Re: One less scientologist in the world
[22 May 1998]

The truth about Scientology, as you know, is *scary*. The truth aboiut OSA is *scary*.

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From: (One Scio)
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Subject: Re: One less scientologist in the world
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Date: 22 May 1998 02:27:56 GMT
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> wrote:
>> You are even more clueless than I thought.
>I don't even think it's a contest Monica. It was you, Stacey and Vaughn
>that were blind enuf to get sucked into that whole GO/SO hogwash for so
>many years. Now that your mental vapor-lock of decades has unjammed you
>want to go around accusing CofS of brainwashing? It must be easier to do
>that than face the fact that you were unobservant enough to buy into the
>whole program to start with.
>> You really ought to get
>> the facts before you make these ridiculous assumptions.
>Facts are not a requirement on ARS.
>> Stacy is taking
>> responsibility by helping people so they don't have to go through
>> what she did,
>'Taking responsibility'? You sound like a Scientologist. Hell, Stacey
>didn't have to go through what she did. Last time I looked all you have
>to do to cross a state line in America is cross it. When I left
>Scientology I simply left. It was amazing. No armed OSA agents. No dead
>dogs. No harrassment. No 911 calls. Why do you think that is? Especially
>after 20 years, 17 on staff, Cl VIII and a high profile? Maybe it's
>because I didn't immediatly starting suing them or bleating that they
>were all criminals who took advantage of me. This ain't rocket science
>Monica, it's just paying attention to basic human nature. You wanna
>fight? They'll give it to you. And you, of all people, ought to know
>> but then you obviously know nothing about the kind of
>> genuine compassion and caring for people that Stacy practices on
>> a regular basis that you obviosly lack any capacity for.
>Could be. Whatever name you give it, it's still hype, drama and
>grandstanding. Same shit the SO and GO members used to do, rushing
>around with stern looks on their face, hurrying off on death-defying
>missions to 'rescue' those less fortunate than them. This is no more
>than SO style activism without the braid and LRH orders.
>Anyway, good luck. And be careful. Stick your nose in the wrong place
>and you'll end up doing time like Artie did. Not everybody appreciates
>your sacred mission. Someone might eventually find it as offensive as
>what the SO does and file charges.
>p.s. FWIW, I said just such things to HK Henson prior to his little
>problem. Why is it you people, especially you ex-SO and GO types,
>consistently underestimate the CofS?

Wolf, I knew Lara at the CLO EUS. She was the leader of all of us on the EPF. I
was only there for several days before routing out of the CLO and planning to
go to the FLB to do my EPF and be posted in the SO later in the year. I next
saw her at a Scientology conference, last month. We had both routed out of the
CLO and were publics , though both of us had definite plans to go back to the
SO, as we were both EPFers when we left.

I didn't know Lara was out until I talked to Stacy over the phone about getting
out. She told me about her exit counselling in New Orleans and I remembered my
EPF I/C from the CLO, the woman with whom I shared my fears about how my
parents would react to my SO contract, because she was dealing with the same
thing. We were both at the CLO, and I know why she was afraid of OSA
helicopters, Wolf. If I was exit counselled on my way out, I would be
too--because Scientology will go almost that far to stop exit counseling. I
simply decided to leave after only a short while in Scn, after seeing the
truth. The truth about Scientology, as you know, is *scary*. The truth aboiut
OSA is *scary*.

I don't have anywhere near your history or certs, but I've been gone for two
days, have been called repeatedly by the Ethics Officer and the DSA, told to
speak to no other Scientologists, and threatened with a declare. People like
Stacy and Monica don't "stick their noses in the wrong place[s]", they save
people from a life of destruction. It is people like Stacy and Monica who have
supported me on my way out. I don't think I would have had the courage

If we know of injustice, if we know of tragedy, we have to stop it. We can't
allow people to go blindly into groups like Scientology, and be part of that
world. That's what this ng is all about--spreading the truth to save the future
public who don't know the decayed reality of the CoS. That's what people like
Stacy and Monica do--help to spread the truth through their presence and
actions, spreading the truth vocally, wherever needed. Stacy helped Lara
through exit counseling, and she helped me by talking to me on the phone. It
set both of us free from Scientology.

And I, for one, am extremely grateful that they and the others are out there
speaking out, despite the OSA attacks and harassment. They're out there and
they're freeing beings.

One (Ex-)Scio