Re: One more ex-scientologist.
[20 May 1998]

I was in Scn six months. I left *yesterday*.

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From: (One Scio)
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Subject: Re: One more ex-scientologist.
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Date: 20 May 1998 22:07:56 GMT
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Thanks, Wes, Tilman and Andreas..and yes, Tilman, I'd love to be a Knight of
Xenu (the entheta filter doesn't affect aol).

As for WHIPPERSNAPPER, I have a reference for you: Scientometric Testing. And
talk to a few people who blew your org. They're the people who were there all
the time, and that you suddenly stopped seeing. And look at this
newsgroup--people *do* leave Scientology. I've told several people, most of
whom are on a.r.s, more of my story. I have no interest at this time in getting
CoS after me. Maybe in a few days.

I was in Scn six months. I left *yesterday*. I'd ask everyone who wants
"details" to personally email me.

One (Ex-) Scio