Re: Blowing Co$ members - what works?
[21 May 1998]

Nearly every Scientologist I know is afraid of Ethics or consciously trying to avoid Ethics.

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From: (One Scio)
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Subject: Re: Blowing Co$ members - what works?
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Date: 21 May 1998 21:30:52 GMT
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IMO, "The Worm"'s suggestions are great. There are lots of Scientologists--not
SO, but public and many org staff--with little more than a basic PR concept of
what exactly it is that RTC does. Xenu doesn't work on these people because
they're either not OT III and they won't believe it until LRH tells them to, or
they are OT III and LRH said it, so it must be true.

Nearly every Scientologist I know is afraid of Ethics or consciously trying to
avoid Ethics. A great deal of stat frenzy is sparked by the idea of "staying
out of Ethics". They know that $cientology "Ethics" isn't beneficial to them
somewhere in the back of their minds or the bottom of their hearts. Expose some
of what goes on in Ethics--it'll at least get their attention. Expose the
RPF--this scares people, and no one who hears about it who didn't know about it
before believes that it's a "privilege". It's usually public who don't know and
they're often not deep enough in Scientology-world to see for themselves what
the RPF does. Money is another issue, for both staff and public. Almost every
staff member I know moonlights, commonly as a waiter or bartender. No one can
live on staff pay. Public discuss the prices all the time, and not infrequently
with some bewilderment.

In regard to Whip's post, I'm not illiterate (I was at the top of my high
school class and graduated a year early), never smoked , drank or took an
illegal drug or a psych drug in my life, and really haven't done anything that
the rest of the world considers "unethical." Leaving itself is "out-ethics" in

I've been there. Let's get the material out--and it will make a difference.
BTW, there's already quite a bit of blowing going on.

One (Ex-)Scio