One more ex-scientologist.
[20 May 1998]

I'm glad to be out and glad to be here..and I can't wait to join in in the fun and the fight!

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From: (One Scio)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: One more ex-scientologist.
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Date: 20 May 1998 18:00:22 GMT
Organization: AOL
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Dear a.r.s.,

I left Scientology today--for good. The last three days I've been dealing with
the phone calls and persuasion from the Org, and today I got the result I
wanted--the Ethics Officer gave up, and threatened me with a declare for "not
disconnecting from suppressive persons." I told him I'd welcome it.

I've spoken to several here, over the telephone and over IRC, in the last week
or so. You gave me the courage and the strength to stand up and get out. I was
destined for the Sea Org at the FLB less than a week ago, and now I am what I
wanted from Scientology--a freed--truly freed--being.

Your stories, your testimony, here, on the web, everywhere you speak, will save
countless lives from being sucked into the empty endless bridge to nowhere that
is Scientology. I'm here now, and I want to do my best to do my part and take
my place to expose the Co$ for what it is. Scientology is an evil criminal
cult, and Scientology training produces true suppressive people and degraded

Scientologists--especially staff, especially SO, are weaned away from their
humanity, and subsititute ARC for affection. Real caring is often denounced as
1.1. They have no idea what they're really fighting. Thy think they're fighting
suppression. I thought I was fighting suppression--but they and I were really
fighting truth.

I'm delighted to be here, to be free to speak, really able to think for myself.
Scientology is a dead end. Everyone here I've seen, however, is really
alive--caring, passionate and strong. There are so many stories here which
inspired me. I know so many good people sucked into Scientology, losing their
money and themselves. I want to do what I can--for them, for the countless
others in Scientology keeping silent, and for the victims like Lisa McPherson.
I've seen through the lies now, and I want to help others to do so as well.

I'm glad to be out and glad to be here..and I can't wait to join in in the fun
and the fight!

One (Ex-) Scio