Re: One more ex-scientologist.
[20 May 1998]

Scientology is a betrayal of all the word freedom means.

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From: (One Scio)
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Subject: Re: One more ex-scientologist.
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Date: 20 May 1998 20:16:36 GMT
Organization: AOL
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Thanks, Android Cat and Jim DBB for your welcomes. I'm delighted to be here.
Basically, I relized I wanted to get out of my Sea Org contract and went to irc
#scientology for help. I chatted with Arnie Lerma, Frank Oliver, Stacy Young,
Rod Keller, Robet Young and other SPs that I used to hate and fear, and I found
out the truth about the Co$. I went to the Dianetics event May 16 and never
came back. I've been dealing with the Ethics officer the last few days, and now
it's almost over and I'm gone and free forever. Scientology is a betrayal of
all the word freedom means.

All Scientology staff are required to take a test, the "Leadership Survey,"
which supposedly measures their leadership ability. It's a multiple choice
test, most questions having three answer choices--one right, one wrong and one
"psychotically wrong". To find out what Scn really thinks of freedom, turn to
question # 13:

"13. Should the head of a government rule
a. single-handedly
b. as a member of a council
c. by the will of the people"

A is correct. B is wrong. And C--classic democracy is, of course, "psychotic".

No wonder the Germans are worried about them. Sounds like fascism to me.

One (Ex-)Scio