Scientology Exploitation of Teenagers
[01 Feb 1997]

Scientology exploits teenagers. I know. They exploited me.

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From: (A. Student)
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Subject: Scientology Exploitation of Teenagers
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 1997 05:29:32 GMT
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Scientology exploits teenagers. I know. They exploited me. They took
my money, then they tried their level best to get me to disconnect
from my family! They failed. I protested and at that time
asked for a refund of $1,500 toward courses I had not taken yet. That
was 19 years ago. They caused me and my family and some of my friends
a great deal of grief over a long period of time. Even to this date
have not paid back all the money they owe, but agreed to repay.

Furthermore, they have harrassed my friends by sending them repeated
mailings for all these years despite many, many requests to stop
flooding their mailboxes with the harrasing mail. Actually, my friends
finally gave up and said, "fine, if the Church wants to waste its time
and money with these mailings, let them go ahead. It ill be that much
sooner that they will go broke."

This is a perfect example of how the Church is guilty of a 19-year
long demonstration of absolute non-respect of personal rights. The
Church does not operate on a basis of love, or humility, or respect
for people. It is a business designed to make money by preying on
people using bait and switch tactics, then by using mind control
techniques and various artificies and repressions to entrap people so
they cannot get free of the cult. Those who choose to avoid this trap
can expect simple harrassment, like my friends got in the mailings.
Those who choose to speak out may be threatened, sued, lied to,
tricked, deceived, or worse. It is all designed to keep critics quiet,
and prospects alive for possible instantiation downstream.

With regard to my $1,500 refund, they forced me to sign an agreement
that I would forever waive my right to sue the Church of Scientology
for the rest of my life. That means I cannot go to court to file a
claim for the balance due. I have held silent for all these years for
fear they would sue me in various countries of the world in which they
operate, like they have done to others.

Now I am through being silent. The Internet is allowing me, a single
exploited person, to tell what this organization did to me in the
couple of weeks I came to know them. I was a teenager, referred by
someone I trusted, and that is why I fell prey. If I would have had a
college education, or a little more maturity and experience at the
time, perhaps I could have been a little more careful to research
before placing so much faith in a referral. Thank God I found a way
out when I did. I'm glad I chose to obtain degrees in engineering and
finance with high honors, something LRH couldn't do!

I am telling the truth. They can't sue me for telling the truth. Since
they owe me money, they will also lose in any court of law in which
they might choose to challenge me. It is time to see the Church of
Scientology go down in flames. There is a ton of information about
this cult on the Internet. I sense it is only the tip of the iceberg.
They are, in my opinion, one of the most vile and evil cults on the
face of the earth. If you've ever been exploited by this group, please
don't hesitate to let your story be heard. It will be the voices of
thousands of exploitees that will cause our governments to take
actions on our behalf to protect us from this sick, evil infestation
of our global society.

A. Student.