a distributor for ASI (Author Services Inc. L. Ron Hubbard Gallery). He
said he owned around $1,000,000 worth of prints (These prints were sold by
ASI, Hubbard's personal organization, and depicted scenes from his science
fiction novels).
Rhyner said he had a problem of "liquidity" and needed $100,000 to
$150,000 for 1 or 2 months with the prints as security. He said he had
gotten Albert's name from Jody Darling and Brent Luckman. A contract was
signed on Nov 24, '89 for a loan of $200,000
for 3 years at 20% (the interest was later reduced to 16%) with the
interest to be paid each month. No mention is made of prints as security,
or any security.
The money was paid to Rhyner in Jan 1990 via Edwin Baer (an OT8 and
Patron Meritorious who also borrowed $150,000 from Albert and refused to
pay the interest on it) who, together with Hans-Peter Tschupp, had arranged
In Nov 1990, Albert wrote a report to the Master-at-Arms at Flag,
the Case Supervisor, and the INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE CHIEF. He said Rhyner
was not making the payments he had promised and was $10,000 in arrears. He
said he had had to mortgage his house to
make the loan and was in jeopardy of losing his house. Around the same time
Albert wrote a report, to the chaplain and other
officials at Flag,on Baer and Tschupp saying they had pressured him into
making the loan to Rhyner and he was asking the group to help him with the
It is appropriate here to explain why it was so easy to separate
Albert from his money and the steps that had been taken by the "church" of
Scientology to condition him so he would give his money to them. Several
years earlier Albert had received "False Purpose" auditing (FPRD) on the
subject of money from Myriam Stave,a Flag Class 12 auditor. This auditing
looks for bad actions and purposes related to money. Nothing very serious
was found with Albert. Later, Albert asked for his auditing folders to be
checked by RTC
(Religious Technology Center) and RTC ordered that FPRD on money be
redone. Lisa Rentschler, Flag Class 12, did it and Albert told her he had
already done it, and he did not want to redo it. She continued regardless
and actually pushed him against his will and despite his protests. During
this FPRD Albert told me he was becoming persuaded that his money did not
belong to him, and he did not deserve to
have it. Shortly after that Albert sold his business in Switzerland and
gave almost all the proceeds to Scientology or Scientologists.From the
viewpoint of Hubbard, and therefore from the viewpoint of any Scientology
staff member, it is a bad action for a public Scientologist not to pay and
it is a bad action for a staff member not to force a public to pay. The
salesmen even send public to"ethics" when they refuse to pay and the
"ethics officer" shows them why it is bad for them to refuse to pay.
Jan 1991, Albert wrote to Rhyner telling him he had to leave his
own house because he could not pay the mortgage. In April '91 Albert once
again asked the chaplain at Flag for help in dealing with Rhyner's
delinquency on the debt. Apparently no action was taken by the chaplain. In
October '91 another contract was drawn up reducing the interest rate to
16%. In November '91 Albert wrote to the MAA (Master-at-Arms) Flag and the
IJC (International Justice Chief) stating that the loan to Rhyner had been
arranged by Baer
and Tschupp IN THE OFFICE OF IAS, and they had done the contract.
On Nov. 25, 1991, Rhyner sent a handwritten fax to Albert
explaining what the $200,000 had been used for. He said (quote)"The money
was used for a Patron ($40,000), for a loan to Edwin
Baer ($60,000), for the purchase of prints (the remainder [ie$100,000])" So
ALL the money had been funnelled to other Scientology groups and to Baer
(it is probable the $60,000 to Baer also went to the cult). Rhyner claimed
he had kept none of it. This effectively made it impossible for Albert to
recover it.
Albert wrote again to IJC and received the standard reply in Jan.
1992, (quote) "The simplest and easiest thing to do on this is to simply
request a Chaplain's Court on this matter at FSO". Albert had told the
chaplain at FSO about the situation more than a year earlier, why had the
chaplain not done a Chaplain's Court?? Eventually a Chaplain's Court was
It was neither simple nor easy and in terms of results
as compared to the time involved, it was just more wasted time. Time that
Albert did not HAVE to waste since he was, at that time, dying.
It is not necessary to catalog all the communications between
Albert and Rhyner because they are repetitive. Albert demanding that Rhyner
pay what he promised and Rhyner making excuses and not paying. Albert also
continued to try to get the "church" to do something but apparently was
more or less ignored. Certainly almost nothing effective was done by the
"church" or any of its related parts or organizations, but then it should
be remembered THEY GOT MOST, IF NOT ALL, OF THE MONEY. Rhyner was just used
by them as a front.
