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Charlotte Kates

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  1. One more ex-scientologist. [20 May 1998]
    I'm glad to be out and glad to be here..and I can't wait to join in in the fun and the fight!
  2. Re: One more ex-scientologist. [20 May 1998]
    Scientology is a betrayal of all the word freedom means.
  3. Re: One more ex-scientologist. [20 May 1998]
    I was in Scn six months. I left *yesterday*.
  4. Re: Blowing Co$ members - what works? [21 May 1998]
    Nearly every Scientologist I know is afraid of Ethics or consciously trying to avoid Ethics.
  5. Re: One less scientologist in the world [22 May 1998]
    The truth about Scientology, as you know, is *scary*. The truth aboiut OSA is *scary*.
  6. Re: Interview of Scientologist Jenna Elfmann by Barbara Walters [27 May 1998]
    Later in my involvement, I was commenting to a Scientologist friend on how it was the "entheta" I'd seen that interested me in Scientology in the first place, including the Public Eye segment. She was quite proud of how Heber "controlled the comm cycle" and how "he must be the only person that just made Bryant Gumbel shut up."
  7. Re: Interview of Scientologist Jenna Elfmann by Barbara Walters [29 May 1998]
    Within a month of joining Scn, I signed an SO contract and was due to arrive at Flag today--Friday the 29.
  8. Re: Where did all the ugly scientologists go? [30 May 1998]
    Policy seemed old, or inefficient, and far too resistant to modernization, clarification or streamlining. PLs, "the best admin tech in the world," were a main cause of my doubts in Scn.
  9. Joining and Leaving Scn, and why [31 May 1998]
    I'm taking the opportunity to answer several posters' questions here, about a.r.s. and its role in my membership in and exit from Scientology.
  10. My Moxon-o-gram [03 Jun 1998]
    I received this in my email today. I have a hard time believing this is really Moxon. After all, it doesn't make sense that he'd send an email for a legal matter.

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