Re:*Ariane Jackson--Hubbard says my Flag "auditors" were lazy, dishonest, fakes
[02 Nov 1996]

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From: Ariane&Alex JACKSON <>
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Subject: Re: *Ariane Jackson--Hubbard says my Flag "auditors" were lazy, dishonest, fakes
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 22:27:06 -0500
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I was at Flag in 89/90 and was on the Cl XII training program. Had I
stayed and finished, I would have been Cl XII #35. There were about 20
others on the CL XII program with me, and I don't recognize any of the
above as being in training with me. So I can only assume that there was a
100% attrition rate from my class. I did know Jerome Bloom while I was
there, but he was Cl VIII and not on the Cl XII training program.

Most of the Class 12's I mentioned were already Class 12 in 89/90.
They were already auditors and C/Ses. I am surprised you have not heard of
them. I was on my Sainthill Special Briefing Course in 89/90, maybe I saw
you. When were you there and what courses were you doing. Did you know Rick
Alexander? He is now Class 12.

I do agree with you that the "CL XII" auditors at Flag were perhaps the
worst it the world, and not a "team" I wanted to be a part of. There was a
near mutiny amongst the CL XIIs when I left in May of 90.

----------I was really not impressed with what I saw in 1992 when I was
staff there. Peter Buttery, Class 12 and OT8 was always sick, coughing up
phlegm and spitting it out in the trashcan, almost deaf, and late to arrive
for work. For people who had done Key to Life and supposedly knew the
English language thoroughly some of them had a lot of difficulty putting a
sentence together without cussing.

> On my OT Levels I experienced other very destructive effects, some
>of which I have still not fully recognised and certainly not recovered
>from. >

You indicated that you did several hundred hours of solo auditing on New
OT7? The NOTS series have been posted in their entirety several times in
this forum, but they do not cover the actual solo procedures or what is
specifically addressed in these sessions. There have been dozens of cases
of reported psychotic breaks amongst solo auditors. Most of these reports
have been compiled by FACTNET. But because of the unwritten Code Of Silence
for disaffected upper level auditors, not much is known about this area.
It would be most helpful and of great interest to the readers if you could
post a short or lengthy summation of what occurs on solo NOTS auditing, and
what you have experienced or observed in others. I'd also be interested
in any cases of terminal illnesses involving people who were on the OT
levels. I've read numerous reports that suggest a high rate of terminal
cancer amongst OT auditors, but we've never been able to follow up on it
and get it checked out.

------------------I saw a French woman at Flag in '87/'88 who just finished
OT7 and went crazy. I saw her sitting looking exactly like a zombie and she
was being followed by a staff member. Another guy who was OT7 jumped off
the Freewinds into the ocean because he was sure aliens were coming. They
labeled him psychotic. A Swiss woman after OT8 had two heart attacks. My
ex-husband did OT7 and then was sick, heart attacks and died aged 59. I
know 2 Italians, one OT7, one OT8, who had heart attacks. A high-ranking
staff member at Flag who has done NOTs is actually addicted to aspirin
because of severe headaches. I also knew an OT7 from Belgium who died of
cancer. The wife of a staff member at Flag died of cancer after doing OT5.
My husband was checking the St Petersburg Times CD's recently and was
astonished at how many obituaries came up when he did a search on
Scientology. The ages of the Scientologists who died are also very low,
many in their 40's and 50's.
As regards the actual procedures of Solo NOT's; when I shared my
experiences on OT8 it brought OSA to my door at full speed and they only
stopped harassing me after we called the police on them. It seems to really
upset them. For me personally, Solo NOTs was not more destructive than OT3
or OT5. OT7 is just an extension of OT5 with some extra gimmicks but
nothing that I would call substantial. It also just addresses BTs but
includes special steps for BTs who act up, won't blow, are SP's, are
psychotic and even includes steps to make BTs "Clear".
From what OSA tried to make my husband and I sign, it is obvious
their intention is that I say absolutely nothing about anything RELATING to
my experiences in Scientology. This would include bad effects, damage,
criminality I observed, lies, fraud, theft, child abuse, extortion, etc.
They must know they have a great deal to hide or they would not have tried
to make us sign the "general release" that they refused to give us a copy
of. I do not want to go into great detail about OT7 because I do not want
to give them an "excuse" to engage in legal harassment. For myself, having
done it, OT7 is really no big deal. I think it is destructive because it is
based on a psychotic's (Hubbard's) delusions but other aspects of the
cult's methods are just as destructive, if not more so. By the use of
"ethics", duress, sales techniques that make the prospect guilty for not
paying and are continued until he has paid all he can fraudulently borrow,
the Scientologist is placed under a great deal of stress and is forced to
work very long and hard to support the cult and pay off his debts. This
takes its toll on his health.

PS: CofS has apparently decided to ignore the copy of the post that I sent
them. Does this means they cannot refute Hubbard's accusations that they
are lazy, lying, fakes?