In August 1993, Louise Cournoyer, Albert's assistant, wrote to
David Miscavige about the fraud, debt delinquency, and other very
questionable financial activities perpetrated with different parts of the
Scientology operation as beneficiaries. Here is the full text of the
letter and Miscavige's reply. (My explanations in brackets)
August 25, 1993
Dear Sir ,
l'm sending this report to you because Mr. Jaquier has written
numerous KR'S [Knowledge Reports], been to the Chaplain, Ethics, Wise to no
avail. He can not get any results from these terminals and he can not
pursue these cycles [actions] on regular legal lines because all the
terminals are Scientologist.
My name is Louise Cournoyer and l'm translating this report for
Albert Jaquier from French to English ( which l've included at the end of
this write up the original write-up was written for the Edwin Baer and Hans
Peter Tschupp) For the purpose of clarity l've shortened it and only gave
the specifics on each cycle. In PT [present time ie currently] Mr. Jaquier
is owed by Scientologist the approximate sum of $650,OOO. this is without
counting the purchase of homes or other small cycles that he did in other
to help the 4th Dynamic.
Between 1988 and 1990 I was brought in to the IAS office at Flag by Hans
Peter Tschupp and Edwin Bear. First Cycle
It was the purchase of 3 E-Meters, Gold, Silver and Bronze from Hanias
Markos ( a friend of Hans Peter Tschupp) for the sum of $35,OOO.OO so he
could finish paying for his Patron Meritorious. At the time Hans Peter told
me that if I had in the future financial problems he would buy them back. I
did take him up on his offer later on and found out that is not what he
meant and he could no longer help me on this. I did find a buyer on my own
but the most I could get for it was $lO ,OOO .OO .
Second Cycle
Another cycle for the IAS, I was convince into buying a house from Mr.
Drakowski now an Sea Org member and let Mr. Drakowski stay in it with no
exchange for a period of 9 months. Total invested was $82,OOO.OO. This
money was lend to some other terminals on IAS cycles. This sum is still
owed by Tschupp and Bear to Mr. Drakowski
Third Cycle
I loaned to Edwin Baer the sum of $32,OOO.OO guaranteed by a mortgage on
his house. Later on he ask to mortgaged the same property in order to get
liquidity for more IAS cycle. My guaranteed loan turns into an unsecured
Fourth Cycle
I loaned Edwin Baer 150,OOO. Swiss Francs on October 15 1989 here again to
help the 4th dynamic at the IAS office. The loan was to be repaid with
monthly interest paid and the loan to be repaid totally by October 15 1991.
This loan is still outstanding.
Fifth Cycle
This might be the worse of all the transactions. I lend $200,OOO to Hans
Kapar Rhyner again for an IAS cycle. In order to do this transaction I had
to obtain a mortgage on my house which had none. Hans Kapar Rhyner agreed
to pay interest and give monthly payments. This from the start didn't go
well. It has been a year since the last payment except for one payment
through the help of the Chaplain at Flag for 1,400 Swiss Francs.This had
created a financial burden on me and my family since now I have to pay
monthly payments to the mortgage Company.
Sixth Cycle
Again with the help of Hans Peter Tschupp and Edwin Baer I was convince
into making a loan to Jody Darling again for the sum of $200,OOO.OO. This
was strickly a business venture where I held $IOO,OOO. worth of stock and
$IOO,OOO. was a loan with interest being paid monthly. This too went sour
and I haven't received a payment since September of 1992. I do take
responsibility for all these cycles, but this does not take away from their
own responsibilities on this matter.
End of translation
As of this writing this whole situation has created great financial
hardship, stress on Mr. Jaquier. He had a stroke last fall where he was in
a comma for 2 weeks. He is a comp OT VII but needs the new V rundown and
cannot get back on lines because of his finance. To this day he is ill and
his body is in bad shape, my wish is for this matter to be looked into and
straighten out. I truly appreciate any help you can give us in this matter.
Louise Cournoyer
Manager for Jaquier Investments Inc
. cc: Wise Chapter Clearwater Wise Chapter Los Angeles Captain
(Miscavige's answer follows)
TECHNOLOGY Chairman of
the Board

Los Angeles, California 90028.
September 7, 1993
Ms. Louise cournoyer
305 Ft. Harrison Av.
Clearwater, Fl.34615
Dear Louise,
Thank you for your letter concerning Mr. Albert Jacquier and the sour
investments which are not resolving.The policy concerning such disputes
between Scientologists is to hold a civil Hearing. You can contact chief
Public MAA FSO if you would like to get one called for Mr. Jacquier. I wish
you the best in getting this resolved.
