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  1. Re: How does Scientology view marriage and the family? [26 Jan 1998]
    ...I was ordered to disconnect. When I refused, that was when I was ordered into auditing and lockup at the celebrity centre in Hollywood.


  1. Scientology Exploitation of Teenagers [01 Feb 1997]
    Scientology exploits teenagers. I know. They exploited me.
  2. Re: Running the Group Engram [03 Feb 1997]
    Had I not had constant reminders throughout all these years about Dianetics, and had they not harassed my friends with a constant barrage of unwanted mail despite many repeated requests to cease and desist, and had I not found all this recent additional evidence on the net, I wouldn't be saying anything at all here now.
  3. Re: A Scientology Front Group?????? [15 Feb 1997]
    But today, the influence of Scientology at Allstate is no joking matter. Between 1988 and 1992, it turns out, the Good Hands company entrusted the training of workers coast to coast to a consultant teaching Scientology management principles.
  4. An Old Slant on Life [06 Aug 1997]
    Basically, this book is nothing more than an attack on nearly every aspect of organized society, not just the psychiatry profession.
  5. Re: For My 3 Children, Give Me My Money! (testimony of an ex-scientologist) [15 Aug 1997]
    Pushed by the sect, Claude Junqua made a declaration of forgery documents (invoices manufactured by scientologists) to her bank in order to borrow money to become Patron donor of Scientology (through remittance of 40,000 dollars to the sect).

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