[Signed "DAVID"]
David Miscavige
Chairman of the Board
ReIigious Technology Center
DM:ceb cc: Captain FSO Public MAA FSO WISE Charter Committee

In Oct. '93, Rhyner wrote explaining his situation. Here are some
excerpts. (My explanations in brackets). It is written in deplorable
French. Quote:-
"1. I have debts of around $3,000,000 or even $4,000,000 or $5,000,000
depending on whether you count interest or not.
2. There are different reasons for my debts:
a) [Snip]
b)payments to Scientology,the Bridge, IAS ($290,000), E-Meters from GOLD,
ASI (preservation of the technology), a total of more than $1.5 million. I
was a victim of reg-cycles [high-pressure selling] by people who are now
declared, Bertie van Hoecke, Tschuppi [Hans-Peter Tschupp], Terry Gamboa
and others who were out-ethics. [Snip].
(c) In spite of [sic] my business. (gallery for the prints = investments
and a lot of cost which does not pay.
3. I have legal suits against me, people who want to take my belongings,
but there is nothing to take. I am on the minimum of existence.
5. Andre Lavergnat (Patron Meritorious) who owes me 100,000 Swiss Francs
[$80,000] is in a catastrophic situation. As he told me, the bank wants to
put him in bankruptcy, take all his possessions valued at more than
6,000,000 Swiss Francs [$4.8million] because he has 3,000,000 Swiss Francs
of debts.
6. But I have the viewpoint that this is not totally the end. What is a
bankruptcy? It is the loss of MEST [Scientologese--Matter, Energy, Space,
Time]. But we are still here. We are thetans [spirits] and very strong and
we can create and control the MEST. That means we can create money,
produce. What is important is to not lose hope, to not succeed [sic], but
to work, to fight, to be at CAUSE and we will have success. I will help you
and help Andre Lavergnat.
7. I am also in the process of establishing a new business with Edwin Baer
to help him use his powers [meaning his "OT8 powers"], to put him back on
his own feet to produce and make money so he will be able to pay back his
debts to me and you."

Not only was Albert prohibited by Scientology from suing Rhyner,
even if he had there was nothing to get. It had been given to the cult
already. The cult knew the loans were fraudulently obtained, even declared
suppressive the individuals who had arranged the loans, BUT KEPT THE MONEY
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the group that calls itself the most
elite, ETHICAL group on the planet.
Rhyner's attempt to help Lavergnat did not stop him, Lavergnat,
from declaring bankruptcy anyway.
When Albert received this fax he sent a report to the MAA and the
Director of IAS at Flag. He said, quote:-
Dear MAA,
Attached is a copy of a fax from Mr. Hans-Kaspar Rhyner,
received today in reply to my demand for repayment.
I am sorry about the situation of Hans Kaspar, and I can understand
his point of view very well.
These loans, (Edwin Baer, Hans Kaspar Rhyner, as well as Jody
Darling which were recommended to me by the same terminals [individuals])
were done in the offices of IAS under the supervision of the director of
Membership Tour Clearwater at that time,Bertie van Hoecke, Sea Org. That
with the insistence of Ruth [OT8]and Edwin Baer as well as Hans Peter
Tschupp. This money, according to the protagonists of these operations, was
destined for IAS.
What makes me scream at the injustice is the fact that, in doing
that, I was persuaded to help my group and the fourth dynamic [mankind].
You can imagine my confusion when I learned that an IAS mission
[representative] advised Edwin Baer to repay Wogs [Hubbard's term for
non-scientologists] before Scientologists including me. The wogs in
question as it concerns Edwin Baer, are his father and his brother, both of
whom are in no need [of money]. At a time when my family and myself are
blocked on all our dynamics [parts of life] because of these illegal cycles
which are in fact offences judicially referred to as "fraud"." (end of
In Dec. '93, Albert wrote to the Director of IASA (IAS
Administrations) about Rhyner, Baer and Darling and told him these 3
Patrons Meritorious owed him around $745,000 and none were repaying. He
said he had been trying for 4 years to get his money back. He asked IAS for
help and said the money had gone to IAS.
In Jan. '94, Rhyner wrote to Albert and admitted that Baer had
repaid him $20,000 of the $60,000 he, Rhyner, had borrowed from Albert to
did he do with it?? Keep it? Give it to IAS as well? He also told Albert
he, Rhyner, had $40,000 on account with IAS.
In Jan. '94, Albert wrote to Director IAS in Clearwater, Director
of all IAS at Sainthill, MAA at Flag and Guillaume Lesevre, EXECUTIVE
that IAS refund the Patron Meritorious donations of Rhyner, Baer and
Darling and that the loans had been done in the name of IAS. Lesevre
apparently ignored him.
Feb. 9, '94, Rhyner wrote to Albert blaming Tschupp for arranging
the loans and among his excuses he mentions that he had invested hundreds
of thousands in "properties" [the prints from ASI?] and there were NO
prospects to sell them to.
In Feb. '94, Albert again wrote to Lesevre, IAS in Clearwater and
MAA Flag. He asked again that IAS refund money to his debtors so they could
repay him. He reiterated that the loans had been arranged under the
supervision of IAS with lies and promises never respected. He named van
Hoecke, Tschupp and the Baers and said they were working in the offices of
IAS at Fort Harrison when they arranged the loans. Again Lesevre apparently
ignored the situation. Later, Albert wrote to IAS that he had received NO
response to his letter.
Feb. 27, '94, Rhyner again fingered Tschupp as the instigator and
manipulator and "architect of all these idiocies" who had not created any
debts for himself but for others. He blamed Tschupp for causing him,
Rhyner, over half a million dollars of "problems". This is true. Tschupp
arranged the loans, got the money paid to IAS, COLLECTED HIS COMMISSION AND
LAUGHED. Currently, he has a company which Albert helped him to start,
called American Flying Adventures, at Clearwater/St. Petersburg Int.
Airport. Phone (813) 538 2088.
On May 4, '94, the chaplain, Sergio Mora held a pretrial conference
attended by Albert and Rhyner's "attorney" Schenk. An agreement was reached
that Rhyner would "abide by his written contract of 20 Nov., '89 and thus
pay all monies owed per this agreement". This makes absolutely no sense
because at that time Rhyner owed $344,028 but had NO MONEY. He was unable
to pay ANY monies owed. Albert and Schenk and Mora signed it. This was what
had been recommended by IJC and Miscavige, was unbelievably ineffective,
had taken almost 3 and a half years to get done and was a farce and a waste
of time.
One week later Albert wrote to the chaplain and others that Rhyner
was unable to pay him.
June 29, '94, Albert asked Rhyner why he did not reply to his
faxes, and threatened to take Rhyner to court in Switzerland. Rhyner
replied by fax with the usual excuses and promises and also said (quote)
"You can go to court in Switzerland. That will not help you in the least
because, with my financial situation, I can pay nothing".
According to a statement of account in Nov. '94, the total paid by
Rhyner during the whole period was around $16,000 and the total due in Nov.
'94 was $344,245. The interest had been reduced again from 16% to a flat
$3,000 per month. At that rate, Hans-Kaspar Rhyner, Scientologist, Patron
Meritorious, Operating Thetan, etc., etc., owes the estate of Albert
Jaquier (as of Oct. '96) the sum of $413,245. When contacted, he simply
refuses to pay. I have been told he has money. That demonstrates the
integrity of a Patron Meritorious and the integrity of the organization he
is a part of and which has claimed to be rendering "justice".
A few weeks ago I was assured by representatives of the "church" of
Scientology International that they could and would resolve the situation
with Rhyner and Darling, but they needed some time to go through the files.
NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!!!!!!!! Are they still in the files? Have they
decided they do not want to "resolve the situation"?
I am currently preparing an even more detailed report, including
all the evidence which will go to the Swiss authorities to look into
Rhyner's dealings. I have learned from sources that Albert was not the only
one who was victimized with these ASI prints as a "security". As these
other people are Scientologists they cannot go and report Rhyner to the
authorities-- while I can and I WILL. Then we will see the ASI involvement
in all of this.
I would like to end with the following suggestion. It is apparent
that the cult of Scientology by it's policies and activities prohibits it's
adherents from (or coerces them into not) reporting crimes or taking civil
action against other Scientologists, as evidenced by the situations with
Albert and the recent child-rape case among others, it. This results in
criminals being protected and their crimes hidden and thereby allows them
to continue their criminality without the censure resulting from divulgence
of their past crimes. In order to protect future targets of these
Scientology criminals, it is necessary that THEIR NAMES BE PUBLISHED
way a database can be available and we can protect ourselves from them.
This may seem harsh but, if the "church" of Scientology had had their wish,
Strawn would not be in jail right now but possibly would be with one of
our daughters.

Ariane Jackson,
October 1996.